Law Of One – RA about Heart Chakra

Law of One Overview

– Ep. 11 – Heart Chakra

L / L Research

Of all the energicenters

The Heart is the

Centre of All.

There is 3 centres above the Heart

And 3 below the

It is the Seed of the two


The Positive Polarity,

Service To Other

Will open and activate

The Heart.

The Negative Polarity,

Service To Self

Will close this


As completely

As possible

The entire

Negative Path


Depends on

Omission of

This Energy Centre

Heart Chakra

is the centre


The more we can


That Love

To include

Our Totality

Of Self and

To include

Not only

Our family

And our Tribe

Or those who please Us

But to include

Everyone and


The more we allow to


This Chakra.

The more we allow

Energy to this centre

So that it can rise Higher.

When we have

Blockages in this system

The energy stops flowing upwards

Towards the Blue Ray

And the Indigo Ray.

And further up to the

Infinite Intelligence.

It is to be able to give

Without expectation

Anything in return.

RA describes

The opening of this

Energy centre

For that which

Begins the Conscious

Portion of the Entities Journey

Prior to opening

Of this centre

Our attention and identity

Is in the centres

Below The Heart.


The Yellow centre

Where many of the people

Living in this planet feels

Their attention

To be drawn to.

Its only when

We lift our perspective

of our Cultural identity

or Group identity

Beyond our personal


We bring the energy

Up to the Heart

And start to

Participate into



When we rise to the

Heart chakra

We begin

To see other

Beyond the

Social customs

That we all see.

And we start to

See the Creator

In everything

We come into

Contact with.

Everything we

View with the

Eyes of Love

Starts to revel

Its true Nature

Of that’s

Which is viewed

And the True

Nature of The Creator.

RA defines


As the ability

To See the


In the Other Self

Heart chakra

Can be blocked

Or over activated

By things that

Create separation.

For example





That separates you

From the other person

Any limitation of Love

Over activation

Is manifesting itself

As Over expenditure of


Self that loves

So intensively and fully

That they

Unwisely deplete


And become the



Their Love

Is not balanced

With clear seeing


RA uses

The word Springboard

Meaning when Heart

Is open

Just like a Springboard

When it is active

And open

So, like a Springboard

That is pressed upon

It can launch itself up

To the Higher Work

And open the Gateway

To The Infinite Intelligence Itself.

RA says it is not only that

But it is the


And great protection

To do Work with Power

And with the Magical Service

In the

Name of the


The Law Of One

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