Ashayana Deane (


Excerpt from the Lecture with personal comments.


Are you aware that you must First of All look after Your own Soul, what ever the circumstances you are witnessing in the world?

Don’t let your Pure, childlike Soul qualities be contaminated.

That is also an Agenda, to contaminate us!

This following text and the video from Ashayana Deane  is going to Push Us to Expand Beyond the 3D perception of World Events.

And I know, its provocative, when you witness so many Chaotic things going on, which we as Humans will Judge as Evil, yes.

But do we have any choice? I can’t see any other choice…


This is a Prison Planet on a Lone Star Fall because of the WAR between several so-called ET Races, who has chosen to go against Gods Creation and use the Free Will Law to experience Anti-Kryst Path, attempting to Be gods themselves.

This Beautiful Earth Planet is under attack. Here we don’t talk about the 3D political, economic, and social chaos going on.

This is Bigger.

This is HUGE!

It has been going on for a Long “Time”,

 we are just able to witness it now because

of the Higher Frequencies

beamed into the Earth and the Original Humans

with Krysted codes still prominent

in their DNA.

Please, please sisters and brothers.

 Consider this: You might have been lied about absolutely everything until now.

We must be brave enough to question absolutely everything we have believed about Life, World and even Ourselves until now. And About GOD and Creation too!

You might have heard an expression that goes something like this,

 “If you would know what is really going on, you would not be able to sleep at nights”.

 Or something like this, “If you would know who you are talking with…”.

This is not limited to 3D understanding, as I have understood through examination of everything the last several years.

We wish to arrive at that place of harmony and peace, don’t we.

Yet, this is a delicious thought.

do we even know what is to live in Peaceful Krysted Society together with people who do only want to be kind to each other and Love the Creator so much that they have no desire to do anything else than what is the right thing to do to be in Service for the Creator?

And desire Nothing else!


You wish the Promised Land, The Eden, will arrive and give us relief from this Misery?

What if there is a place with the similar name existing,

where Living Beings live the Krysted Life in harmony with All That Is,

looking after each other and Loving the Creator through all they Beingness.

And that is from this place the Stories of Eden originates from.

Would you be able to expand your mind and say, why not?


What if there is a Matrix in Higher Density called the Aquareion Matrix

and the Aquarius (New Earth) waiting for us the Ascend from the Lone Star Fall Prison Planet. To avoid the Soul Traps on the way!

And that it is from this the Tales of The Aquarian Age are originated from.

Aquarian Age reminds us also that there are beings who has a special Code in their DNA, and they are called the Aquafereion NaVAHo. These are Souls able to act like Spanners between Densities, escorting others from the Earth to the next level, to Higher Densities.

Could you open your mind and say, it could be possible…?

What if there are many layers above Earth, before and after lower and upper Van Allen Belt etc, and one of them is an artificially build layer called Ozone Layer, which is a Hypernet zone build by the Fallen Ones. Hence the Story of Wizard of OZ, for example. And that it is maybe not so bad thing that the “ozone” layer is thinning…

Could this be possible, or no?

Seeing the things going on today, you might have come into conclusion that almost anything imaginable is possible.

So, the Truly Open Mind, centred in the Soul will be able to Expand the Thoughts to these levels and beyond without loosing themselves.

So, the question is why then are not all doing that?

The answer is not simple. It is complex, as complex as we are in our body / mind / spirit Complex.

  1. The basic idea of the Gods Creation is based on Free Will for all Living in the Creation.

The idea was to have experiences and to learn from them through trial and error. Purpose was absolutely not to create a Tyrannical system.

Any system that is opposing the principle of Free Will is Anti-Kryst and not aligned with the Gods Creation.

  • Another answer could be that ALL EXPERIENCES ARE ALLOWED BY THE CREATOR. And ALL means ALL! Even the Anti-Kryst experiences are still within Gods Creation.

That creation knows how to respond to all things going on in the vast Creation.

So, can we then safely admit that our perception COULD BE limited, and we need to Expand it?

To be even more openminded?

It’s possible, isn’t it?

Then the thought of LOVE comes to mind.

Ashayana Deane, the speaker of the Guardians, who are physical beings and from the Future, is encouraging to Expand your ability to LOVE beyond human love.

 We are asked to remember that it is NOT OUR FAULT, but it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY!

Its logical if you think it deeply.

And this following can nurture our Souls.


You know that those following the Experiences of Fall

Against God Source,

And whom we call the Fallen Ones

have decided to follow Anti-Kryst Path of Fall.

That is their Free Choice within the Creation.

Could we then, if really Expanding our Minds

and most importantly Our Hearts,


these creatures who are on their way back to the Creator too,

but through different Path,

the Path of disintegration into Space Dust.

They will thus return to the Creator God,

but not as an individualized Soul Unit, as we are doing.

They will not remember who they are or what they have done.

So, if some of us could be able to REMEMBER THEM WITH LOVE,

 these creatures WILL HAVE OPPORTUNITY

to catch that Frequency just before disintegration

and REMEMBER their own origins

and Resemble their Original Krysted Template

 and with our help

 put themselves together again

and remember who they are and what they did.

And that going against God Source wasn’t such a good idea!

Eternally Unforgettable lesson for them and all the Creation!

And they will be able to participate in the organic Adarshi Cycle of Creation again.

In The Eternal Breath of Life, Gods Breath Out and In.

This would be so Sweet and Good for the Creator Source too, who is in Eternal State of Grace and cannot turn away from any of the Children.


Is it possible for us to Remember with Love those Fallen creatures, no matter what they did?

Difficult, no? But not impossible, yes? Why do we call ourselves spiritual, if we are not able to have Love, which is have GOD in our Hearts?

That GOD is then faulty, since IT doesn’t exist everywhere…

There are Souls who are able to do that.

“And we want to Thank you,

All of You

Whoever you are

In the name of

Any Kingdom of God-Source

There has ever been!”

  • Ashayana Deane 2007, Peru, Krystal River Dance part 5.

Ashayana also reminds us,

 that there are more places in a vast Cosmos

which are Harmonious, Peaceful

and where Wars doesn’t exist.

 Where lives only Krysted Beings

who Love the Creator so much

 that they only want life fully according to the creation

 in every moment of they Life.

They are kind to each other,

 instead of sucking energies from other living beings,

 just because they cannot be filled by God-Source particles,

out of their own choice,

as Living Krysted Beings can.

So those Krysted Beings in other Places than Earth naturally cares also about the Earth and Living Beings here.

They do everything they can to assist the Earth and us.

Also, for that reason, that if the Fallen Ones manages to pull through their Agenda, the Sun will go into Bardoah Process, returning to Space Dust, emanating increasingly stronger Gamma Rays which could cause Earth to get destroyed in 25-30 years and pulled into a Black Hole as food. Which was the plan.

The Rescue Mission from the Good Beings in the Cosmos

has managed to push back that,

and we have been given more time to get

everybody out of the Prison Planet to other places,

such as Gaia, the Earths big sister in 3rd Density,

which is present here, but invisible.

The Earth is a living consciousness and has a “mind” of its own. It has made up Its Mind and NOT ACCEPTING to be utilize by and for negative Agenda. Earth is going to rather dissolve itself in 3D presence. There is however Parts of Earth in Higher Dimension not mutated by the Fallen Ones.

Our Planet Earth is in the Respiratory Machine, hooked into Earther, a Layer High above the Earth Atmosphere, separated from us by Aurora Field. It is a Krysted Place! Not so Far if you are able to Rise your Frequencies. Since Space is 3D illusion and these places exist in another frequency and available for anyone who wish to go there.


Since these Fallen Ones also know may secrets about the Gods Creation, being part of it before decided to cut them selves out of it, they are able to manipulate our reality here to such extend, that if not very clear in your Body / Mind / Spirit Complex, you will not be able to tell that you are Manipulated.

According to Ashayana Deane there are Hibernation Zones, which can resemble Places like Heaven, with “angelic beings” and “masters”, maybe even beings with familiar faces… And yet it is a TRAP.

There are Fallen beings living there, who we cannot see with the 3D eyes of Science, BUT they can see us. And they do Watch and Follow and have technology to Manipulate our minds according to their Agenda. They are in fact now in Tough Spot, because they have seen the Good Beings intervening and WINNING! They are desperately looking for places to move to before they are caught and there are not many who want to have them!

  • By the way, if any of the Krysted Beings have been trapped into those Hibernation Zones of False Heavens, they will be helped out from there too.

You know the Movie Matrix, don’t you?

This is something like that…

How an earth can I then trust anybody?

No, you can’t trust anybody outside of yourself. No its isn’t a lonely place, it is a place where you CAN experience TRUE INTIMACY and closeness with other Krysted Beings.

But you can Love everyone! And for the shake of your Soul, you should Seek to do that too.

And Trust Yourself!

Your Soul!

It is speaking to you continually, showing you the way.

Build that relationship, like a Marriage. Listen carefully and fully.

Seek Silence. To stop the Monkey Mind.

And listen!


Expect the Soul to Speak to you.

You can also expand your ability to Love by attempting to Increase your love towards someone who doesn’t seem to deserve it!

 (You don’t have to remain in those situations though, nor accept their deeds).

It is the WITTNESSING part of you, the one who sees your dreams, who witnesses your states of emotional distress, part of you that doesn’t die (did experience it clearly when on the operation table once, my body wasn’t me, I was something greater and real).

You know the many stories of Near-Death Experiences, don’t you?

And NOW TODAY, after many years since Ashayana did her tremendous work of Service to Others with the Translations, the frequencies have changed and Many are Contacted by these same Beings, or other Krysted Beings like the ones living in Earther. Or Sirius, where our origins are (Pleiadeans are new, and many of them corrupted, so learn to discern).

Ashayana give us also Hope by reminding us that there are Places of Great harmony and Peace, where they have

True societies based on Love

True Healing

Nor sicknesses

Learning places,


Great Libraries

With Ancient


We who have been here on this Mutated Planet need Spiritual Purification.

We are contaminated by the mutations and need a Spiritual Shower before we are accepted to the Higher Density Physical Places.

Remember, it is also Physical Existence “up there”, in the next Density 2 on 4th, 5th and 6th dimension!

So, it isn’t an Empty Space we are heading to.

And yes, the Animals, plants all living creatures who has the original Creation Codes will Ascend and will be there with us.

So, what are we waiting for?

Me? I feel like I came here to do some work…

And I don’t want to go without you!

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