Illusionary Unity

Is our dance

An illusion

our joy only created

by the Power of Will


Feeling limited At-ONEment

Happiness even

At whatever level

We are allowed to feel it

By whose permission?

Hidden behind our smiles


…yes, we must …

That We are Together

or are we just co-dependent?

just to relieve

The Growing Feeling

Inside of us

It shouldn’t be like this

and was not

meant to be this way


Are we lost


The illusion

Of our liberation

Which is offered to Us

A pretentious

achievement of Healing or Repairing

Have we been given a chance?

Which disappears

Like sand

Running through our fingers

Nothing Solid to Hold On To

Have we been Fooled


Over and over again

Will our trust eliminate the scam

What other chance do

we have?


I’m not negative

But I’ll allow

My own Self

To Feel this doubt


churning in my stomach

I need to feel it

And use it

As Fuel

For My

Nex Step

I don’t need anyone’s permission

I am Seeking

Reaching to The True At-ONEment

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