BLUE FLAME MEDITATION – Ashayana Deane 1999

Our Spiritual Growth

Is the process of Expansion

From the Present Personality

Into The Soul

And further into the

Over Soul

And Beyond…

Yes, you do have

A Soul,

Have you forgotten it?

Now is the Time

To Start being aware of

Your Soul.

And go ahead and

Communicate with it, don’t you think?

It CAN be explained as

Collecting the necessary

Keylones, crystallized particles

Of Light and Sound

Born out of

The Pure God


The Kryst Consciousness

is Your 12th chakra,

in 12th Dimension.

Way to go…

Each one of Us has

A “package” of Keylons

With us for this Life

To Manifest the Soul Plan

We made before entering

This Dimension

If you are a Soul

Aware of that Plan

Not forgetting it

You will increase the

Amount of Keylons

And expand into

Greater Awareness

Of your Multidimensional


Towards God Consciousness

If, however

You choose to use

The Free Will principle

Of God’s Creation and

Forget your Soul Purpose

Wondering around through

Different so called “Karmic” experiences

Your Package of Keylons

Will be shattered or in other words

Shared between these

“Outside the Original Plan”

Experiences of the Self.

What is interesting is

That each “Dream about probable Selves”

Will create a Physical manifestation

In the same Time Matrix

So don’t be surprised

To meet someone

Who in a horrible, shocking


Resembles yourself in

Far Too many ways

To be brushed away

As coincidence

Your Soul Family

Is waiting for you

They are 12 members sharing

Different Dimensional experiences

All together 144 of You Own Selves

So, we are never ever alone.

If One of those 12 members manage

To collect enough Keylons

And advance to the Higher levels of

Physical Existence in 4-6th Dimensions

And Move to the lower

Levels of Higher non-physical Existence

7th Dimension and beyond,

It will have a Ripple effect to those

Other Soul Family members

Who then will have a easier

Journey to travel.

They will be Pulled Energetically

So, lets hurry up

And Collect our Keylons

To Move ahead

Come in touch with our

Soul Selves

And move beyond


Ashayana Deane

Amenti Series 1 Glass 3

MCEO Keylontic Science

Bio-Spiritual Techniques

PS. The sleep time preferences

Is part of the plan to make you weak.

You don’t need the 8 hours.

The more you know about

Your Soul and Integrate as much as

possible into your

Physical Body

Less you need to Sleep.

Listen to your body and Self,

not the “books”

The Unconscious part of you has

Become part of the Consciousness.

How about great mind

Like N. Tesla

They said he slept 3 hours at nights

And was actively using his

Body / Mind / Spirit Complex

During the waking hours of the Day

And we know it…

Meditation starts at 29:00 min

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