Eckasha & Maharic Quick Shield – Protect Your Field

“Put on Your Spiritual Armor”

Since we are freeing ourselves from ALL Programming imposed to us, either consciously or unconsciously, many of us not been aware of it at all, we must be ready to let go A LOT.

To fight the Cognitive Dissonance and BE Aligned with TRUST.

Trust to what? How shall we call GOD SOURCE then when we Pray or Meditate? 

By now we know ALL religions and spiritual teachings here were based on The Ancient Original Teachings but are mutated and twisted by the Intruders. By whom, you may ask. At least by the A..Nu… for sure. They are many others still here fighting over DOMINION of this Planet Of OURS.

These mutated teachings offer enough of the true teachings, so that you get interested, but not enough to SET YOU FREE and that is what the Teachings are Originally supposed to do. Many creatures of not so good races and with not so Good Intentions playing around this 🌍still.

Please, don’t believe if someone says, “Them nasty bad Guys are all gone, we are already saved, God has won”. It is a lie – kind of – to make you to put your guards down. I do understand that thinking like that will Create New Images in Your Hologram and Manifest.

I still would like to Remind You; Be Awake and Aware – Pure like a Dove, Smart like a Snake. The ones in the Fall would like to take with them as many of us they can…

The Guardian Founders Races are Helping this Planet. They KNOW how to Help us. Let us accept that help; it is not a weakness to admit to someone, who has 48 DNA strands activated, that I need HELP. Or is it? But we must let go the Old Images of Masters, The Old Guard probably…

 We are in a limited space here in this Matrix, where the Natural Currents are mutated. The one that should be Magnetic is running Electric and vice versa.

 We, The HUMans are putting much effort to Rise our Frequencies. Since this is limited SPACE Higher Frequencies have difficulty to establish here fully without causing disharmony, chaos, and harm. WE must rise (again that upwards movement, who said it is UP?) our Frequencies to meet those Frequencies. In this way we help the Planet get rid of the Twisted Coding and Back to NATURAL Frequencies.



Maharic Shield

Shield of Aramatena
The Maharic Shield is the Foundation Technique for all other energy work.
(See: Shields)

The D-12 Maharic Shield creates protection form interdimensional manipulation of our natural bioneurological communication lines.

As the Maharic Shield is composed of 10th, 11th and 12th Dimensional Scalar Grids (Mahara Hova Body), it contains within it the 144 Frequency Sub-harmonics of the entire 12-Dimensional Spectrum. (See: Maharata Current)

Because of its 144 Sub-Harmonic scalar-wave spectrum, the 12th Dimensional level of the Maharic Shield can RESET the original, non-distorted imprint of Partiki Phasing flash-line sequences within the entire Kathara Grid 12-Tree.

To restore the Imprint for Health within the Body-Mind-Spirit System, the Holographic Template of scalar-grids upon which the system manifests must be restored to its original function. (See: Checkerboard Mutation)

Activating the Maharic Shield will open, activate and realign the scalar-wave flash-line sequences of dormant Kathara CentersKathara LinesCrystal SealsHova Bodies, Diodic Points, Chakras and DNA within the outer levels of the morphogenetic field and body.

Thus it is with the Maharic Shield that core healing therapeutics must begin.

Practice of the Maharic Shield activates and runs the Maharata Current within the human body, allowing the Maharata Current to serve as the “Carrier Wave” for the direction of inter-dimensional frequency into Earth’s Templar. (See: Heroic Path)

Running the Maharata also accelerates DNA Template activation, progressively restores the D-12 Prematter Personal Divine Blueprint for increased bodily health, accelerates spiritual integration, progressively activates the personal Merkaba Vehicle and amplifies natural consciousness expansion and higher sensory perception.

Most importantly, running the Maharata Current via the Maharic Shied creates a temporary pillar of D-12 “Christos Frequency” within you bio-energetic field and DNA, linking you and your multi-dimensional anatomy directly to its inner Christos Pre-matter Divine Blueprint to create a D-12 field of protection within the personal mind-body-spirit system through which essential bio-energetic field integrity can be created and maintained.

Running the Maharata on a regular basis will increase the longevity of the body and accelerate natural healing process.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.


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