Dear Sisters and Brothers…

I am feeling like the one always crashing a Fun Party continuously coming with apparently “murky” predictions and revelations. This I am. Now. I promised to be Honest and Authentic.

This “revelations” is to be Considered at least; it will help to clear out any dust left in the dark corners of our Individual and Collective Consciousness.

TWIN FLAME MASS UNION is now urged for Healing of the Planet Earth and Living Beings residing on the planet. Hence the Longing in most of the HUMans.

This is the PLAN TO TRUST.

I am also sure that many of You here are already fully aware of this. However, since I get this urge to write about this subject now, I follow it up.

Since you don’t know my background or my past, I want to assure you; the way “here” wasn’t Dance on the Roses”. The Diamond has been polished accordingly and is still being polished.  Through Tears and Pain. I am grateful for that.

The Truth is that Our Guardian Founders and their “Consulates” are looking after us and helping us to Our Highest Potential. Time to time this is to reveal painful Truths so that the “Children” learn.

“Yes darling, fire does burn your finger, so please dear, believe me, you better not to try it in order to prove me wrong”. Of course, the child can try it if she wants…


Remember, we are still Residing in Biological Bodies in a “Prison Planet”.  And we are put under Amnesia. Our Spiritual Potential is At Sleep. It is no use to “Wish it to be something else”. Unless you HAVE managed to EXPERIENCE the Ascension Truly, manifesting Yourself in other Dimensions or Planets, Constellations. Managing to Travel bringing others with you as Service to Others. Managing to Manifest True God Source Intentions on this Plane. I am not talking here about Magic.

 And What Else is needed? Tell me? I am still in the process my self.

Planet is put under Quarantine by the Benign Beings of the Galaxy and Universe. Even by Beings from Other Universes, the Creation is Vast and MAINLY populated by Benign Beings, despite the apparent “Danger” of the Fallen Ones, and All have joined this Rescue Operation. We are in the FULL FOCUS. Both the of the Healing Beam and the deadly gunfire. And it is happening All over.

The Quarantine is to avoid “Spreading of the Fall-viruses”

Sexual Energy is however misused and “cultivated, encouraged and harvested” as Food by the Fallen Vampirical Races.

 Social Media is filled with Twin Flame Union videos with Strong emphasise for Astral Sexual Union. This Energy created is real and can be “harvested” by this Fallen ones. They are able to do Acts of seemingly High Vibration. It is a trap. Remember, they were first part of the Original Races too and have knowledge of the Spiritual Mechanisms. So, their attempts are seemingly full of “light”, but it is the False Light and we might fall into those traps.

Difficult to believe, especially when” We Are in The Middle Of This FUN PARTY and the Music is on and I JUST WANT TO DANCE”. “Can you please stop preaching, woman! Come and join the dance instead and lighten up, girl. It is Friday!”.

I am serious. My Heart is Light (weight). I am Dancing in Extacy already, I just choose the Rhythm and the Music AND THE PARTNER, myself.

But I need to deliver this POST, so that you will not Blame me when we are pass the Worse Situation, saying “Why didn’t you tell me…”

 I recommend you consider this and see the resistant you feel in you and if you do, you then know there is Spiritual work to do.

For starters did you ask the Astral Lovers name and where they come from? Do you know “who” you are changing these energies with? Or does it not matter for you maybe? “Life is hard, so I do need this kick and I don’t care anymore…”.

Please, I hope you don’t do it. Or of course you can, if you want, it is up to you…

Just to make this point clear I tell you an example. “They” can create an imposer with appearance you can trust. They do “See You” and “Hear” your thoughts, wishes and longings too. Then they “inspire” you to open you Heart and Energy Field, which allows them to come into it and change the Coding (Light, Sound) in YOUR field according to fit their plans. Yes, They Have They Plan Too. To eat up the Life Energy in you and Reverse the Original Krysted Coding, so that they can Stop You for making the True Ascension. And Keep You as a Prisoner.

Our World has been bombarded with Low Level of Sexuality for Ages increasingly.

This has manifested as Evil Ritualistic misuses of immature Biological Bodies, Our Children to “harvest” that Energy. Our “Cultures” are filled with Low Vibrational Sexual Energy stimulations and the fine line of Pornography is pushed further and further until it has become as “natural sexual expression”. It is directed now towards younger and younger Children. There are already attempts to make “laws” to “protect” these ones “needing” to do this to our Pure Children!

This is the Plan of the Fallen ones NOT TO FOLLOW.

Sexual Energy in its Purest Form creates High Frequencies when the Lovers are Spiritually Mature with Developed Heart Chakra and unblocked other Energy Centres. And they are Fully Consciousness of their own Energetical Bodies. These Spiritually Mature Souls are called to Unity with their Twin Flames, hence the increasing Longing in many. Seek and You WILL find Your True Twin Flame.

However, we must do the work WITHIN to Reach That Level. The Shadow Work. Clear out the Programming.

What else? Tell me?

Hey, I hear someone thinking “What kind of spinster is this woman anyway, coming with ideas which sounds like the Scare Program of the Churches in the Middle Ages, huh?”

Well, I am like all of us, ready for Union with my Twin Flame. Preparing myself to These High Frequencies and Absolutely going to use them for Healing of the Earth and the Collective.

 But I am also Awake. And growing Smarter, and Clueless Sheep no more…

NO FALLEN Vampire is going to benefit from me.

My Twin Flame will. I Do Know Him. And I know my Energies…

Let us Manifest the True Light Warriors in us.


Download 2.9.2022



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