Looking for You Within Myself and I

Please Listen Or not I don’t do the Minding anymore... The Way In Is the only way Out Long and Winding Road To the Mountain Top Now Here Searching for You Within I and My Self I came here as a Female Having my Soul In My Hand From the beginning Longing to Connect To … Continue reading Looking for You Within Myself and I

Twin Flame – Let us talk about it, shall we

This IS aTopic that have waken up many contraversies. In ALL. Ridicule Rejection Irritation Arrogant dismissiveness Depression Self Blame Putting Your Self Down Putting Your Self Up Above Others Defensiveness Demonic Attacks Manipulations Illusions Hopefulness Longing Devotion Distortions And Opening of Heart Chakra Love Finding Your Authentic Self Honesty Knowing Your Self Increasing Capacity to … Continue reading Twin Flame – Let us talk about it, shall we

What Do I Know?

This Life PathsJourney Moving from Choice to next Choice So little do I Know with each step, where I AM... This NOW already Gone, when You think of it... Asking Question Where Do I come from forms an answer which is a Memory Construction in the Now What IS it I choose to SEE and … Continue reading What Do I Know?


INNER & OUTER FOCUS Part of the process of Spiritual Integration of our Higher Selves or Expansion of our Consciousness involves ―re-programming the way we think. Our thoughts create our reality and the life experience we have internally and externally. The Attitudes, when embodied and lived, will help to change our thought patterns. Living with … Continue reading IDEATIONS AND INTENTIONS FOR YOUR MEDITATION


BLESSED ANNIVERSARY One Year Ago I was Saved Pulled out from the Sea of Illusions I had Prisoned My Self in Prior to that Signs Synchronicity Dreams Made Now Sense I did make a Prayer A Cry to the Heavens From the Bottom of the Bottomless Sea Not really Believing Anyone will hear me I … Continue reading 29:11 BLESSED ANNIVERSARY


VISIONS – FUTURE IS NOT SOLID https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIhIc_ehSdU I occasionally And often Have these Clear Experiences Out of my body It is not A Dream Or Fantasy And Comes Spontaneously Not by Calling--- I have shown a Place Or a Situation It is like a Flash Of an Image Sound Emotion Accompanied With an Invisible Question … Continue reading VISION – FUTURE – I TAKE IT VERY PERSONALLY