Download 1.9.2022PadmaAlbaUmMaTaLotum

Beloved Sisters and Brothers

And The One and Only One.

This WORD is highlighted in this Timeless Now. It is the TRUE PATH to Freedom.

In All levels.

Before attempting to use words (which I really don’t prefer, but…) to bring this Ideas to You, I will remind of Some Structures of Our Time Matrix, to satisfy the Mind (Yeah, it is very demanding Partner, I know…)


not hierarchical though, Wheels Within Wheels etc.

1 D

2 D

3 D

4 D – Soul Level

5 D

6 D –Oneness with a Twin Flame

7 D – Over Soul level

8 D

9 D –Oneness with Twin Flame Indigos

10 D

11 D – Here Stops the vibrational level of the Fallen Angels (11,5 for sure)

12 D – Kryst-Self

13 D – The Central Pillar linking our Time Matrix to God Source in this Time Matrix – Inner Earth

14 D – SOUND –

15 D – LIGHT – Sound expressed in a form

  • From This “Point” and Beyond – Something to Look Forward. Let’s See Shall We? 😊

Beyond are the Worlds of Formless – 15 Dimensions as we can Reach. Now.

This is “not Hierarchical”. It is Intertwined – Rings Within Rings – Wheels Within Wheels – Arcs Within Arcs.

The ONE above have within all the OTHERs “below”


It is important for a Nation to be Sovereign because:

  • It Protects it Vibrational Level which is Individual among all the other Sovereign Nations.
  • Specific Souls have “chosen” a Physical Form in that Country for a REASON. It needs to be protected.
  • Each “nation” has a role to play in a Collective. That role will only be fulfilled when being Sovereign in all levels – all of them!
  • The Nations Collective of the Souls will “build” the Nations “Personality”.
  • The Guardians behind that Nation will only be able to assist when the Nation “Is Themselves”, Sovereign and assist to fulfil its purpose and Destiny in the Fluctuation of Frequencies. It is not Fixated yet has its Highest Potentiality. It will also sustain its Life Energy from within the Nation.
  • The Sovereign Nation will create Harmony within and align with ITS Highest Potential.
  • A Sovereign Nation will then organically and naturally step into Harmonic Co-Operation with other Sovereign Nations. The concept of WAR will disappear. All Sovereign Nations will sustain their Life Energy in All Levels from within and there is no competitiveness with other Nations.


Apply and integrate all above mentioned into yourself as a Individualized Soul, as Personality.

To find True Co-operation, intimacy, and loving relationship, you need to first Seek within and “Know Thy Self”. You will become Sovereign. You will be Your Self, instead of a copy of someone “out there” you admire, or the programming you have received.

The Way Is:
Seek to Reach to 12 D – Krysted Self. You will vibrate those Frequencies through your biology, your cells. You will connect with Others receptable to that Frequency and The Earth.

Reach to 13 D – Inner Earth. CORE Beyond 3D, at least 3,5 – 4-Dimensional Frequency to be accepted there. They will not allow anyone below that because of the Contamination (like a virus). There are Beings residing there; the “refuges” from Atlantis, hiding and waiting. They are the Rescue Team, rest assured about it. I have seen it with my own eyes. Hard to believe? I recommend you consider it though…

When RISING UP to 14th Dimension and then 15th Dimension, and in order to “continue out” you will be “returning” to 13th Dimension. 13 Dimension is the MIDDLE PILLAR of our Time Matrix. To “FOCUS” on That you will come to contact with those Frequencies helping your own DNA REMEMBER it and SHIFT.

You see it now, don’t you? Why “we” were programmed to believe there is only Hell Fire down there.

Yes, I am aware that also Fallen Angels are hiding in some of the Horizontal Hibernation Zones in the Inner Earth. Your PURITY will protect you. YOU WILL BE ASSIGNED A GUIDE – A BODYGUARD then. Passing past those zones you will possible hear something like “Keep your eyes (Plasma Eyes) shut here, don’t look at their eyes”.

WHEN (time doesn’t really exist…) you have Become Fully Sovereign you WILL BE aligned with your Gender Twin Organically, weather you “want it or not” 😊

You will also become the Instrument of the Higher Frequencies and you will be “Spreading” this Frequencies and “Contaminate Others” with that Krysted-Frequencies assisting “Them” to Align within themselves. Yes, You do All this and More. Just Being Present in the Here and Now.

As Sovereign Being.

Don’t take these WOOOOORDSSSS as a “Gospel”. It is my view on my way up the Mountain. I recommend you consider them though…

Find out for Your Self. And don’t never ever feel Foolish.

Timeline are separating “Now”. The Fallen Ones will rebel to the very end, they have nothing to loose or gain. WE HAVE.

The Frequencies will separate.

 TWO MAIN TIMELINES with some minor sub-timelines attached to the One or the other Main Timelines will be separated.

The One is Krysted-Path. More than 33 % of your Codings (Sound, Light) “must” be InHarmony with IT. Less than that will not be able to hold on to it.

Earth is Birthing Herself. “SHE” is not accepting the attempt for the FALL! Never!

I am with Her.

Who are you with?

Or are you going to spread into a painful SPLIT.

Yours Now



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