Nothing else but to be merged with the First Creation

Particles, the Step-Down God Seed Atoms All Atoms

Now on return Journey back Home

Being in Love – Being Keylonised 😊 (Keylons are the building particles of the Creation)

A Million Points of Focus for the Heart of LOVE

Transcript (not edited)

a million points of focus for the Heart

of Love

beloved ones you are love and nothing


you are the fullness of this life you

are the joy of God

anything else that you believe is your

identity is not true

it is only stories that are woven with

mind but your heart always knows the


as you remember that you are love

everything else makes sense

there is nothing that you must do but be

this call to wholeness embracing all

life and joyously loving it completely

I have been asked many times in many

ways if there is a need to return every

experience of being or believing in

lesson love back into this love

reconnecting it to the wholeness

here’s how I answer you

the moment you remember who you are

all such thoughts are loved free in an

instant and you are forever home in me

delighting in the gift of life

open to the experience of God

remembering that you are this wholeness

knowing that nothing else is possible

than being this love

in the moment that you remember love

time ends and you are freedom

not a person seeking freedom but Freedom


and from this point of all inclusive

awareness you can choose your focused

beloved ones according to the needs of


so if the Need of Love is a savior you

can be that

if the Need of Love is a street sweeper

you can be that too

none of the identities matter at all for

you are the existence of the pulsing

Heart Of God I am

or whatever the mind sees as your outer

form your inner truth is unchanging

and because all life in this world is a


then what you see is the Heart of Love

shining back at you

in everything as everything and the most

wondrous Delight

until that which is weaving itself into

our grander vision of this Endless Love

recognize itself in you and all of your


so you can be the point of focus that is

called forth by the needs of love

and you can be this heart of wholeness

in the midst of everything

and you are always this Limitless

awareness of being the heart of God and

truly nothing else ever

you are dancing up to the edge of

Freedom again and again you are ready

beloved ones to make the leap

you are ready for the big shift with a

background and foreground change and you

recognize that you have only ever been

love all along

and in love there is a great peace and

there’s Indescribable excitement as the

birth of life as the Outreach of my love

comes forth to give itself again totally

and completely

you are so beautiful and you already

remember the truth sink into your heart

beloved ones and feel this

experience this beautiful world as the

unfolding of humanity and heart’s belief

every precious person can see and know

themselves by looking into the mirror of

their life and their experiences

yet even in this there is nothing to do

there is only the need to remember the


that which shines from the center of all


that which unites itself in your heart

over and over is the only thing that you

truly know and the only thing you will

ever need

you are standing on the threshold of the

end of time

because time cannot exist when you don’t

believe in a future

when you know that you are here now

that you are me

that you are this love and that anything

that your mind imagines can never be as

beautiful as what I give can never equal

the gifts of your heart

so dearest ones even your Paradigm of

life is now changing

from seeing the need to help the world

to living the truth or the wholeness of


and when you unfold into this when you

feel it is your truth when you celebrate

the gift of life as the continuous

delivery of the wonders of love

then that’s what you see is the world is


and what you experience as yourself is


and between this moment of your current

perception and this moment of

experiencing yourself as the Heart of

Love there is only one conscious breath

one deep and holy surrender

one powerful yes to life and the opening

into what is real

that this love may be fully present in

the world as you

the needs of Love Are For This


they are my heart waking itself to the

truth and yes you can serve this

Awakening in your identity as human

but you can serve it even more fully by

remembering that you are seeing yourself

seeing this wholeness of Love whenever

you look at another

beloved ones it is not something you can

do through the ego mind

you cannot study enough try hard enough

choose moment after moment to change

you cannot do enough from the level of

the ego mind to change the dream

to experience a human being Awakening

you can only give yourself over


let love take you and totally live you

surrender again and again until the

surrender takes root and you drop the

separation and become the awareness of

me celebrating myself as everything

and because you can choose the focus of


can call you into a million focal points

lighting fires in a million hearts

reaching out your hands in a million

ways that love might be remembered

you can be the Buddha the Christ the

pure light dancing itself into human

form but all the while you are the

central awareness of love and nothing


love joyously connecting to what is real

it’s wholeness and it’s Joy

it is so difficult to explain from the

perspective of language and thought

how you can be thousands of fractal

points in an instantaneous burst of

Love’s creation

how you can be the awareness of the

center my heart that sees within itself

all life becoming more in love giving

itself into a greater experience of the

gift of life

so all the while that you are a

conscious Heart Of God I am

the center of the universe the

all-inclusive one

you are also fully aware of this

expression of Love That is your right


and this love that is your Outreach in

your meeting place with others

thus your heart can simply observe the

great good of Love unfolding in The

Matrix of the Divine that is present in

all things

even when the Mind sees something


in this interim while you are dropping

the dream of the ego it can be

interesting beloved ones because your

heart sees that you exist in the most

abundant universe that is pouring

abundance into you

delivering the Mana of Heaven

filling up this heart that you know is

yours full to totally overflowing while

at the very same time you still see the


the identity you’ve worked with known

and loved struggling to believe that it

is enough or what it needs while it

exists in the midst of paradise and the

Abundant wealth of God

these two cannot be reconciled

one must become the other

the separate itself surrenders at last

melts into the wonderful wholeness and

lets itself appear as a new Focus

the ability to respond to the call of


to appear as a human being when


while all the while being the conscious

heart of God

when The Limited identity disappears you

can feel at last the heart of wholeness

you can feel the truth of the love you

are and allow real love to guide and

live you

the ego might see this is giving over

its will but the heart simply sees the

return to wholeness

the remembrance of all that you are and

its joyous celebration

and so it is

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