Water Has Memory and Can Be Charged and Programmed with Intentions

“We need to visit places in the Earth, where human touch hasn’t changed anything”.


Why is water so mysterious and why we don’t know more about it?

Well, we do know why by now, don’t we?

It is by design.

What ever can wake us up to the Amazing Potential of Ourselves and Our Earth has been hidden from us, yes? Or “debunked” and twisted as much as possible and then we are “brainwashed” (and here they don’t use water) to believe the twisted fact. Do you agree?

I Love Water element.

Every time I communicate with it, and yes, I do call it communication when I swim in the Water bodies, it becomes a healing session for me. Maybe for the water too…

I do it consciously, approaching the Water body with anticipation, respect and exited expectation, like you would do when meeting Another HUMan Being.

Water is Alive. I sing to the Water molecules; it was one of the first assignments in my Rescue Teamwork. One water molecule is connected to all the other water molecules: in my body, in the body of water in the Nature, and all the waters on the planet.

Water has a memory of All and Everything it encounters. Everything.

Also, DNA.

Through Studies of Homeopathy Jacques Benveniste, the awareness of potentiality of the Water was attempted to bring to our Collective Awareness. Luc Montagnier, the Nobel Laureate virologist claimed that the DNA of pathogenic bacteria and viruses massively diluted in water emit radio waves that he can detect.

Viktor Schauberger (30 June 1885 – 25 September 1958) 

The study was taking as far as to prove that the Water retained a memory of an DNA, even it was diluted so much that no strains of DNA was found in the Water anymore. They even proved that the memory in the water stayed, and they could transport the water long distances keeping the “imprint” of the DNA still readable in that Water.


Haven’t we been learning much about DNA lately? In all Dimensions, is it not?

We are in the middle of the Great Awakening, are we not? All of us.

All Living Beings, including the plants and the animals of this Planet too, yes, or not?

We have learned that our DNA is damaged, and we are struggling to Ascend to higher levels. Human Beings live like a prisoners on this Beautiful Planet, which is also damaged.

BUT we are Healing, and the Planet is Healing. That is why we are here, aren’t we not?

The Keylontic Science, Freedom Teachings, and the speaker 1 Ashayana Deane in her earlier lectures, has downloaded massive amount of information about the True State of the Affairs, here and in the Universe. To go into those mathematical details and make great attempt to comprehend what was said, has opened my own Memory Greatly. I don’t rely on the outside source only, but the Collective gives pieces and puzzles for us to build the Whole Picture.

Something happens in me physically, emotionally, and mentally when I focus on those Teachings; my own reality become Mysterious, Mystical and Magical, and my body changes. I am receiving own information. This process has changed my life “Upside Down” and for the “better”. Probably it is Right Side Up now…

Yes, my body has changed… It is my vehicle, my Merkaba and it gets Tuned. With some help!

Ashayana teaches that the Healing of our bodies and the body of the Earth is done through the Plasma. We can get in touch with our Plasmic body through the Water molecules in our own bodies and in the Planet. This healing is important so that we can receive the higher frequencies coming to our dimension; we are in the middle of a long-time expected Stargate Activation Cycle.

She has downloaded text, codes and structures about our Origins and the Origins of our Creation. In these downloads it is said that All Creation is based a Blueprint, which has its organic and natural Evolutionary Pathways from the birth of the Creation to the last Spark of Life. Before something New is Born.

We, the HUMans have been waiting for this Stargate Opening Cycle and many of us have come to the physical bodies for that now. In her lectures she has been giving some timelines such as 2017 being the climax of the opening cycle.

We have been waiting, yes. So have the “other guys”, the Fallen Ones, who are planning to use this important cycle and these energies for their own agenda to reverse the Ascension into a Fall into a Phantom Matrix, artificial creation for all and everything on this planet, including the planet itself. For food to sustain their “lives” some couple of billion “years” more…



So, back to the Water. Watch it carefully. Why?

It makes crystalized patterns responding to energies and INTENTIONS.

This has been largely studied by a Japanese “pseudoscientist”, as they nicely call him, Masaru Emoto. He claimed that water was a “blueprint for our reality” and that emotional “energies” and “vibrations” could change its physical structure. His water crystal experiments consisted of exposing water in glasses to various words, pictures, or music, then freezing it and examining the ice crystals’ aesthetic properties with microscopic photography. He claimed that water exposed to positive speech and thoughts created visually “pleasing” ice crystals, and that negative intentions yielded “ugly” ice formations. (Wikipedia). Emoto has also written book “The hidden messages in Water”.

When I was in the middle of a Dark Period in my life, just before my True Activation, and was” dying to myself” trying to get liberated from the shackles I had created and manifested, I got help from the Water Element. A Close Friend advised me to bless the Water with my Light holding it between my palms and drink it. I did. I was drinking Golden Light.

I do remember some time a go another friend, who told a similar experience. She had been experiencing chaotic life due to experimenting with energies, ending up in a Psychiatric ward. There she realized that nobody, absolutely nobody would help her. She started to intuitively bless her water and drank it. She was out of the ward couple of weeks after telling us the story and feeling completely fine.

These Brave Scientist and others, such as Ashayana, bring us new information trying to help the Collective despite of all aggression and opposition they have and are experiencing.

A Russian Biophysics Konstantive Korotkov studied extensively Mount Roraima, the “Floating Island of Venezuela”. It is called the Mother of All Waters.


It is said to be on of the few places where people haven’t been able to interact with those pristane Waters. Korotkov proved that the Water in the Mount Roraima is 40 000 times more energetically active than the “normal” water.

Oooooh…This beautiful Creation. Water listens the music you are listening…

The Living Water knows the Paths where to FLOW. It chooses the Right Way according the At Onement.

What do you think the Water remembers from its journey through the Pipelines and twists and turns in the Water Supply Distribution Machineries? What form has the crystals taken when it ends up to your class?

When we should bend down on our knees by the flowing spring, and scoop thankfully with our bare hands the clean waters in its natural environment and drink it. We will drink Light!

It forms Crystallized Structures to MIRROR back what it “SEES”. It reads You clearly and want to Serve you reflecting the LOVE which is the basic building material of the Creation.

And You cannot Hide Anything.

Isn’t that reassuring…


Water remembers Everything


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