Authenticity vs Narcissism

FOOD FOR THOUGHT A bit other angel for Life. NARSISSISTIC vs. AUTHENTIC PERSON FOOD FOR THOUGT When narcissism meets authenticity What is an Authentic person. They usually know their Strengths and their Weaknesses, without none of these making them to Fluctuate. The Pendulum doesn’t swing so much. So, in other words they are in … Continue reading Authenticity vs Narcissism

TOUGH LOVE – Truth is setting us Free

THE FOLLOWING SOUNDS INCREDIBLE BUT HAS TO BE SAID It is not “negative” as such, because it is making you stronger. There are many expressions of Love, such as gentle Love, romantic Love, Self-Love. This is called TOUGH LOVE Here it comes ☄ … “They” have patented many Mind Manipulative and Controlling programs and electromagnetic … Continue reading TOUGH LOVE – Truth is setting us Free


Keep Your Eyes In the Here And Now Pointed towards the Next Step With Your Mind With Your Heart There is no need To Return to the Past To live through Over and over again That What assumingly, appearently caused Your wounds All That Is with you now In the present moment When You were … Continue reading HOPE, COURAGE AND OPTIMISM – Serendipity

Spiritual People Are Giving

SPIRITUAL PEOPLE ONLY GIVE… Good Thing? Only? They say «I don't want to take from the Earth” Not allowing The Earth to give to you Which IS its Nature Naturally To Circulate Like in the Relationship A Spiritual Seeker Gives Gives And Always Give Not Allowing to BE Receptive To Enjoy the Same thing Wishing … Continue reading Spiritual People Are Giving

Agua Mi Hermosa – Beautiful Water Permission to Pray

I Flow with You In the Sacred Womb of the Cosmos, Safe On My Way Home, with You I AM Water, the Earth IS Water Mostly The Water Molecules in Me connect to the Water Molecules of the Earth And Further All the Love I can Gather, I release Onto You We Are Healed in … Continue reading Agua Mi Hermosa – Beautiful Water Permission to Pray

The Author of My Life – Who is the Author of Your Life?

"I wrote my Self back to Life" - padmaalba Who is writing Your Life Script? Describing the twists and turns? Deciding how circumstance turn out and Authorizing the end goal Your Destiny? Becoming Fate? Yes, Fate had followed me until I followed it Obediently I had it Programmed in me Agreed on the Soul Level … Continue reading The Author of My Life – Who is the Author of Your Life?


You maybe say preceding in reading this, that She Is Not Very Kind. What a Horrific Story. Yet the opposite is true. I am doing this with All The Love I Can Be Aware Of Now. Love to Humanity. Love to the Earth. Love to God Source Love to You Love to the Self. Love … Continue reading CHRISTMAS STORY – THE 3 CHRIST – FOR THE KRYST SHIFTING PLANET


Starting from the Winter Solstice we are truly celebrating the Return of the Light, the Christos Light. STARTING 21.12. AND ENDING 2.1. It is 12 DAYS OF CELEBRATION The 13th will be The Alignment and Transition Day, in my note Each day represents the 12 Dimensions and 12 DNA Strands. Coding for Each Day for … Continue reading 12 DAYS OF CHRISTOS AWAKENING CELEBRATION


INNER & OUTER FOCUS Part of the process of Spiritual Integration of our Higher Selves or Expansion of our Consciousness involves ―re-programming the way we think. Our thoughts create our reality and the life experience we have internally and externally. The Attitudes, when embodied and lived, will help to change our thought patterns. Living with … Continue reading IDEATIONS AND INTENTIONS FOR YOUR MEDITATION

Ascending… Techniques… Letting Go and Arriving

(edited) Good Morning FOOD FOR THOUGHT 👽 About Ascension & Techniques - Dogma and religious co-dependency Have you seen the movie ARRIVAL? I use that one as an example in my effort to put in words this Thought. The ET arriving choose a woman, a language "scientist" as the one to communicate through with  the Earth. … Continue reading Ascending… Techniques… Letting Go and Arriving

Holy Water – Water has Memory 💦

WATER IS ALIVE (With short clips on YouTube) Again Today I was reminded about this. The Healing properties of Water. That Water has memory. That Water Sees You and Harmonizes with You. If this is True, can the same "technology" be used to do "harm" with Intend? Can this be counteracted by Intend? I believe and sense, and dare … Continue reading Holy Water – Water has Memory 💦


Teachings about Polarity and how to deal with it. 21:21 min - With ASMR CAMPFIRE SOUNDS for You to relax when following the video. Series of LEARNING / TEACHING & TEACHING / LEARNING WHAT IS YOUR QUESTION? Negativity? Positivity? Polarity? Manifestation? Balance? When Choosing to Push Away Something You are Guaranteed To Walk Into … Continue reading WHAT IS YOUR QUESTION?

Walk Slowly Among The Trees

When I am Among the Trees, especially the Willows and the Honey Locust, equally the Beech, the Oaks and the Pine They give off such hints of Gladness I would almost say that they Save me, and Daily. I am so distant from the Hope of myself, in witch I have Goodness, and Discernment, and … Continue reading Walk Slowly Among The Trees


Even Though You have Stumpled Upon Something Fallen Distorted Your Impeccable Krystic BEingness Without Blemish With Intentional Flawlessness In a State of Grace Non-judgemental Observing Discerning Manifesting The Right Action Patiently Knowing Will Not Only Insulate Your Perfection But IS As an Invisible Treasure Offered As an Aperture Lacuna BEcoming Prelude Opportunity For The Other -padma 🪷 For The Other