Come Walk With Me – Reflections in the Nature

Come Walk With Me

Take a Break


Breath and Just Be… Just for a moment, all else in your life will be there when you return.

I know, yes, I do know, that it is so much going on, but for that I believe it  is important we take time to withdraw and recharge ourselves.

Be my company and take a break from your Battles, I know they are there, I have also mine but will not talk about those in these Reflections.

Even though the Trees, plants and birds have heard my cries, wailings, witnessed the illusionary breakdowns mask with hopelessness. To be faced, accepted, learned from, grow from and Move On.

The Walk in the Nature is my way, just one way to wind up and Let Go of build-up stuff and tensions.

To Connect with the Nature with the Earth.

We are here to heal the Planet, together.

Nothing else matters…

In these Walks I Let Go any distractions of the Mind. Seemingly unresolved problems, situations which seem to be improbable, if not impossible, suddenly seem easier to solve. Even  experiences of Miracles, have seen many of them, wouldn’t call them as such anymore.

I wish to share with you these Simple Moments of Reflections over the Path of Life, as authentic as possible, in connection to Nature.

I get recharged by Nature and want to share with you that feeling and hope the Walk recharges you too.

So join me into these Simple Shared Moments in Human life, to take a Breathing Brake. I call it to Breathe The Breath Of Life.

Breath of God Source.

Padma Alba