Looking for You Within Myself and I

Please Listen Or not I don’t do the Minding anymore... The Way In Is the only way Out Long and Winding Road To the Mountain Top Now Here Searching for You Within I and My Self I came here as a Female Having my Soul In My Hand From the beginning Longing to Connect To … Continue reading Looking for You Within Myself and I

Twin Flame – Let us talk about it, shall we

This IS aTopic that have waken up many contraversies. In ALL. Ridicule Rejection Irritation Arrogant dismissiveness Depression Self Blame Putting Your Self Down Putting Your Self Up Above Others Defensiveness Demonic Attacks Manipulations Illusions Hopefulness Longing Devotion Distortions And Opening of Heart Chakra Love Finding Your Authentic Self Honesty Knowing Your Self Increasing Capacity to … Continue reading Twin Flame – Let us talk about it, shall we


Collection of Poems from Listen. Silence Speaks – Language of Silence DOUBLE EDGED ⚔ It is Proof We are in the Prison Planet. We don’t know who is meeting Us Out There And Within When we Reach, Seek, Expand and Start our Journeys to Higher Parts of Our Selves. To Kristed Self. Being suspicious and … Continue reading DOUBLED EDGED SWORD ⚔


To Live Every Moment All In Believing I AM Being that I See there IS a Gap To Reach To Expand Deeper Deeper Deeper Every Moment IS Sacred Encapsulating the Miraculous Which is Natural When Living ALL IN Letting Go All That Binds Me to Dabbling Life People Places Attachments That is Nothing… Preparing for … Continue reading ALL IN or NOTHING


Teachings about Polarity and how to deal with it. 21:21 min - With ASMR CAMPFIRE SOUNDS for You to relax when following the video. Series of LEARNING / TEACHING & TEACHING / LEARNING https://youtu.be/OSTp30-6eBc WHAT IS YOUR QUESTION? Negativity? Positivity? Polarity? Manifestation? Balance? When Choosing to Push Away Something You are Guaranteed To Walk Into … Continue reading WHAT IS YOUR QUESTION?


FOOD FOR The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. “They found each other by pure serendipity” My comments: I can safely call myself by nature being a SERENDIPITIST! I am the One looking for valuable things in the situation I am In. There is something meaningful in this … Continue reading SERENDIPITY – I AM SERENITY 🧘‍♀️

Quantum Jumping – We are Connected

*Two Entities can be connected through Quantum Entanglement even when "existing" thousands of Light Years "apart from each other". What one experiences the other one experiences as well. ... *When experiencing a "Bad" moment in Consciousness, like "negative" emotions, thoughts, take physically Step Aside, knowing you have moved to another reality and choose consciously other … Continue reading Quantum Jumping – We are Connected


BLESSED ANNIVERSARY One Year Ago I was Saved Pulled out from the Sea of Illusions I had Prisoned My Self in Prior to that Signs Synchronicity Dreams Made Now Sense I did make a Prayer A Cry to the Heavens From the Bottom of the Bottomless Sea Not really Believing Anyone will hear me I … Continue reading 29:11 BLESSED ANNIVERSARY

We Together Are Making The Emptiness Bearable

CONTACT 22.11.22 SHARED EXPERIENCED FROM YOUR SISTER SEEKING – FINDING – SHARING More than two decades ago In the Quantum reality Which I have been made Aware of I was in the Subway Waiting… A Suspect looking older Man Homeless Drunkard Approached “Are You a Nurse?” “No, I am not”. “You should be. You look … Continue reading We Together Are Making The Emptiness Bearable

POSTURES OF LOVE – About Shadow and Love as Spiritual Path

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4hsO_GTZME POSTURES OF LOVE Have you created A knot in your childhood. It will hold you on to it Until you bring it to Your consciousness. And let it go. When you Start walking Your individual Path of Seeking Spiritual Answers, You might experience opposition From the “Loved Ones”. “What are you doing? Are you … Continue reading POSTURES OF LOVE – About Shadow and Love as Spiritual Path

Where We came from?

Where We came from? (Human Origins) Ashayana Deane *Source: Amenti Workshop, 1998 The MCEO Freedom Teachings, Guardian Materials. Turaneusiam Race My Comment: Turaneusiam Race Was created By combining All the gene codes From the Universes And Dimensions To create a New Species A Super Beings God Race The Plan was To create a Being That … Continue reading Where We came from?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2QHjOQxsEc Max Richter - She Remembers (Soft-Sounds) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajf-IG7nyYg Ludovico Einaudi - Walk (Soft Piano/II Hour) God kissed me In the darkness of autumn Politely approaching Like a Proposal "Can I come in?" Never by force I felt it Gentle touch Like Breath Lifted me up To higher depths Heart Ignited Asking Only for total Surrender … Continue reading GOD KISSED ME – SHE REMEMBERS


COME WALK WITH ME 10.10.2022 Length 17 min Reflections & Meditations in the Nature with Music Happy to Be back for the Walk & Talk after a short necessary Pause 😊 In this Video Shadow Dancers – Artificial Veil Shadows becomes Your alias See “Both Sides of the Coin” Mirrors – “As it is Above, … Continue reading COME WALK WITH ME – MEDITATION WALK & TALK WITH MUSIC

You Found Me Immanuel

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIhIc_ehSdU ON TOP Seeking You There! On the Top of a Mountain Near by Too Far to Reach To Touch Maybe I Know how to Fly Collecting My Heart Into my Palms I take of Knowing the Direction At First The Wind Cast a Spell I Spin in the Air Not knowing Where You Are … Continue reading You Found Me Immanuel


Dear Sisters and Brothers… I am feeling like the one always crashing a Fun Party continuously coming with apparently “murky” predictions and revelations. This I am. Now. I promised to be Honest and Authentic. This “revelations” is to be Considered at least; it will help to clear out any dust left in the dark corners … Continue reading MISUSED TWIN FLAME LONGING – CHILD ABUSE – SACRED SEXUALITY


SOVEREIGNTY Download 1.9.2022PadmaAlbaUmMaTaLotum Beloved Sisters and Brothers And The One and Only One. This WORD is highlighted in this Timeless Now. It is the TRUE PATH to Freedom. In All levels. Before attempting to use words (which I really don’t prefer, but…) to bring this Ideas to You, I will remind of Some Structures of … Continue reading YOU ARE A SOVEREIGN SPIRITUAL BEING – YES YOU ARE

Come Walk With Me – Meditative Moment in the Nature Together

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsrJiqiUT0Y The Walk 6.8.2022 Shorter Video 15 min 23 sec. If you like it, and I hope you do, give thumbs up 🙂 SUBTITLES - Activate the CC, click the Wheel, choose Subtitles, then choose auto-translate, where you can get the language you want. Puoi attivare i sottotitoli in italiano. Elige subtítulos en español. Wählen … Continue reading Come Walk With Me – Meditative Moment in the Nature Together