INNER & OUTER FOCUS Part of the process of Spiritual Integration of our Higher Selves or Expansion of our Consciousness involves ―re-programming the way we think. Our thoughts create our reality and the life experience we have internally and externally. The Attitudes, when embodied and lived, will help to change our thought patterns. Living with … Continue reading IDEATIONS AND INTENTIONS FOR YOUR MEDITATION


BLESSED ANNIVERSARY One Year Ago I was Saved Pulled out from the Sea of Illusions I had Prisoned My Self in Prior to that Signs Synchronicity Dreams Made Now Sense I did make a Prayer A Cry to the Heavens From the Bottom of the Bottomless Sea Not really Believing Anyone will hear me I … Continue reading 29:11 BLESSED ANNIVERSARY

It is Our Duty To Be Able To See

FRIDAY HEART GYMNASTICS - Getting Ready already - It is Our Duty To Be Able To See Feel The Beauty Despite... Yes, I do Know It is Almost Too Sweet But it is a short video To Feel the resistance discover the basic similarity in All Original Humans We ARE LOVED Every single Moment More … Continue reading It is Our Duty To Be Able To See

When Loved Unconditionaly

We are healing ourselves, the distortions, to become fully what we are. In that process there comes a time, when you realize that you have been Loved all the way, through thick and thin, by those who know you from the Soul level. They have loved you Unconditionally. Even though you have lashed on them … Continue reading When Loved Unconditionaly