CDT Plate Inner Kristos Teachings & Keylontic Morphogenetic Science

CDT Plate Inner Kristos Teachings

The Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Teachings, the Eieyani and the CDT-Plates

The ancient MCEO (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) perspectives teach of the Inner Christos, or living God-spirit alive within all things, including the natural environment. “Inner Christos” philosophies are built upon understanding of what is referred to as the “Law of One”.

Inner Christos Law of One perspective respectfully acknowledges the inter-connection, interdependence and intrinsic value of all components of reality in recognition that the Living Consciousness, “God-Spirit” or “Inner Christos” is the tangible substance of consciousness and energy from and of which all things manifest are composed.

MCEO teachings offer people an opportunity for advancing personal empowerment through genuine spiritual development regardless of their religious affiliation. The “Inner Christos” of the “Law of One” MCEO spiritual teachings belong to everyone of every creed, not just those who choose to call themselves “Christians. The word “Christos “ (from which the word ―Christian later emerged) was originally spelled “Kristos” in the most ancient texts, and referred to the personal Divine Blueprint of Conscious Living God-Spirit energy of which all things and beings manifest are made…

Keylontic Science

Keylontic Morphogenetic Science – the science of Light, Sound and the Crystalline Geometrical Templates of Matter – represents the study and application of the intrinsic morphogenetic dynamics of creation.   





Ashayana Deane (


Excerpt from the Lecture with personal comments.


Are you aware that you must First of All look after Your own Soul, what ever the circumstances you are witnessing in the world?

Don’t let your Pure, childlike Soul qualities be contaminated.

That is also an Agenda, to contaminate us!

This following text and the video from Ashayana Deane  is going to Push Us to Expand Beyond the 3D perception of World Events.

And I know, its provocative, when you witness so many Chaotic things going on, which we as Humans will Judge as Evil, yes.

But do we have any choice? I can’t see any other choice…


This is a Prison Planet on a Lone Star Fall because of the WAR between several so-called ET Races, who has chosen to go against Gods Creation and use the Free Will Law to experience Anti-Kryst Path, attempting to Be gods themselves.

This Beautiful Earth Planet is under attack. Here we don’t talk about the 3D political, economic, and social chaos going on.

This is Bigger.

This is HUGE!

It has been going on for a Long “Time”,

 we are just able to witness it now because

of the Higher Frequencies

beamed into the Earth and the Original Humans

with Krysted codes still prominent

in their DNA.

Please, please sisters and brothers.

 Consider this: You might have been lied about absolutely everything until now.

We must be brave enough to question absolutely everything we have believed about Life, World and even Ourselves until now. And About GOD and Creation too!

You might have heard an expression that goes something like this,

 “If you would know what is really going on, you would not be able to sleep at nights”.

 Or something like this, “If you would know who you are talking with…”.

This is not limited to 3D understanding, as I have understood through examination of everything the last several years.

We wish to arrive at that place of harmony and peace, don’t we.

Yet, this is a delicious thought.

do we even know what is to live in Peaceful Krysted Society together with people who do only want to be kind to each other and Love the Creator so much that they have no desire to do anything else than what is the right thing to do to be in Service for the Creator?

And desire Nothing else!


You wish the Promised Land, The Eden, will arrive and give us relief from this Misery?

What if there is a place with the similar name existing,

where Living Beings live the Krysted Life in harmony with All That Is,

looking after each other and Loving the Creator through all they Beingness.

And that is from this place the Stories of Eden originates from.

Would you be able to expand your mind and say, why not?


What if there is a Matrix in Higher Density called the Aquareion Matrix

and the Aquarius (New Earth) waiting for us the Ascend from the Lone Star Fall Prison Planet. To avoid the Soul Traps on the way!

And that it is from this the Tales of The Aquarian Age are originated from.

Aquarian Age reminds us also that there are beings who has a special Code in their DNA, and they are called the Aquafereion NaVAHo. These are Souls able to act like Spanners between Densities, escorting others from the Earth to the next level, to Higher Densities.

Could you open your mind and say, it could be possible…?

What if there are many layers above Earth, before and after lower and upper Van Allen Belt etc, and one of them is an artificially build layer called Ozone Layer, which is a Hypernet zone build by the Fallen Ones. Hence the Story of Wizard of OZ, for example. And that it is maybe not so bad thing that the “ozone” layer is thinning…

Could this be possible, or no?

Seeing the things going on today, you might have come into conclusion that almost anything imaginable is possible.

So, the Truly Open Mind, centred in the Soul will be able to Expand the Thoughts to these levels and beyond without loosing themselves.

So, the question is why then are not all doing that?

The answer is not simple. It is complex, as complex as we are in our body / mind / spirit Complex.

  1. The basic idea of the Gods Creation is based on Free Will for all Living in the Creation.

The idea was to have experiences and to learn from them through trial and error. Purpose was absolutely not to create a Tyrannical system.

Any system that is opposing the principle of Free Will is Anti-Kryst and not aligned with the Gods Creation.

  • Another answer could be that ALL EXPERIENCES ARE ALLOWED BY THE CREATOR. And ALL means ALL! Even the Anti-Kryst experiences are still within Gods Creation.

That creation knows how to respond to all things going on in the vast Creation.

So, can we then safely admit that our perception COULD BE limited, and we need to Expand it?

To be even more openminded?

It’s possible, isn’t it?

Then the thought of LOVE comes to mind.

Ashayana Deane, the speaker of the Guardians, who are physical beings and from the Future, is encouraging to Expand your ability to LOVE beyond human love.

 We are asked to remember that it is NOT OUR FAULT, but it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY!

Its logical if you think it deeply.

And this following can nurture our Souls.


You know that those following the Experiences of Fall

Against God Source,

And whom we call the Fallen Ones

have decided to follow Anti-Kryst Path of Fall.

That is their Free Choice within the Creation.

Could we then, if really Expanding our Minds

and most importantly Our Hearts,


these creatures who are on their way back to the Creator too,

but through different Path,

the Path of disintegration into Space Dust.

They will thus return to the Creator God,

but not as an individualized Soul Unit, as we are doing.

They will not remember who they are or what they have done.

So, if some of us could be able to REMEMBER THEM WITH LOVE,

 these creatures WILL HAVE OPPORTUNITY

to catch that Frequency just before disintegration

and REMEMBER their own origins

and Resemble their Original Krysted Template

 and with our help

 put themselves together again

and remember who they are and what they did.

And that going against God Source wasn’t such a good idea!

Eternally Unforgettable lesson for them and all the Creation!

And they will be able to participate in the organic Adarshi Cycle of Creation again.

In The Eternal Breath of Life, Gods Breath Out and In.

This would be so Sweet and Good for the Creator Source too, who is in Eternal State of Grace and cannot turn away from any of the Children.


Is it possible for us to Remember with Love those Fallen creatures, no matter what they did?

Difficult, no? But not impossible, yes? Why do we call ourselves spiritual, if we are not able to have Love, which is have GOD in our Hearts?

That GOD is then faulty, since IT doesn’t exist everywhere…

There are Souls who are able to do that.

“And we want to Thank you,

All of You

Whoever you are

In the name of

Any Kingdom of God-Source

There has ever been!”

  • Ashayana Deane 2007, Peru, Krystal River Dance part 5.

Ashayana also reminds us,

 that there are more places in a vast Cosmos

which are Harmonious, Peaceful

and where Wars doesn’t exist.

 Where lives only Krysted Beings

who Love the Creator so much

 that they only want life fully according to the creation

 in every moment of they Life.

They are kind to each other,

 instead of sucking energies from other living beings,

 just because they cannot be filled by God-Source particles,

out of their own choice,

as Living Krysted Beings can.

So those Krysted Beings in other Places than Earth naturally cares also about the Earth and Living Beings here.

They do everything they can to assist the Earth and us.

Also, for that reason, that if the Fallen Ones manages to pull through their Agenda, the Sun will go into Bardoah Process, returning to Space Dust, emanating increasingly stronger Gamma Rays which could cause Earth to get destroyed in 25-30 years and pulled into a Black Hole as food. Which was the plan.

The Rescue Mission from the Good Beings in the Cosmos

has managed to push back that,

and we have been given more time to get

everybody out of the Prison Planet to other places,

such as Gaia, the Earths big sister in 3rd Density,

which is present here, but invisible.

The Earth is a living consciousness and has a “mind” of its own. It has made up Its Mind and NOT ACCEPTING to be utilize by and for negative Agenda. Earth is going to rather dissolve itself in 3D presence. There is however Parts of Earth in Higher Dimension not mutated by the Fallen Ones.

Our Planet Earth is in the Respiratory Machine, hooked into Earther, a Layer High above the Earth Atmosphere, separated from us by Aurora Field. It is a Krysted Place! Not so Far if you are able to Rise your Frequencies. Since Space is 3D illusion and these places exist in another frequency and available for anyone who wish to go there.


Since these Fallen Ones also know may secrets about the Gods Creation, being part of it before decided to cut them selves out of it, they are able to manipulate our reality here to such extend, that if not very clear in your Body / Mind / Spirit Complex, you will not be able to tell that you are Manipulated.

According to Ashayana Deane there are Hibernation Zones, which can resemble Places like Heaven, with “angelic beings” and “masters”, maybe even beings with familiar faces… And yet it is a TRAP.

There are Fallen beings living there, who we cannot see with the 3D eyes of Science, BUT they can see us. And they do Watch and Follow and have technology to Manipulate our minds according to their Agenda. They are in fact now in Tough Spot, because they have seen the Good Beings intervening and WINNING! They are desperately looking for places to move to before they are caught and there are not many who want to have them!

  • By the way, if any of the Krysted Beings have been trapped into those Hibernation Zones of False Heavens, they will be helped out from there too.

You know the Movie Matrix, don’t you?

This is something like that…

How an earth can I then trust anybody?

No, you can’t trust anybody outside of yourself. No its isn’t a lonely place, it is a place where you CAN experience TRUE INTIMACY and closeness with other Krysted Beings.

But you can Love everyone! And for the shake of your Soul, you should Seek to do that too.

And Trust Yourself!

Your Soul!

It is speaking to you continually, showing you the way.

Build that relationship, like a Marriage. Listen carefully and fully.

Seek Silence. To stop the Monkey Mind.

And listen!


Expect the Soul to Speak to you.

You can also expand your ability to Love by attempting to Increase your love towards someone who doesn’t seem to deserve it!

 (You don’t have to remain in those situations though, nor accept their deeds).

It is the WITTNESSING part of you, the one who sees your dreams, who witnesses your states of emotional distress, part of you that doesn’t die (did experience it clearly when on the operation table once, my body wasn’t me, I was something greater and real).

You know the many stories of Near-Death Experiences, don’t you?

And NOW TODAY, after many years since Ashayana did her tremendous work of Service to Others with the Translations, the frequencies have changed and Many are Contacted by these same Beings, or other Krysted Beings like the ones living in Earther. Or Sirius, where our origins are (Pleiadeans are new, and many of them corrupted, so learn to discern).

Ashayana give us also Hope by reminding us that there are Places of Great harmony and Peace, where they have

True societies based on Love

True Healing

Nor sicknesses

Learning places,


Great Libraries

With Ancient


We who have been here on this Mutated Planet need Spiritual Purification.

We are contaminated by the mutations and need a Spiritual Shower before we are accepted to the Higher Density Physical Places.

Remember, it is also Physical Existence “up there”, in the next Density 2 on 4th, 5th and 6th dimension!

So, it isn’t an Empty Space we are heading to.

And yes, the Animals, plants all living creatures who has the original Creation Codes will Ascend and will be there with us.

So, what are we waiting for?

Me? I feel like I came here to do some work…

And I don’t want to go without you!


Dear Seeker & Adept, you are not alone – It is all your responsibility, but it isn’t your fault. Congratulations you have come so far! Humanity is not forgotten by other High-Density Beings!

We are in the midst of Transition Time.


The Planet Earth and the Living Beings are going through DNA activation and upgrading.

At the same time Earth and the Human Beings are stuck in the middle of an Old War between ET Races.

We are inspired and guided by the Guardian Beings, and the knowledge they are bringing to us through Speakers, such as Ashayana Deane and others.

We base our understanding of the Cosmos, Life and our Origins on the Translations of the Ancient Knowledge from these Speakers.


The Plan (160 mil years ago) of different species in the Universe to join together and to create a Super-race which can contain within its biology the 12 Strands of DNA. The plan was them to be able to contain the Over Soul in the biology, containing 12 levels of Dimension. It was called God Race, the Turaneusiams, and they existed in the 2 Harmoni Universe, where the planet Earth little sister Tara is. Turaneusiams are what we originally were, You and I!

Our planet has been under attack by the beings that we call Fallen Angels or Fallen Ones. They are decided to step aside from the Alignment with the Original God Source; they wanted to rule the Cosmos themselves.

Immense Experiences of activation recently has led many of us to increase The Service To Others (STO). Times of personal and collective crisis has been the catalyst to start the Intensified Journey as an Adept, The Seeker.

Many of us are called to Step Up and Contribute on this Times of Transition. Some of us has come to this Earth to Assist on this transition.

Plasmantic Records of our Origin have been Down stepped from EFFI Field, into the Earth Core and are available for All Living.


Unquestionable dreams of clear messages and meetings with the Souls one “doesn’t know” in the 3D world, yet one Recognize them and Feels that one knows them very well and intimately in the Inner World. These has been the True Relationships and Powerful Catalysts on the Journey until now and will be onwards. Soul Tribes find One another.

HEART – The central aspect is to develop the Two Hearts and Learn about True Love, which is the Substance the Creation is based on.

Bio-Spiritual Mechanics and Ascension Techniques will be shared as tools.

Breath of Life will publish extracts from these Sources of the Ancient Knowledge in written form, images, and as videos. The purpose is teach/learn and learn/teach.

The Law Of One is the base, which this Knowledge is based on and we will published parts of The Law Of One as a supportive perspective to get the comprehensive and understandable view.

We will also publish The Golden Diamonds from others who has the view and teaching which can contribute further to the development of others.


We are middle of Times of Great Changes, the Ascension; the real Age of Aquarius approaching. Everything we ever knew will not apply in that New World. Nothing can stop what is coming!

In the spirit of the Free Choice and Will it will be up to you to do your Part and Assist others.

In the Spirit of The Living Creator, my One Beloved Adonai 💎  

Breath Of Life

Contact: pat@breaththebreathoflife;

More about Ashayana Deane and Keylontic Science and more:

ARhAyas Productions – EAsha Ashayana

Law of One:



The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

“They found each other by pure serendipity”

My comments:

I can safely call myself by nature being a SERENDIPITIST!

I am the One

looking for valuable things in the situation I am In.

There is something meaningful in this

Something Meant to be in

why I am here and now in this experience.

“What is it?”

And I look for the Answer until I find it and can agree with it.

In other words, IT Resonates with my Consciousness

Here and Now.

For Serendipitous occurrences appearing

I must be Still in my Mind to see them, to be Aware of them.

I experience that the God Source Creation is Serendipitous in Nature originally. In every step at the time, we are offered an Serendipitous experience, if I want it. It is up to me to Choose it.

If I would not be Serendipitist, I would go by my Unconscious Attitudes and Emotions and choose according to them, automatically.

In my Life would be more opportunities of the Shadow Self creating Experiences because I am in Unconscious State of Being. I would think and believe, that is the Nature of Life.

Since I am CONVINCED through Experiences that LIFE IS SERENDIPITOUS in Nature, I Expect the Development of events BY CHANCE, apparently, in beneficial way making me HAPPY and Life is JOYFUL.

These Pleasing things seem to be appearing By Chance, because I wasn’t seeking them in that form; they are Totally New Experiences for Me in the New Now.

Expanding my Consciousness.

It is not LUCK, because can be described GOOD or BAD. Luck is like a Force that is bringing Fortune or Adversity, success or circumstances that are against me or us.

Serendipity is something else…

It will only be Spiritually Pleasurable, Resonating with my Present State of Consciousness.

I am Open for Serendipitous to Arrive.

Including Serenity

Aligned To Serendipity.

What about you?

Come Walk With Me 29.11.22 – Last Walk … for now

This is the last walk for now.

I am moving and travelling, focusing on other projects.

On this walk I climb up on the mountain, having a view above the Clouds a Bird View, the View from The Room With The View. The Higher State of Mind. 💫

I talk about the



the conditions on the Earth

and what we can do each of us.

Also about Nature, the Mother Earth… and more.

I leave it here for now.

Exited to Receive The New Life. Living Awake and Aware. All 12 and more Senses sharpened.

Every moment.

Moving Onwards Step by Step…

Thank You for accompanying me on this walks. See You soon …


MeWe Contact: 💫


Path to Heaven MUSIC – Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin

“Stairway To Heaven”

There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold

And she’s buying a stairway to Heaven

When she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closed

With a word she can get what she came for

Ooh, ooh, and she’s buying a stairway to Heaven

There’s a sign on the wall, but she wants to be sure

‘Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings

In a tree by the brook, there’s a songbird who sings

Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven

Ooh, makes me wonder

Ooh, makes me wonder

There’s a feeling I get when I look to the west

And my spirit is crying for leaving

In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees

And the voices of those who stand looking

Ooh, it makes me wonder

Ooh, really makes me wonder

And it’s whispered that soon if we all call the tune

Then the piper will lead us to reason

And a new day will dawn for those who stand long

And the forests will echo with laughter


If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed, now

It’s just a spring clean for the May queen

Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run

There’s still time to change the road you’re on

And it makes me wonder

Oh, whoa

Your head is humming and it won’t go, in case you don’t know

The piper’s calling you to join him

Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow? And did you know

Your stairway lies on the whispering wind?

And as we wind on down the road

Our shadows taller than our soul

There walks a lady we all know

Who shines white light and wants to show

How everything still turns to gold

And if you listen very hard

The tune will come to you at last

When all are one and one is all

To be a rock and not to roll

And she’s buying a stairway to Heaven

Stairway To Heaven


ALL THE CLIPS HERE. Clips separately on my profile page


Start from the number 1.


watch out who you follow. Instead being a Follower BE what Your Path IS


All Is Connected – Expanding to One Burst Point, which is Perpetual


Earth is a very good please to start if you want to go through Ascension – that is why it is so valuable…


Safe Ascension Path – hardest one to use, though. Ptw Hi, Nikola T.


Indigos and Humans Incarnate through those Gates. You must have BASE 12 activated.


The Road Map HOME starts from the Earth through SUN and then…


Primary Life Force Frequencies come in through the Kathara Grid in 15 Dimensional Time Matrix


Particum Current The Breathing Rhythm of The Life Force and God Consciousness Breaths Through on Earth.


For Us to get Frequencies Down Here, this happens


FINALLY, we get to our one Destination and have a Loooong Vacation, don’t we


True Path of the Middle Pillar. Much More PEACE There

Quantum Jumping – We are Connected

*Two Entities can be connected through Quantum Entanglement even when “existing” thousands of Light Years “apart from each other”.

What one experiences the other one experiences as well.

*When experiencing a “Bad” moment in Consciousness, like “negative” emotions, thoughts, take physically Step Aside, knowing you have moved to another reality and choose consciously other emotions, thoughts there/here now. Every movement you do “physically” opens potentiality to another “timeline”. You have the gift of Free Will to choose what to experience in it and how and so on.

*There can be several potentials You are experiencing different “realities” according to Free Will. The NOW is where the Consciousness or Your I AM THIS I AM presence is focusing at and the “Other You (s, many of them) will reap the results of what you choose to experience in this NOW.

*There is Free Will (FW) in All Levels. There is FW of the self, and there is Divine FW, from the Soul and Higher existential levels. Divine FW, from the Soul, doesn’t always move in agreement with the “bodily” FW and often does choose different experience, knowing what is essential for the Expansion. So, “painful” experiences, from the point of view of the bodily self, could BE the “best” experiences. You can choose which one you are agreeing with or choose to FOCUS on as an experience in the NOW.

*Reality doesn’t exist and DOES exist as relative component of your Mind/Body/Spirit combination. Time/Space/Speed of Light experience gives an illusion we are thousands of miles away from each other. Or the Veil of Life / Death seems to BE between us. The Quantum Physics, Spiritual Science

says you CAN experience simultaneous here and now together, fundamentally, in non-local reality.

*There is the Unified Field, where all are connected. It can be created Artificially by AI, but That is limited in the Source-Code. Divine Unified Field is based on the God Source Code, and we (mostly all) have it within us. It is The God Seed. How we utilize this knowing depends on the level of Expansion of Awareness of the Unit Mind in the Now. This is Freedom of the Will. This is attempted to be suppressed by Resistant Beings, with AI source-code, cut off from the God Source Code. We have to start Remembering this Now. Overcoming the barrier of Cognitive Dissonance created by the “ego”.

*We are looking forward to experiencing the AT- ONE-ment. Yet we already DO experience it, whether we are Aware of it or not. What happens to You affects Me, and vice versa. Somebody’s suffering affects all of us. So does the Happiness. So, rejoice in the success of “others”. Cry in their pain, as it was yours, because it is.

We will experience the Awareness of that very “soon” in the Now. Time IS Relative, depending on the Awareness. We Will Be United in Oneness.

Here and now.



One Year


I was Saved

Pulled out

from the

Sea of Illusions

I had Prisoned

My Self in

Prior to





Made Now


I did make a Prayer

A Cry to the Heavens

From the Bottom of

the Bottomless


Not really Believing

Anyone will hear me

I was Heard


Into a Firm Embrace

Decades of Guesswork

Walking in Foggy Landscape

Not knowing

it was a

Valley of the Shadows


New Beginning


It is All Coming Back To Me


Thank You

What else can I say…


But I will Hold My Self

On this New Path

And Believe

into Unbelievable

For Ever…


You Light becomes a Clear Mirror.

Others you meet will see themselves reflected in it.

If they are Unconscious about themselves, they don’t like the Image and start invoking Fight. Not with you personally, mind you.

But with the Shadow of themselves which they see in that Mirror.

Shadow Boxing.

The Light Carrier must know this and not accept the invitation, not take hold on the other end off the rope and start the pulling contents. Just Breath and listen, stay in your Shield, strengthen it, not rejecting either.


They will go through the process and get healed, in best case scenario. You might also have to exit the scenario and leave, if necessary. You will know it.



I occasionally

And often

Have these



Out of my body

It is not

A Dream

Or Fantasy

And Comes


Not by Calling—

I have shown a Place

Or a Situation

It is like a Flash

Of an Image




With an Invisible



Never Clear

Do this

Or Don’t do that

No Spoon-feeding

But the Image


Means A Lot

To Me

And Only

for me

Nobody else knows it…

For that

The Path is Personal

God is Personal

Not One Path

Is similar to another Path

The Message

The Sign

Has many


It is




And I have to walk

The Path

To Figure it out

In the Darkness

I keep the Image

In my Inner Eye

As a Beacon of Light


On my Open Palm

Everything can and


Change in



Future is not solid

It looks like this or that

From the Point of View

Of the Now

As One sees it

Only One View

If predicting

The Future

This will happen…

Or this will not happen…

You are imprisoning

The God Source


Into a limited


Probably you

Agree with some other ones

And you remain in

That False Hologram

As a




Comrades in Crime


The Messages are

Very subtle

Just meant for you

No one else

Gets them

Keep them

For yourself

I stopped to be

a Follower

When I stopped

Lying to my self





Now I walk

My Ears sharpened

My Eyes Focused

Flying like a Hawk

My senses

All in Alert

My Heart In Flames

Mind Quiet










INSPIRATIONAL – Unified Field. You Are VIP. Never Alone. Always Loved

Space Itself Is not a VOID


Wholly Conscious


Energy Field

Constantly altered

By the Intensions


Consciousness of Eery Being Within It

Space is neither Uniform

Nor Stable

Every Celestial Form

Every Sound

Each emits

Every thought

That rides the Waves

Of the Unified Field

Affects The Quality


Formation of Space

– The New Sirian Revelations, p 126, Patricia Core

A Music Video Clip in the Link to Describe the Emotion ❤




Who You Are


We Need You

A Music Video Clip in the Link to Describe the Emotion ❤

Tony Andersen – Darkest Night

In this Moment…

Feel It.

You Are Part of The

Wholly Conscious Universe.

VIP – Very Important Part, and not Insignificant

A Music Video Clip in the Link to Describe the Emotion ❤

Hazy – In This Moment

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Astrology, true or illusionary, thus a Matrix of it’s own making

The Earth’s orbit around the Sun causes the apparent motion of the latter along the ecliptic (red). Earth is axially tilted 23.4° relative to this plane; its equator, extended to the stars, is shown in light blue.


I am not an Astrologer; yet it has been part of my life until I was Activated.

In today’s Spiritual Science, such as Keylontic Science (Ashayana Deane, book Voyagers and lectures especially early ones prior to 2006) it is stated that the 23.4 tilt of the Earths axel is not Natural but created and caused by Fallen technology.

Our North is not the True North.

This to interrupt the Ascension process of the Planet and the Living Beings in the Planet who are still connected to the Krysted Path of Organic Natural Evolution of the Creation.

I became a Drop Out from temporary astrology over a decade. And this wasn’t easy since I had studied Astrology since my youth years.

This Awakening started from an inner urge; something doesn’t make sense here. How can a system become interlocked into an immutable structure in ever changing Universe.

Also, I realized that I had been imposing the characteristics of the Zodiac sign of my birthday. It wasn’t me… So, I stopped, halted it all and started the process of Knowing me without any system outside of my consciousness. The true discoveries based of my Attitudes and behavior started in a deeper level.

I was introduced to Sidereal astrology when I lived in India, but it remained distant. Astrology wasn’t the main interest on my Path of Seeking.

The question is: was astrological science changed by agreement of the controlling powers at the time, deciding how to use astrology, also a systematical limitation of true spiritual science.

I Love the living stars and the planets. Who would not be mesmerized by the Heavenly Diamonds in the Night Sky. When the Consciousness expands further and beyond, trying to comprehend why, what for and from where questions arising in that expanded state.

Have we been fooled here too?

To lock our consciousness into believing a system by agreement. You know, when many people accept a belief, it forms a Matrix of its own, where you start experience it as correct, trustworthy, and even proving its accuracy and fitting on yourself image too.

I used to “know” correctly people’s main signs when I existed in that Matrix.

I don’t allow myself to do it anymore but give respectfully freedom for each person to show their nature and character, as they know and are conscious off.

Curiously enough the Tropical modern western astrology was decided by few to be what it still IS today, was done about same time when f.ex. Bible was edited to a limited edition. Some say the original scriptures were at least 20 times larger collection.

How is it that most people say today’s New Moon is in Sagittarius, when if you take a look to the Heavens, it touches the Scorpio and partly the Scales, the Libra.

And how far we really know what is True in the Heavens and the positioning of the Planets? We maybe waking up to a Big Lie the more we advance in our Spiritual Awakening .

Does it matter?

It may if you impose, what meaning others give you, on to yourself.

But it maybe not, if you are open enough to see beyond the form and use astrology only as something to Focus on, to stabilize your mind.

Like Tarot.

Or Crystal Ball.

Or Tea Leaves.

When I bring this subject up, I am often met with emotional reactions, even anger. Then I am made aware that persons have created an image of themselves based on the system and will not give it up easily.

Because it will introduce the Void for them. Which can be scary, yet the place where True Wisdom starts.

Unique and Only Yours…

Do you dare to let Go? Everything?

Here is Athen, who uses the visible sky.

New Moon in Libra the Scales & Scorpio the Scorpion

The New Moon on November 23rd 2022 is in Libra the Scales and Scorpio the Scorpion. This is a fresh new start to the lunar month coming off of a transformative eclipse lunar cycle. With Libra and Scorpio there are new beginnings to bring balance and depth to our everyday experiences. Trines to Jupiter and Neptune make this an easier New Moon to work with.

Some cuts from Wikipedia


The zodiac system was developed in Babylonia, some 2,500 years ago, during the “Age of Aries”.[17] At the time, it is assumed, the precession of the equinoxes was unknown. Contemporary use of the coordinate system is presented with the choice of interpreting the system either as sidereal, with the signs fixed to the stellar background, or as tropical, with the signs fixed to the point (vector of the Sun) at the March equinox.[19]

In tropical astrology, the zodiacal signs are distinct from the constellations associated with them, not only because of their drifting apart due to the precession of equinoxes but because the physical constellations take up varying widths of the ecliptic, so the Sun is not in each constellation for the same amount of time.[55]: 25 Thus, Virgo takes up 5 times as much ecliptic longitude as Scorpius. The zodiacal signs are an abstraction from the physical constellations, and each represent exactly 1⁄12th of the full circle, but the time spent by the Sun in each sign varies slightly due to the eccentricity of the Earth’s orbit.

Sidereal astrology remedies this by assigning the zodiac sign approximately to the corresponding constellation. This alignment needs re calibrating every so often to keep the alignment in place.

The Sun’s placement upon the vernal equinox, which occurs annually around 21 March, defines the starting point for measurement, the first degree of which is historically known as the “first point of Aries”. The first 30° along the ecliptic is nominally designated as the zodiac sign Aries, which no longer falls within the proximity of the constellation Aries since the effect of precession is to move the vernal point through the backdrop of visible constellations (it is currently located near the end of the constellation Pisces, having been within that constellation since the 2nd century AD).[70]

Western astrology takes the tropical approach, whereas Hindu astrology takes the sidereal one. This results in the originally unified zodiacal coordinate system drifting apart gradually, with a clockwise (westward) precession of 1.4 degrees per century.

For the tropical zodiac used in Western astronomy and astrology, this means that the tropical sign of Aries currently lies somewhere within the constellation Pisces (“Age of Pisces”).

Some “parazodiacal” constellations are touched by the paths of the planets, leading to counts of up to 25 “constellations of the zodiac”.[61] The ancient Babylonian MUL.APIN catalog lists Orion, Perseus, Auriga, and Andromeda. Modern astronomers have noted that planets pass through Crater, Sextans, Cetus, Pegasus, Corvus, Hydra, and Scutum, with Venus very rarely passing through Aquila, Canis Minor, Auriga, and Serpens.[61]

Some other constellations are mythologically associated with the zodiacal ones: Piscis Austrinus, The Southern Fish, is attached to Aquarius. In classical maps, it swallows the stream poured out of Aquarius’ pitcher, but perhaps it formerly just swam in it. Aquila, The Eagle, was possibly associated with the zodiac by virtue of its main star, Altair.[citation needed] Hydra in the Early Bronze Age marked the celestial equator and was associated with Leo, which is shown standing on the serpent on the Dendera zodiac.[citation needed] Corvus is the Crow or Raven mysteriously perched on the tail of Hydra.

Knowledge of the Babylonian zodiac is said to be reflected in the Hebrew Bible; E. W. Bullinger interpreted the creatures appearing in the book of Ezekiel as the middle signs of the four quarters of the zodiac,[21][22

The earliest extant Greek text using the Babylonian division of the zodiac into 12 signs of 30 equal degrees each is the Anaphoricus of Hypsicles of Alexandria (fl. 190 BC).[27] Particularly important in the development of Western horoscopic astrology was the astrologer and astronomer Ptolemy, whose work Tetrabiblos laid the basis of the Western astrological tradition.[28] Under the Greeks, and Ptolemy in particular, the planets, Houses, and signs of the zodiac were rationalized and their function set down in a way that has changed little to the present day.[29



We Together Are Making The Emptiness Bearable







More than two decades ago

In the Quantum reality

Which I have been made Aware of

I was in the Subway


A Suspect looking older Man




“Are You a Nurse?”

“No, I am not”.

“You should be. You look like One”.

“Read Carl Sagan’s book Contact”

He looked deep into

My eyes

And walked away.

I did read the book.


Here I Am

Putting the Puzzle of Life



Yet having more Questions

Or maybe not…

Letting Go Questioning

And Receive

The Experiences

I feel Well Looked After

Not Alone


It is Ok to be

Happy for Me

I am Thankful.

Carl Saga, 1985 novel “CONTACT”

Why did You Contact Us?

You Contacted Us.

We were just listening.

Are there Others?

Many Others…

You Are an

Interesting Species

Interesting Mix

You Are

Capable for such

Beautiful Dreams


Such Horrible


You Feel So



Cut Off

So Alone


You Are Not


In All Our Searching

The Only Thing We’ve Found


Makes This

Emptiness Bearable

Is Each Other

What Happens Now?


This Was Just

The First Step

In Time

You Will Take

Another One

Small Moves

Small Moves…

POSTURES OF LOVE – About Shadow and Love as Spiritual Path


Have you created

A knot in your childhood.

It will hold you on to it

Until you bring it to

Your consciousness.

And let it go.

When you Start walking

Your individual Path of Seeking Spiritual Answers,

You might experience opposition

From the “Loved Ones”.

“What are you doing? Are you leaving me now?”

It has nothing to do with Love.

It has to do with



Unrecognized feelings and needs

Hiding in the Shadows.

For ages men has been programmed

To see women as objects.


The woman is supposed to look like this, behave like this and secure the man by fulfilling different needs and wants.

Also to be a Status Symbol.

Especially if they were many of them…

And Vice Versa…

We need to realize

We are all Perfect.

So are you.

The Standard of Perfection

Is not stated here.

We are Perfect

In Every Moment

We are Lovable

Here and Now

As we Are.

Not One Day in the Future.

Stop beating up on your self.

Love Your Self.

It is not Selfish or Egoistic.

It is taking responsibility of Your Self.

You cannot give to Others

What you don’t have in your self.

Self Hate is real; rejecting your True Self.

It is the Shadow


Shadow is a Chemical part

Of our DNA.

Irresponsible people are

Looking from others

What they are not able

To find within themselves.

That is how the Energy Vampires are born

And most of us still

In certain grade Are

Exactly that.

It has nothing to do with Love.

To Love is to give up Trying To Achive it

And in that way Letting Opportunity

for It to Enter Your Life.

This Unloved Adults

Trying to get energy from each other

Will have very “interesting” conversations.

It is the Shadows talking

Unsatisfied Needs and Wants.

When in a Heated Conversation

Like that

You can stop and ask

“How old are you just now?

Because I am Four just now.”

What you feel towards Yourself

You will feel towards others too.

Are you overly demanding towards yourself?


Having a unmet needs and wants buried in a Shadow side?

That is how you treat others too.

And keep on wondering why on Earth

Can’t I find that Perfect Partner.

It has a lot to do with your Emotions.

In Dimension 2.

We all have personal imprints

Which is not US.

Attitudes becomes part of

The spiritual body subconscious parts

And a starts to grow a Monster within you.

We All Need Healing.

To get aligned with the

Divine Blueprint

And resemble Ourselves

Into Our Original Form.

That is a True Spiritual Growth.

First step of Healing

Can be a wave of emotions.

Emotions that used to be Locked In in the Shadow.

Can you look at your worst enemy without Hate?

With hate you remain in Victim Victimiser Duality.

You keep on holding the other end of that Rope.

It is the Human Condition

On this Planet Now.

By Design too…

There is Anger.

Not unhealthy one, judging and pointing out finger

“You are bad, you are evil…”

Anger IS OK.

Healthy Anger


This situation

Is no Good

For any of us.

It becomes the Fuel.

I Am Going To Heal That Now!

They are Patterns.

Not only from your Childhood

But also, from other Time Vectors.

If you wish to be an embodied Avatar.

You cannot do it without Love.

It must be in the physical level

To transmute the chemicals.

Human Body was Designed

To experience Full Love





Love The Source

And Yourself Within It

Love that Connection

We still have some of that

Left in us.


There are beings

Who has lost that connection.

They cannot feel those

Vibrations of Love.

Lovelessness becomes

They Nature

Missing the Coding

Of Love

Also those

Who have Victimized us

In our Personal Path.

They don’t feel remorse.

They cannot.

They are Stuck.

Victims become Always


And They Do Know They Have Lost.

Ending up as Space Dust.

They Do!

It Is Sad…

That is not the Way to Go. Learn!

Source will

Never Let

The Natural Creation

To be Destroyed.


There is Differences

In Frequencies

But not in Worth…

Try to be the Carrier of that Love

We have been Here

In this situation


We have done it too… Being a Victimizer.

I am the Manifester

Of My Hologram

We are in a Tribal Shield.


That is why we can

See Each other.

They are Symbols

As well as Real People.

They are carrying a part of your Coding.

That part you couldn’t hold in your own


If you get Agitated

Keep Choosing Love

And Any negative,

Or that what seems to be negative,

You have chosen

To experience.

In order

To learn.

What is the Lesson here…


And Move Forward.


Where We came from?

Where We came from? (Human Origins)

Ashayana Deane

*Source: Amenti Workshop, 1998 The MCEO Freedom Teachings, Guardian Materials.

Turaneusiam Race

My Comment:

Turaneusiam Race

Was created

By combining

All the gene codes

From the Universes

And Dimensions

To create a

New Species

A Super Beings

God Race

The Plan was

To create a Being

That can embody

The Over Soul

To Be The Peace Makers

The Mediators

The Diplomats

Of the Universes

That is,





From the video description:

So, what happened a very long time ago on a planet called Tara, about 560 Million Years Ago, there was a race of beings seeded on this planet. The Race was called the Turaneusiam, and they were a very, very special Race.

They were kind of like the “babies of the Universe”.

The Turaneusiam Race was created by taking the genetic strains of all of the other type of beings that existed within all of the other dimensional systems and harmonic universes…taking them and splicing together the best of the best in order to form a super-prototype.

And what the beings who created us wanted to create was a species that could embody not only a Soul, but an Over Soul.

It could embody the consciousness of 12 of the 15 dimensions



“I edited some auto translations. hope you enjoy the message”

– Padma

I would like to talk about where we came


and when we understand a bit of where we

came from we’ll

be able to understand a bit more about

where we’re going

we’re part of an evolving race and that

much our science has identified

but what that means science has not been

able to tell us because science doesn’t


there’s a lot of speculation as to why

we are here and what does it mean to be


and what are we connected to

our scientific traditions tend to look

backward in time to find relics to give

us answers to those questions so we can

understand our past

so perhaps we can

understand more about our present

and what it means to be human and what

we are

underneath all of those

investigations i do believe we’re

looking for the purpose

of our existence

why we are here

so we look for

where we came from

what are our roots


understand some of what it means to be

human now so we understand maybe where

we’re going

in tonight’s discussion i’m going to

present some information

that was given to me by

the Guardian


that will be very controversial

if you’ve been schooled in traditional

earthly thinking

it is a history and I’m going to leave

out a lot

simply because it will take a very long

time to cover the whole history

but it’s basically a history of our origins and

our origins are very different than what

science has

at this time formulated their ideas


we did not come out of the apes

they came out of us

some of them


early man

as our history has identified

some of

them were connected to us

others were completely independent races

that evolved at different times

with us but that weren’t connected to us

there’s so much to our history

that we have not had exposure to and i

would like to bring some of that


to you tonight as it was presented to me

by the Guardian Alliance

in order to understand our history, we

are also going to need

to understand a little bit about the way

a 15-dimensional universe works

because there is much more to the

universe than our

little solar systems or even than the

massive galaxies

that we’re able to see with our

telescopes and the Hubble space

you know

telescope and all that

there’s much more to reality than even

those massive things

so I’m going to give a bit of a

structure of

what it means to be in a 15 dimensional


and then i am going to

show you where our basic genetic pattern

came from

and I hope I’m able to convey this

information to you

in a way that somehow at least

intuitively I can pass on

the meaning of this

there is a meaning

within understanding these things


which our whole self-concept of

a race is redefined

there’s a part of ourselves that has

been lost for centuries and centuries

that has been completely unavailable to

us but intuitively we have sensed that

we have sensed

a longing for

and a lack of

when i was presented with this

information by the Guardian Alliance

something opened up in me

and it knew it knew that

this was true

and it reconnected me as an individual

to the universe and I was able to find a

greater Love for our species

because I saw its place within the

greater scheme of things

we were a grand species once

we were not


and to understand this I hope I can

convey somehow through

what i discussed this evening the



and the meaning of what it means to be


and also, once we understand that where

we have come from

we will begin to understand what is

our process of evolution where we are going

because it is not just that we got this

far and we happen to evolve to this

place and there’s really no

direction evolution

is not aimless


is a purpose

there is an agenda

there are probable

versions of what any species can evolve


but there is also a

Primary version of

what a species was intended to become

so, what happened very long time ago

on the planet called Tara

about 560

million years ago

there was a race of beings seated on

this planet

the race was called the Turaneusiams


they were a very

very special race

they were kind of like the babies of the


the Turaneusiam race was created

by taking the genetic strains of

all of

the other type of beings

that existed

within all

of the other

dimensional systems and harmonic


taking them and splicing together


best of the best

in order to form a super prototype

and what the beings who created us

wanted to create

was a species


could embody

not only a soul

but an oversoul

it could

embody the consciousness

of 12 of the 15 dimensions

most body forms

either here or in the

second harmonic universe

can only embody within them

a certain amount of

energy identity

after a certain amount

of energy identity is added in

the gene code can’t tolerate anymore


that’s when the form of transmute the

consciousness would move


and evolve into a state of pure

consciousness being

where it no longer

needed a biology

the Turaneusiam race

was created to be a

living library

for the 15-dimensional M

it would


the gene codes of 12

within biology

would contain 12 levels of dimensional


and there were contributors of i think

they said about several

hundred million different species


gene code product

to create this new


this species was viewed as

God Like

we were created

to eventually

become creator Gods

and we were revered highly

by those

other extra terrestrial

and second

harmonic civilizations

who wanted to see themselves be able to

expand and evolve

beyond their own

potentials of their species

so we were

created with a lot of high hopes

and the Turaneusiams are who

we originally were

this is a surprise to most people

because most people don’t even know the

second harmonic universe exists

so about 560 million years ago the

universe got together

if you want to

look at it that way

different biologizes got together and

contributed their genetic material

to create this super race of beings

and they succeeded

they created the

Turaneusiam race

they were second harmonic beings

there were gender delineations at

certain periods of time

there were other

periods of time when there was no gender

to them they did not reproduce by

mammalian means as we do

they produced through energy replication

they didn’t need to do the mammalian


they were a very

very special breed

in the sense that they had

12 strands of


we have two strands of DNA

can you

imagine what it might mean

to have the potentialities of 12 strands

what abilities would that give us

what would our minds be like

what would our comprehension

our power

our what would we be like

with 12


compared to what we know ourselves as

now we would be God like

we would have abilities that we could

only dream of having now

and that is what the Turaneusiam race

did have

making sure the energy balances of the

whole planetary system

stayed intact

they were responsible for

creating harmonious relationships with

the other galaxies and the other planets

in the galaxies of the second harmonic


because there were many unlike

it is here

in the first harmonic universe


our solar system

within the Taran solar system

there were many active

extra-terrestrial civilizations

and it was just a much larger

intergalactic community there

the Turaneusiam were raised to become

mediators between species

because they have the genetic codes that

should enable them to be able to

identify with every species

so, they had

a big job

to play they were supposed to be


they were supposed to be


they were really supposed to

help the harmonious evolution of all

species in the universe

we are basically an extra-terrestrial

gene code

and that is very amazing to many people

because we’re taught to believe that

extra-terrestrials don’t exist

and when it comes down to that is saying

we don’t exist because we are the


we just happen to be

residing for the last

many millions of years on planet Earth

it is important to understand

our connection to the stars

because it’s

not just a hypothetical thing

it’s not

just an astrology thing

it’s a literal thing

that’s happening in

our gene code

and a part of our genes in

the little tiny filaments that

compose our genes

vibrate in the same way

that certain of

those star clusters in our sky


there’s a direct energetic link

and it helps us to

create a sense of Home

when we realize


we start to

feel really connected to the universe

when you start to realize that part of

your own self

and you can feel it

it’s an intuitive


but you can feel it there

once you

start working with it



Just for a moment…

I need to share this with You hoping You could share this Experience with me.

When I read the VOYAGERS-II

I am filled with the Sweet pain of remembering,

a rare mixture of Joy and Sorrow.

I follow the words written on the pages and I can see the words; I see pictures, forms and movement. Like a Movie.

In that Movie I can follow without any difficulty; How the Organic Evolution have had to FIGHT to manage to Follow Up the Right Steps to bring about the beautiful Creation of the Original God Source.

How the different Races were appearing, multiplying, going through the transformation, changing forms to manage to pull through the Ultimate and Unavoidable Creational Flow.

When following the words transformed into images

I feel I can’t Breathe.

I feel a Clump in my throat

My Heart is squeezed into franticly shivering Being, as if IT is reliving those circumstances.

When following the continuous Fight to protect that, which is The God Source Creation, against the Powers who only exist to Stop the Evolutionary Advancement.

For their own Un-Godly reasons.

My eyes are tearing up and I keep on repeating silently

“I remember,

I know how it WAS.

And how it IS.”

I could feel every twist and turn in my body,

in my emotions and in my Soul.

Whether it was “me” who was participating

in one shape or form

is irrelevant.

Or was it part of Me

that is US,

the Gender Twins

in the Over Soul level,

who remembers,

and I can feel it.

All I know is that I KNOW that part of me IS connected to those Beings who Fight for the Organic Evolution to burst through, no matter what.

From the Etheric Substance into more physicality; some of them still residing within the Minerals, and the Plant and Animal Kingdom.

Further on into Fantastic Beings of pre-human forms, highly more Advanced that we can remember, that we were,

taking into account the present state

which we are in now, as Being Human.

They Carried with them the 12-Strand DNA, like they were holding a Diamond within, never letting go…

Purposefully dividing themselves, half, and half, into Two Genders, before Materializing into more Physicality.

I could feel the Joy in that Movement because the Beings Knew they were carrying the Flame of the Creation with them.

And that is a Wonderful Feeling, which I can relate to.

I hope I could share this Experience with You

and double the Immense Emotions within me.

Give me a Tiny Sign,

that You do feel it too.

My Intentions in LIFE sharpens though this experience; any doubt that remains in the corners of what is

“I” get dusted away.

I want to be Part of That Movement.


From This Moment Onwards.

Nothing Else Matters.

The Movement Goes On

and Nothing Can Stop It.


BE the one to fly higher than anyone else for the Truth

About the One who dared to fly higher than anyone else for the Truth.



On a painted sky

Where the clouds are hung

For the poet’s eye

You may find him

If you may find him


On a distant shore

By the wings of dreams

Through an open door

You may know him

If you may


As a page that aches for words

Which speaks on a theme that’s timeless

While the Sun God will make for your day


As a song in search of a voice that is silent

And the one God will make for your way

And we dance

To a whispered voice

Overheard by the sould

Undertook by the heart

And you may know it

If you may know it

While the sand

Would become the stone

Which begat the spark

Turned to living bone

Holy, holy

Sanctus, sanctus


As a page that aches for word

Which speaks on a theme that is timeless

While the Sun God will make for your day


As a song in search of a voice that is silent

And the one God will make for your day



Are You A Wanderer?

I want to share with you the podcast about The Law of One, which is a good to study to understand this time of Spiritual Awakening and Ascension. It is a lot of material, so use your intuition which book the study. However it is advisable to study the material by starting from Book1.

Enjoy the Law of One Journey. – Padma


“I am Ra. The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.” (from session 4)

The Law of One material is a series of 106 conversations, called sessions, between Don Elkins, a professor of physics and UFO investigator, and Ra, speaking through Carla Rueckert. Ra states that it/they are a sixth-density social memory complex that formed on Venus about 2.6 billion years ago. Ra says that they are “humble messengers of the Law of One” and that they previously tried to spread this message in Egypt with mixed results.

The material was channelled by L/L Research (Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty) between 1981 and 1984.

RA is a 6 Density Being. RA landed 11 000 years ago to Earth, as extra-terrestrial mission, but left it because they felt they failed in it. (More in the Book of 1 Introduction)

The group had over 30 years of studying Spiritual materials, UFOs and more before starting this process. This process of collecting the RA Materials begin 1962 and continued over 19 years.

This is not an opinion, but downloads from numerous session.

This podcast was made by Pamela Mace, who say:

“When I was introduced to Law of One, I had already gone through my awakening, I just had not heart about this RA Material. It helped me to understand everything I had learned prior to this Material.

The Material is read by the computer voice. You can adjust the speed.



INTRO – please listen to it.

It will help you to understand all the other Law of One books. It is explaining the work of the group; how they started their work and why they got involved into this process of Scientific Experimental process.

“This book has the most information about RA and the Law of One Materials” D. Elkins.

Extra Terrestrials. UFOs. Paranormal Phenomena.

Science; we have no control over science.

Natural Law

And Much More



What is The Law of One.

How was the Creation Created.


Meaning of Universe


We don’t know Light unless you experience Darkness.

We don’t know Victory if you don’t know Loss.

How you can know what Good is if you don’t haven’t experienced Bad.

How we are All tied together.

What are Logos’es, how they began.

And Much More



About Infinity God.

Process of when we die.

UFOs, Space Travelling

Angelic Being, Light Beings, Rays, Helpers and Guardians.

Some additional charts available to be able to follow the explanations of Densities.

And Much More


Above is a link to a collection, like a search engine where you can search different subjects. It is fun to use it in a way where you can experience it answering to you about questions you had but weren’t aware of them.

Here are also links to how to order the Material in book form.

Home of The Law of One material, L/L Research is a non-profit organization dedicated to discovering and sharing information to aid in the spiritual evolution of humankind.

Presentation of the Research Group. Books and Seminars etc.

Necessary To Be Able To Keep Spiritual Secrets

Are you

In the moment of

Spiritual experience

Able to remain in it

And keep it as

Your own secret

Not having an urge to

Tell it to anybody?

Or do you tell?


Do not!

It is a test.

When you are able

To have that experience

And are without

An urge

To share it

With anybody


Almost as

Not with your own self

The little self…


You will pass!

And you will be

Given the secrets of

The Creation

You will be trusted

And then

You will receive wisdom


How to

Learn / Teach & Teach / Learn

I just did that

That is why


Writing to you about it

For a fraction of a second

I still did see my self

Formulate the experience

Into words

Saw the face of that person

I would share it with

It lasted

Only a fraction

Of a second

Then I caught

My self

By the SELF

And remained

In the experience

As long as

It lasted

Felt it in my bodies




I will never share it

With anyone

Not even