UPDATE, Please read it.

It is all an illusion, and we know it. We must practise it too.

It is an illusion

– That you have limitations

– That you must do anything against your own will

– That you have to suffer in order to gain

– That you have to sacrifice in order to serve

– That you have to incarnate again and again to short out “karma”.

– Etc.

Nothing, absolutely nothing is asked from you for the Collective.

God Source is EXPECTING, waiting in excitement, as a Loving Parent, how you Dance In rhythm of the Music of the Creation.

Giving your Allowances to Dance Free.

To some extend… As a Good parent does.

The Babysitter, Nanny, or Headmaster is the Law of One. The Law of Consequences.

And to the very Naughty ones there is the ultimate consequence. They need to be “removed” from the School of Breath of Life, since they disturb the “Curriculum”. They continue in the Special Class with others. There they are allowed to continue, until they decide otherwise.

Free Will.

Ultimately the consequence will be going back to original form, in smallest crystallized particle level and start again. They are always welcome Back to School.

But you are not one of the Naughty ones, if you are reading this…

The Source is Loving.

Love is the building material of our Universe.

There is now Karma.

It is a artificial re-cycling program to keep HUMan souls trapped. Yes, cause and effect is at work, but it is reflected in your Hologram right away. Deal with it then there.

It is “sadistic” design by the Fallen ones to keep you repeating again and again the issues, telling you lies that in this way “you finish your Karma”.

Yes, there are Miasmic debris from your doings (Karma in Sanskrit actually means “To Do, Work etc.) The Effect of our Doing is called Samsara / Samskara in Sanskrit actually.

Welcome the Truth of those Miasmas in your personal Energy Field and Do Them Away. Change their Coding into original God Source coding. Find the way how you can do it.

Then it is gone. Forever. Just like that!

So, there is no karma.

There is no reincarnation.

It is all happening at the same very moment. Time IS an illusion. You have 12 parts incarnating at the same time in each Density. All together 1728.

Making us schizophrenic. No, it isn’t.

Focus on the One you experience Here and Now. Focus to work with the Shadows (yes, we all have them) and you will in this way pull the “other Selves” in you. That is the True Unification. To become Whole.

It sounds complicated because I am using Words. I will try to send you the Images engraved in these words too.

No, I am not denying the 3D experience, I am walking it with you. But I am not from it. You aren’t either.

Death is an illusion which our collective memory bank is casting on us. Turn it off.

From the age 12 our cells start “aging”. It is an illusion by design. Don’t believe it. KEEP ON HOLDING YOUR SOUL!

In the Beginning there was the VOID, and desire for experience. Which sparked the SOUND, from which the LIGHT was born; they are the Parents.

Divine Feminine the SOUND – Divine Masculine the LIGHT. Female is vibrating and magnetic. Male is oscillating and electric. They Are Together.

Yes, you have your “Twin Flame”. In different form in different Dimensions. The Highest at the moment is Dimension 15. The Gender Twins has they “counterparts” in the Inner Earth. The female will find the Divine Masculine part within “there” where he placed it for her. The masculine will find the Divine Feminine “there, where she placed it for him. Without finding them first, you will not be able to Reunite in 3D.

The Mass Twin Flame Reunion is ongoing now for the Healing of the Earth.

It is the most powerful “weapon” for counteracting the “evil” acts of the Fallen Ones. When Twin Flames join their energies being in the physical body, they create the most powerful Healing Vortex for the Planet Earths damaged grids and help her / other HUMan Beings to Rise to the Next level (s).

Yes, everyone has a Twin.

There are two pairs of Primary Twins, let say like if you think of a clock, the male will be the 12 a clock and the female the 6 a clock. They both create their parallel selves (parallel was a Fallen Design, it hasn’t always been there).

The male, 12, creates 3 a clock. Female, 6, creates 9 ca lock.

These ones have “bodies” in each Density. They are still the Same Souls.

Some become one in Over Soul level, density 3 (Dimension 7,8,9). Some, like Indigos etc become one in Higher Up Densities.

Just to play with the words, to satisfy the mind, so that it Trusts and follows Your Heart, where there are no Words, just Feeling.

Before rushing to Save The World, do the most important ACT. Work through your Miasmas; not the Fallen agenda way repeating the pain but accepting them as Part Of You and Integrating them with LOVE. And it will be gone from your personal Hologram. Like snapping your fingers, just like that!

If it feels difficult, complicated, and so much work, you are believing the Illusion which is the agenda of the Fallen ones and by their design.

Believe it or not, I recommend that you consider it…

Remember. We are at WAR. Our Weapons are made of Love. Very powerful Sword when you hit with it with Intention.

More powerful than any artificial weapon from the Fallen Ones.

Don’t believe it, if someone tell you that Just Think Light and all will be well. It will not. Be Light.

Be Love. And say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

The greatest work you can do is to Work with your Frequency, increase the Oscillation. Love Everything so that it feels like your Heart is bursting. Ant then Love some More.

This is Our EARTH; This is Our WORLD, and we are going to Be It and Transit It according to the plan of the SOURCE. So Be It.

I am very fine and experiencing immense things; this pause in social media has helped, I recommend it. I keep myself in all 7 and more senses and in my physical form with the help of Nature, Forest, Animals and Children.

The Clearer Guidance is the result of this Focusing. Every step is shown. I don’t have to worry about it, just follow up!

It is NOT coming in Words, because the Fallen ones uses Words. It is FEELING. A picture, an image. We must learn to Discern and learn what to follow and what absolutely not to follow.

I am still Swimming In The DEEP WATERS and will take some more time. I have experienced being part of situations, where I have been asked to speak out (write) to exposes reversed teachings. All done by Love I did. It was so wonderful and almost unbelievable. Had to believe it because many witnessed it.


I am With You,

My One And Only One…

We Are Together.



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