The Light and The Shadow – Illuminati Agenda- Spiritual Solutions

It is about time


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It is about time

We have a clue about

What is going on

Your perception of Reality

Has been limited and is continuously


By Design

Not for your Good

But for You Down Fall

WE have been living

Under a Lie

Way back

For Thousands of years

Beginning of the Seeding

Of our Race

We have been purposely

Made to focus

Of the 3D system

Being unaware of

The other dimension

We have DNA potential

Which our scientist

Even don’t know about it

These god-like being,

As they call themselves

Has decided to limit us

Silicate Matrix is our Origin

12 Strand DNA base

Light – Sound Template

It has been blocked

And non-operational

For Thousands of years

Our history

What we have been lied About

Has very little to do with

The real reality

The Evolutionary process

Is a lie

Yes, we have something

To do

160 million years ago

In Higher Dimensional Field

We were Immortal Beings.

Some people have more

DNA activations

Those are the people

The ETs want

We have an Intrude Race

Running rampant here.

Our activated DNA coding has

Potentiality to travel through

A Stargate

Without implosion

As it does otherwise

When these

Intruder Races

Who are taken over this Planet

Need to develop

Hybrid Beings

Who would have

This DNA coding

From us


It is

Stellar Activation Cycle

Silicon template in us

Will now get

Spontaneous activation

Because of the Frequency

Coming through our

Sun gate

They will be

Able to see 5th and 6th

Dimensional Band

Where the Intruders

Are doing their Games

If Silicate Matrix


We are going to be a

Real Problem

For those Introducers

Trying to Control us

They will try to stop the

Activation of that

Solar Frequencies

Sounds like a Science Fiction?

We are so conditioned on Science Fiction here

So, we cannot deal with

Science Fact!

“I can’t Deal with this!”

“I want to go back to


Back to the Program that

Is familiar”


You start to realize the

Manipulation that

Is taken place

ET manipulation

Going on all the time

They don’t want to know

Who they are and

How they manipulate

Its not ETs we have to deal with.

It’s our own Governments.

They became aware of the ETs


Treaters were made between

Certain groups

They wanted the ET technology

Because of the Wartime

Conveniently we wanted more

Advanced technology

And win the planetary battles.

So, it isn’t the genius of Human Mind

That have created these technologies

But ET minds helped.

They came from particular Star System

And have spread out to other systems

They have interest on

Planet Earth

Because they know about

Stargate Opening Cycle

They know

It will Fire Up


Time and Space

Will be problematic

Its controlled

By them


The Parallel Earth

Which is head of us

In Time

We are connected.

What manifest on Parallel Earth

Will ultimately manifest here.

Unless something is done

With the Time Factor

Most people don’t know

About these ETs

It is intimidating

But it doesn’t have to be that.

That’s why I want to give

Out this information to as

Many people as possible

So that you KNOW

That you have Silicate Matrix

In you and you can

Bring in Higher Frequencies

And Work with your

Bio-energetic Field

And block all manipulative

Energies beaming on you

Interdimensional technologies

That are aware of 4th dimensional

90 degrees shift particle spin

Between here and there

Which will make possible

To Force Vortex openings

Between 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions

And here

Our Time Matrix

Has sets of a reality Fields

Which is 5 sets of 3 dimensions

Which is 15 dimensions

Not only that

But Universes and Cosmos

But Matrix us running in 15 systems

Our Time Matrix is

Taking place in one of the

15 Matrixes

There is 5 Harmonic Universes

Which have different particle spin

Taking place in the same Space

But separately from each other

Because of the Angular change

All this has been hidden from us

We have been conditioned to be

A dying species

Suffering from all kind of


They have made troubles

Specially in those Planetary places

Where they know

Star Gates existed

We have been SO LIED TO

That it will make us Angry.

Yes, anger is a step to

Right Direction after denial.

There will be Fear.

After that we will have to make

A Step Towards Active Action

I will learn and

I will handle myself accordingly

Not according to “their” programming

I will Sidestep and ask

What are they trying to distract me from?

What is in the TV is more important

Than what is going on in your Soul!

It’s by Design



Our governments don’t want us

To know this

And not the ETs either.

1940 more Treaties was made

Between some World Government

Insider and ETs.

“Yes, you can go ahead and abduct them,

Just make sure they don’t remember anything,

And put them back”

They didn’t ask NOT to hurt us!

Why we have these corrupt leaders?

Because no nice guy or gal will

Not be able to get to the TOP.

Not yet.

Look at the Suicide rates among

Those who try.

We believed on lies

And became our


We have been taught certain things,

To make the living

And try to make it in life.

Some know they have

To do some Dirty Dancing

In order to make it…

Some are aware

They are Serving a

Larger Entity

Nobody is talking about

Kind of a

World Management Team

Which is Invisible

These humans

Control things

Behind the Scenes

Multinational Corporations

Run most of the things

They have so much money

That we can’t imagine

So that they can control everything.

Our governments like

To Kiss up to them

Otherwise, they find themselves

Vanishing from the political Scenes.

115 000 years there has been

Cultivation of Family Lines

That are connected to Anunnaki Family Line

Which go way back in time

Some Sirian strains in them

Apparently, they are in Nibiru now.

It has a different core system that

Most of the planets

It should not come back until 2000 years

But they know how to travel through

Wormholes and come here.

These Family lines has

Some of Silicon matrixes,

But they are more Anunnaki,

Some of them has Nephilim Strand

Which was combined long time ago.

They don’t even know

They are connected to this

ET Family Line

This is not a New Battle

But it’s a Battle

That hasn’t been battled before

Because we have been asleep.

We have change to

Weak Up NOW

Stellar Activation is on.

Interdimensional Star Gates are opening

It is activating our DNA

And we can overcome the Distortions put in

Our DNA so that they can’t affect us.

It will open up Simultaneous perception

Of Multi-Dimensional existence.

This is where our “Reincarnation” come


It’s not Re-incarnation

But it’s a Simultaneous Incarnation.

You can go from here to there

If you know the codes.

We start to see

What is going on around us.

We can start taken Charge.

Somebody has to!

Or we are going to be in Big Trouble.

Governments thinks

They are controlling people

For some different reasons

They don’t know the bigger

Destruction they are supporting.

It’s not that

Poor little Race (ET)

Wants to borrow some

DNA from us in order

To survive.

They Want Our


From the beginning.

Governments are so full of their

Own Egos and Greed and

Go ahead doing their Dirty Jobs,

They have just enjoyed the rides.

Now they too know what this

Ride is all about

They have lost control over some of the Treaters!

And what is happening here!

For awhile

It wasn’t certain

Weather the Star Gates will open.

1990 the Opening of the

Arch of The Covenant,

Ensures that yes

We are going to go into

Star Gate Opening Cycle.

When it Starts.


It can go Greatly.

Or very Badly.

Depending on the Energies going on.

There is a lot At Stake here.

We have a precious Jewel.

And we don’t even know we have it.

Its called

House Of The Amenti

They are Star Gates.

Which link vertical,

Not horizontal

To various different

Star Systems

All the way to the

Highest Pre-Matter

Dimensional Field.

Intruder races

Manifestation is small here

On this planet

Compared to what is going on in

other dimensions.

They have always wanted

Control over

This Space-time System

We are living in.

If they get in Control

Of that Main Portal System

They will be in control

Over incoming and outgoing


They can create their own Universe

Which is not connected anymore

To the rest of the Universe (Or The Source)

In their Lack of Understanding

What it means to have Divine Connection

In their Lives.

In their Lack of Spiritual Understanding

What that Connection means.

They make decisions

That make Harms to other

Life Forms.

All our history

Has revolved around

Secrets of Amenti

(Voyager 2 book)

I do my work



When I came here

This time

I was fully conscious

I remember falling from 4th Dimension

To Foetal Integration in 3D

I remember what I was before that.

And I remember many, many things

Once yours DNA will be activated

You will remember too.

I am not somebody special

Who has special Codes,

And act as a Link to Higher Dimensions.

I am just an example

Of everything that lives inside of all of you too.

You will find your Stellar Connections,

Your Incarnational Relationships,

Your Immortal Part

What we were before.

You will remember part of yourselves which


Over 200 000 years we have

Been Trapped into these bodies

And 3 Dimensional Consciousness.

Which get an illusion of “Freedom”

Between the lives

But is Forced to come back here again.

But you can get Out of it.

You can Expand your Conscious.

Become Hyper Aware!

And use it

To Expand Genetic Potentiality

And Activate your DNA

Which is broken to pieces

But can be recovered!

Science has idea about that

But don’t talk about it.

Azurite Temple will

Deal with the Spiritual Teachings

And direct transmission of the

Certain Morphogenic codes

That start stimulating

Activation of this Matrix.

There is a World Map

Over Higher Dimensional Places.

Some of these has been mentioned

In some Ancient Mystery Schools.

Like the character called Jesus.

He was trying to teach people

about Ascension.

Which means rising your body frequency from

Here to Higher Dimension.

(NOTE: In the beginning…he got also corrupted. In fact there were 3 Jesus, Yeshua, and Yeshehua, and 1 more who was crucified as drama,)

Progressively being evolved

Activating our Matrix

We evolve into


Pre-matter which is Light

That is the progression

To go back to when the Creation

Was Pure Consciousness

This what we always were.

And what we are NOW!

We want to Re-learn OURSELVES.

I am grateful that I was giving

This information

Because I have worked my way up

From many Time-Space placements,

Where I studied

Devoted whole life to

Follow the Path of Understanding

Then I went on teaching these things

I remember

In 39 AD what happened.

I was born as Myriam

Half-sister of Jesus.

We were teaching Ascension program

Which is now brough out by the

Guardian Founders.


When I walk about this stuff

I talk with



And I don’t care whether you

Believe me or not.

I am not just a channel,

And I do have a contact to Higher Beings


And You have it too

Memory of Many, Many Eons.

In Last Ascension Cycle

There were the same people


That are now here!

And once we begin to remember

We will not allow it to happen again!

We fell under a Spell

Of Draconian race

That time

Our consciousness was


We de-evolved

We got Mutated!

Into something very small

We were not created for that!

We were created as

Planetary Guardians

As the Highest of

All Races

We were created

Into Vessels

Which will help the other

ET races merge with our field

And get transmuted their codes

Into Ascension code

So that they can Move On.

We can go up



Down into Mutation

So that after about 3 generations

The original Silicate Matrix code

Will be dissolved.

We will become a kind of

Animal Form

And unable to integrate Higher

Dimensional Frequencies

And not have the potentiality Ascend from the Matter.

That’s why I am going around trying

To have conversation with people

And I am not NUTS.


Awareness in you


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