You see the dimension from the One Above it – From the Room with the View

What dimension Are We in? Are You in? AM I in`? We experience and see a dimension from The One Above it. So, you can see the 1st dimension from the 2nd dimension, the Emotional – elemental body. And the 2nd Dimension you can see from the 3rd Dimension, the Mental body. And So On… … Continue reading You see the dimension from the One Above it – From the Room with the View

Looking for You Within Myself and I

Please Listen Or not I don’t do the Minding anymore... The Way In Is the only way Out Long and Winding Road To the Mountain Top Now Here Searching for You Within I and My Self I came here as a Female Having my Soul In My Hand From the beginning Longing to Connect To … Continue reading Looking for You Within Myself and I

Agua Mi Hermosa – Beautiful Water Permission to Pray

I Flow with You In the Sacred Womb of the Cosmos, Safe On My Way Home, with You I AM Water, the Earth IS Water Mostly The Water Molecules in Me connect to the Water Molecules of the Earth And Further All the Love I can Gather, I release Onto You We Are Healed in … Continue reading Agua Mi Hermosa – Beautiful Water Permission to Pray

CDT Plate Inner Kristos Teachings & Keylontic Morphogenetic Science

CDT Plate Inner Kristos Teachings The Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Teachings, the Eieyani and the CDT-Plates The ancient MCEO (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) perspectives teach of the Inner Christos, or living God-spirit alive within all things, including the natural environment. “Inner Christos” philosophies are built upon understanding of what is referred to as the “Law … Continue reading CDT Plate Inner Kristos Teachings & Keylontic Morphogenetic Science

HOW MUCH CAN YOU LOVE KRYSTAL RIVER DANCE Part 5 of 10 Ashayana Deane ( STARTS AT TIMESTAMP 11:47 Excerpt from the Lecture with personal comments. HOW MUCH CAN YOU LOVE Are you aware that you must First of All look after Your own Soul, what ever the circumstances you are witnessing in the world? Don’t let your Pure, … Continue reading HOW MUCH CAN YOU LOVE


Dear Seeker & Adept, you are not alone – It is all your responsibility, but it isn’t your fault. Congratulations you have come so far! Humanity is not forgotten by other High-Density Beings! We are in the midst of Transition Time. ACTIVATION OF DNA ON PERSONAL LEVEL HAS PROMPTED ME TO INCREASE THE SERVICE TO … Continue reading ACTIVATION OF DNA – SERVICE TO OTHERS – TIMES OF TRANSITION

Reset In the Universe

What it comes down to is... For So Long have some Fallen Races, the ET Races or Other Dimensional Races been fighting over who get to be in Charge. Sounds familiar? If they successfully manage to Manifest their plans, it will cause a ReSet in the Universal Gates and Portals. Their Attempt is to cut … Continue reading Reset In the Universe

Angelic Humans do not know Death – Shadow Body Healing

Science has been teaching us and that some religions taught us pieces of before where we are in a hostile Universe that we are in a limited Universe – where we have to fight and compete for a limited amount of energy. Right now Our Shadow Body Hold 2/3 of our Energy And our Consciousness … Continue reading Angelic Humans do not know Death – Shadow Body Healing


The core substance of the Cosmos Is Consciousness. Thought is an attribute of Consciousness. Nothing IS truly solid. All things are composed of Consciousness observing the Form And the Consciousness Of which the Form Is made of Human Consciousness emerges Through an order Of Dimensionalization Which sets frameworks Within which the Interrelationships of Consciousness Can … Continue reading REALITY IS A THOUGHT CONSTRUCTION


THIS IS A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK FOR THIS NUTCRACKER Managed here to touch this On the Surface only. But here we go... To become a Sovereign Human Who increasingly expresses The Soul One must know Oneself And To Love Oneself To accept Oneself. I, like many others, often miss That feeling of Acceptance Don’t … Continue reading SELFLOVE VERSUS NARCISSISM

Jump out of the Bowl of limited Ideas and Identities

In taking responsibilityFor Your Own Emotional RealityAnd committing to the Healing and Evolution of your personal Being, you will emerge triumphant, one by one, into the palace of  your Awakened Identity. Then You can begin to call the others home. Your Species can heal, and it MUST, if it's continuation IS to BE secured. There … Continue reading Jump out of the Bowl of limited Ideas and Identities

Healing Through The Water With all the LoveI AM able togather I stretch my armsaround the Eartha Cradle SwingingGently SingingIn Whispers All IS WellChildRest in myArms 🫧🧜🏼‍♀️💦🪷✨🌎 The WaterMoleculesIn my BodyInduced WithOmni LoveI connect toAll Waters And We Are HealedTogether 💦🪷✨💞 Reminding You of the article I published about this Subject. This is very Close to My Heart … Continue reading Healing Through The Water

Twin Flame – Let us talk about it, shall we

This IS aTopic that have waken up many contraversies. In ALL. Ridicule Rejection Irritation Arrogant dismissiveness Depression Self Blame Putting Your Self Down Putting Your Self Up Above Others Defensiveness Demonic Attacks Manipulations Illusions Hopefulness Longing Devotion Distortions And Opening of Heart Chakra Love Finding Your Authentic Self Honesty Knowing Your Self Increasing Capacity to … Continue reading Twin Flame – Let us talk about it, shall we


THE ANGEL INTERACTING WITH YOU IS YOU IN THE FUTURE The veil is thin now,  do you feel it? When someone close to you have transited, especially when you haven’t been in touch “physically” lately, seems to still be “around”  For some “time” at least. In many cultures they call  OUR ANCESTORS those family members … Continue reading THE ANGEL IS YOUR FUTURE SELF

ANGER and other things

There are Lot Of Reasons to feel Anger at this time of our lives here. Unimaginable things happening. Unbelievable revelations of Truth, day after day. There is an Urge in us Humans to do something to change this Tide which appears to be a Fall...🤸🏼‍♀️💫 What does it mean, the Fall? The Fall of EVERYTHING … Continue reading ANGER and other things

THIS I AM too – Hummingbird

It game to me At the Time of turmoil and "darkness" The Times Of Great Tests by The Universe The God Source Self When I was Initiated into a Fast Speedy Awakening It still carries me Other Animals bring messages too in the Magical Now continually I have always been communicating with the Great Spirit … Continue reading THIS I AM too – Hummingbird

What Do I Know?

This Life PathsJourney Moving from Choice to next Choice So little do I Know with each step, where I AM... This NOW already Gone, when You think of it... Asking Question Where Do I come from forms an answer which is a Memory Construction in the Now What IS it I choose to SEE and … Continue reading What Do I Know?


Collection of Poems from Listen. Silence Speaks – Language of Silence DOUBLE EDGED ⚔ It is Proof We are in the Prison Planet. We don’t know who is meeting Us Out There And Within When we Reach, Seek, Expand and Start our Journeys to Higher Parts of Our Selves. To Kristed Self. Being suspicious and … Continue reading DOUBLED EDGED SWORD ⚔


To Live Every Moment All In Believing I AM Being that I See there IS a Gap To Reach To Expand Deeper Deeper Deeper Every Moment IS Sacred Encapsulating the Miraculous Which is Natural When Living ALL IN Letting Go All That Binds Me to Dabbling Life People Places Attachments That is Nothing… Preparing for … Continue reading ALL IN or NOTHING


Messages On the Go When the Veil Is Lifting And the Reality Reveals Itself Every Moment One Step At the Time You See The Truth It is Painful At First Then You Feel How Your Heart Responds With More Love Intimacy to Your Self And Your Truth Make A Choice At that Very Moment Not … Continue reading NON-COMPROMISING SELF