Emerald Covenant Freedom Teachings

Christos Founders Emerald Order Melchizedek Cloister

Personal Spiritual Mastery Course

Reinstating Personal Divinity

All materials are translated from the ancient MCEO “Cloister·Dora·Teura Plates”, or CDT-Plates and the original MCEO Azurite-Maharaji Eieyani Maharata Texts of Inner Earth. Cloister·Dora·Teura Plates” were manufactured in 246 OOO BC.

The CDT·Plates are real, physical objects that have been kept in the private, protective custody of a specific family line of “Indigo Children” on Earth since the 9558BC “Fall of Atlantis”.

This family line is called the Eieyani, who refer to themselves as the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO)

Priests of Ur; another branch of the Eieyani family call themselves the MCEO “Priests of MU’a (“MU”).

The Eieyani Priests of UR and MU’a of Kauai, Hawaii, the 12 COT-Plates and their ancient Maharata Text original translations, are the tangible source from which all true contemporary MCEO work emerges. Several families of Eieyani Priests in various geographical areas presently hold the 12 CDT·Plates, 560 Maharata Text Books and related relics from pre-Atlantean times under high security protection.

The MCEO Inner Christos Law of One teachings, Templar Sciences knowledge and Pre-ancient History records of the COT-Plate teachings represent an intrinsically congruent paradigm of universal understanding; collectively the MCEO teachings are referred to as the Emerald Covenant Freedom TeachingS®.

Once upon a time, long before Atlantis, these teachings were the “common knowledge” of a once enlightened, joy-filled, peaceful, love-based global civilization of “Angelic Human” beings.

Fragmented remnants of these once-unified “Founders” MCEO (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) spiritual-science teachings, which have been historically edited and altered repeatedly to serve dogmatic control agendas, have literally provided the ancient foundations upon which all of our traditional world religions, evolving sciences and “New Age” spirituality are built.

Through this knowledge, we can rediscover the “Inner Keys to

the Higher Kingdoms” and begin to set ourselves free from the unnatural limitations of “Shadow Mortality” that keep us

unnecessarily imprisoned within a mass hologram of finite, disempowered existence.

The Theoretical Spiritual, Scientific and Historical

perspectives of MCEO teachings pertaining to the

“Ancient Science of the Shields” (scalar-standing-wave templates of

matter and consciousness),

“Merkaba Mechanics” (interdimensional electromagnetic vortex mechanics),

“DNA Template Activations” (frequency accretion within the scalar template behind manifest chemical DNA),

“Interdimensional Structure”,

“15-Dimensional Anatomy”,

 “Bio-Spiritual Healing” (support of biological healing and

well being through holistic spiritual practice)

Humanity’s Evolutionary Journey, perspectives which are featured

within the MCEO Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing Program,

MCEO Maharata “Dance For” Programs.

The Emerald Covenant Freedom Teachings® of the MCEO, originally provided 950 billion years ago by the Universal Founders races from which our universal life field evolved, are the enduring legacy, divine birth right and intrinsic heritage of all beings in this universe.

Presently they serve also as the Long-forgotten Promise of Love, Freedom, Unity, Peace and Victory to the many races and species of Earth.

Eckasha Merkaba ManU Phase-t Activation

A.    12 Lessons of Masters

B.    12 Attitudes of Mastery

C.    12 Actions of Mastery

First Introduction: March 2002 Florida Vclume-z: The Dance for Love

(Mastering the Alphi Hova Body: Oensity-2 Radial Body Activation; Astral, Archetypal and Angelic Body Eckasha Alignment & Soul Integration)

Eckasha Merkaba ImmanU Phase-Z Activation

A.    12 Vehicles of Mastery

B.    12 Postures of Mastery

C.    12 Responsibilities of Mastery

First Introduction: May 2002 Greece, Volume·3: The Dance for Freedom. (Mastering the Betcha Hova Body: Oensity-3 Radial Body Activation; Ketheric, Monadic and Keriatric Body Eckasha Alignment & OverSoullntegration)

Eckasha Merkaba ManU Phase·3 Activation

A.    12 Tools of Mastery

B.    12 Insights of Mastery First Introduction: November 2002 France

C.    12 Applications of Mastery

Volume·4: The Dance for Joy Introduced: May 2003 Paxos & August 2003 Andorra. (DFJ/BDVD & DFJ2I5DVD:

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