Here we will be posted about Inner Earth and the Royal Benign Beings situated there.

According the some sources there is a Fall-Safe Rescue Team activated in the Inner Earth Realms to assist in rescue operations if situation gets out of hand on the surface Earth.

This Inner Earth is on higher dimension than our surface Earth 3 D existence, so for humans to travel there, they need to be able to raise their level of Frequency to 3,5 D or more.

The Inner Earth Beings are not fond of humans, understandable enough. Humans at the moment, in their distorted shield, would affect the Higher Vibrational level of the Benign Beings Abodes. Dysfunctional DNA vibrates frequencies which would “infect” their shields like a virus.

Some chosen ones are invited to visit to those realms. They are usually humans who are either Angelic Humans with higher DNA activations, or Indigoes. They are called for training purposes and will function as part of the Intergalactic Team as Way showers for other human beings. Some are incarnated with the mission to participate on healing of the Planet and Living Beings living on it and will be trained in the Inner Earth.

Some sources claim that Inner Earth is evil and occupied by the negative ETs.

According to our sources it is correct that there are beings in different levels of the Inner Earth structures, which are functioning according to the Fall Alignment and as such not contributing to the God Alignment, that human beings are connected to. However they are not able to affect any humans travelling to Inner Earth realms, since they will always be followed with a Mentor or a Guide.

We have also heard some claiming that the Inner Earth has its own Sun, which functions as a Star Gate, this however we think further; Inner Earth has portals, which functions as gateways to Bigger Star Gates. Our Sun is called Star Gate 3.

Please contact us if you have experiences from the Inner Earth and the Royal Beings living there.

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