Journeys to Inner Earth

The healing Waters of The Inner Earth

These video clips I am going to post here

are showing examples of my

Journeys, I have an experienced

and then

I tumble into a video, which will explain to me

through Ashayana Deane lecture, what I had experience.

It has been like this from the beginning.

I had an experience of a Journey to the Inner Earth, and I did not even know that existed, I have no knowledge of the Benign Beings Living there, until I got the explanation from my sister Ashayana.

Life becomes a Magic Journey in this way.

What is Your Magic Personal Journey?

You know, the Matrix speaks to us also, meaning The things like Algorithms etc will turn into your strength, speaking to you IF you keep your own Frequency in the High enough level.

They cant reach you there… That is the Journey we are on…

Your Journey is Individual.

You will be assigned an Assistant Being, which will look after you so that you don’t disappear into the Hibernation Zones or the Distorted Beings catch you.

Each one of us.

Make a decision, I want to start the Journey and learn. I am ready to Let Go All and Everything I believed until now.

Teach me.

They will…

In my case I was put in touch with my Male Counterpart. The plan is to use our joined Light Bodies as Tools to download higher frequencies down to the Earth Grids, which are damaged. We are healing together the Crystals of the Planet to assist her to Transit into next level. We are training now to join the Energies and clearing ourselves from distortions, so that the frequency we download will be highest possible.

The 12 Dimension, or higher, Kryst-frequency. When Male and Female counterparts join in total surrender, this is the most powerful combination that can be. For that also dangerous for the Fallen forces, so that this Union is under much attacks. The whole Ego has to be Let Go in order to get the protection from the Benign Beings, who assigned us to this job.

For the record, this kind of assignments are always a REQUEST under a Free Will of Gods Universe, which is the Krysted Path. So, nobody is forced to do absolutely anything against they will.

I knew since childhood that I am here for some purpose, a Mission. I wasn’t able to settle down to “normal” life. It took me a long time to go through different experiences, training, initiations etc. before now in recent years I finally got awakening and my memory is flooding back. I feel blessed.

I like this assignment, and do my best to play my part in it.

In one of the Journeys, I was pushed towards my right, physically and in my Light Body. I realized I was pushed into a Right Axel towards the correct Tilt, since our Planet is Tilted and pointed to False North.

I got this answer here now much later…

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