Path back To God Source Vs Fall – God supply All Children

All Mighty It is said. Why?

Wonderous things can happen when allowed To come to manifestation and be in action.

The Creator knows how to supply The Creation without causing any of its manifestations to suffer or feel defeated.

Even the so called Fallen ones, called also evil ones.

What is this teaching to us.

That among all the actions that can be applied The Creator, the Source will bring additionally something which will bring the actions forward.

And it will not say no, this one I will not apply. These children of mine are not going to have application since they are evil.

Because to be Evil is only a aspect of Creators creation by Humans in Duality.

What we call evil, for the Creator is just creation moving on.

And there are many options available for the Children.

We can measure something Good, when the application of action is lessening our efforts, giving us pleasure, making us happy. For the Creator it is bringing the Creation forward.

So it is also for the so called evil by us; it will be supplied with application to further the line for them. They will also feel lessening of efforts, giving them pleasure and kind of “happiness”, they are looking for.

It is about Movement of the Creation.

Two main lines.

Increasing the Keylons, the Ascension. Immortality. Expansion, Transcending-

Decreasing, the de-Ascension. Mortality, space dust. Contract. Fall.
Both are equally ok for the Creator

Question is, what are we,
You and Me,
doing within this Creation,
the choices we make
and the line we take.

Download 14.8.202

Padma Alba

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