The Family Tree of The Breath Of Life

WE are Padma Alba & The Other Ones.

We are happy to meet you and join our Group of The Tree Of God Collective. We are Souls who are spiritually connected and work together in different ways according to our personal Mission joining our “Super Powers” into Collective Field in Service To Others. We are living in different parts of the World joining together in Higher Levels.

Our work is to connect with the Krysted Source and we are Seeking to Breathe the Breath of Life which God Source is Breathing In…. and Out…. every passing moment.

Join us and Seek to Breathe The Breath of Life, together.

We are working to bring All Our Selves in different Densities into One Self.

This platform is growing and enlarging itself according to our own Expansion into Our True Selves.

Join us to Strengthen the Collective Shield of Humanity, Planet Earth and All Beings living here from the smallest atoms to 1D and 2D Beings.

We will learn to know each other…

We will link here our New YouTube Channel and other Social media links.


We have started a new Bitchute channel and will publish videos there soon…



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