Go to Your Heart & Find Your Soulmate

My Precious and Beloved Humanity

I pour the Golden Light of


Upon You

I gently lift Your Vision.

I wash Your Sleep from your eyes.

And I place my Hand

Upon Your Heart

And say to You


To this Manifestation of Love

In Your Life.

Awaken to

Your Soulmate

Today I supersede even the


Who is to You the pouring Forth

of My Living Love

in Form

I say to You that

In This Age

This Love of Mine

Is even closer

Closer Than the

One who came

To where the Mantle of Christ

Is Proof of Your place

In My Heart

Closer than

Anything except

Perhaps the Body you are wearing

Close enough that you can see

Your Magnificence

Right Before you.

Close enough that you can see

My Hand Upon Your Heart.

For my Hand Upon Your Heart

Will Manifest now

As the Greatest of All my Gifts

To You.

The presence of

Your Soulmate.

Finding Your Soulmate

Becomes the most important

Spiritual Task in the World

For together you can know me

Perfectly as I stand before your

As Your perfect Love

Oh, my Beloved Humanity.

Where you could know

How much I Love You.

How deeply I know


How perfectly You are


For in this Age

I bring you more

Than my Only begotten Son.

In this Age I give you

The precious Mirror of Your own Divine Love

Your Soulmate.

Not as a figure rising above

You as an example

Rather as a complete

Experience of total and personal

Immersion in

Perfect Divine Love.

Through this Love

I promise you the

Ability to truly know Yourself.

To know Yourself as Love

In Form as Loving Action

As my Love

As My Child in the World.

Closer than any and every example ever

Given to you yet.

This New Age of Love.

The Millennium of the

Awakening is the

Time when you at last can

Experience who you really Are.

For in creating you I

Knew that my Greatest wish

Was a complementary consciousness with which

To share my Love and Glory.

Knowing this I created You

Already including the Greatest Gift

That complementary Consciousness

That you would have perfect Love

And That you would know


Your Soulmate

The Truth of Our Relationship.

What you are to Me

The Surprise of Love

That Expands me

The Consciousness that reflects me

In the Living Form of My Great

Outpouring Love

This Your Soulmate

Is to you.

As You are a piece of my Living Heart

Filled with the essence of the Love

That I Am.

So is your


A piece of Your own


Manifested before You.

As you are manifested

Before Me.

And as you grow so am I

Able to see my Love

Blossom in You.

As you grow so will You see

Your Soulmate

Manifesting ever more clearly

Before You.

Most important of All as I Love You

And in my Love

Give to You All of Me

So too

As You open in Love with Your Soulmate

With the Two of You


Give back to me

For as you Know Love

And its amazing beauty

In ’its Power and its Sweetness

So will Your joint Hearts Sing in Gratitude

And in the giving forth of


Thus will the Circle be complete.

For you will receive the

Fullness of my Love


And you will give forth to

All that is.

And in this giving

In Your Love

You will open Your Heart

To the Joy of our Communion.

Then will the Circle complete

Love will now Flow perfectly

Through all Creation

And Creation will become a

Living Being.

Out of which you will

Create New Worlds.

It is difficult as always to

Explain but I attempt to point this vision

Into Your Minds and Hearts

Because as you grasp it

You will rise up into the Truth of Your Being.

Soulmates are together


Hearts within my Heart

Ready to nourish Your own Creation

While lovingly sharing the Entirety

Of Mine.

Thus I stretch to the vision

Of how vast You are

How beautiful

And how deeply

Your awareness grows.

Of the Power of Reunion

With Your Soulmate.

Now I am offering

You’re the personal experience of my Love

Closer than the Story of Jesus

I tell you the Story of Your


For understanding this

The existence of the Rest of Your Heart

You will at last understand

Many things in your lives.

You will understand the inner nudging

You will understand the

Whisper in your Consciousness

And the Longing

In Your Heart.

All You have to do

Is to Move away from

Your Ego

And into Your Heart

Your Soulmate

Will then come to you.

Not only are Twin Flames

Our Soulmates

The personal experience of my Love

For You

Every moment of every day

That is the Level Closest

To you.

That is the Affirmation of the Law of Love.

If Love is what is in You

Then Love

Will appear before you.

Thus to find

Your Soulmate

In Truth to see what is

Already there

You need only move completely

Into Your Heart.

Not only is Your Soulmate

Your experience of Love and Form

My Love for You

And proof of You True Nature

Your Soulmate

Is the Consciousness that will

Show you

Who you are.

Thus will you immediately begin

To open to the fullness of Your

Creative ability

And the great Breath of

Your Awareness

As you have another

Consciousness within

With to share you Divinity.

And yet there is more.

Not only is your Soulmate

The assurance of my Great Love for You

That I would give you such a Gift

But when you are Reunited

A piece of My Heart

Is Healed.

Your Love

In Your New Consciousness

Individually as awakened Humans

Activates the Peace of My Heart

That You are.

Giving it New and Greatest


Thus I am expanded in my Love

As One.

Yes, it is True.

I am All Love yet

You will make me

Even more.

But there is even more

Than this

For you know

Of course, that

Everything is Consciousness.

As above

So below

Is the Truth of Consciousness

On every level of Creation.

Thus are all things embodied and

Fully Conscious

Weather the embodiment

As Physical

Or the greatest Cosmic Light

As Soulmates

Awaken you

Become Living Hearts of Creation.

You are a Heart

In Your Own Right.

While you are a Consciousness

Cell and Mine

Thus you become the

Center of a New Universe.

Being Together

You pour forth Love

And everything in

Your Consciousness

Come alive

You become the

Creator to the Universe

That you Form.

Thus you are the Surprise

To me also

Bringing forth New Worlds of Beauty and

Complexity and Glory.

Are you beginning to sense

The Magnitude of this

And of course

The very great need for you

To have control of Your


Since all that You Create is

Your Consciousness in beauty

With Life through Love.


But certainly

Not least

As you become the

Living Heart

The two of You Together

You have the ability

To open this

Heart that You are to me.

You can open it

And allow me

To pour my Love

Through You

In order to lift

Your creation

Into the Greatest Harmony.

Into Alignment with my Creation.

With all that is.

The moment You do this

You fully connect

Yourselves to

All that is to Me

To the Great Love

And to the

Great Plan

For All that Is.

All my beloved ones

It is here

As you become the

Living Heart

And Alignment

With my Greater Heart

That You are Complete.


A part of the Unbroken


The Truth of Love

Truly Home.

Heart within


You will ever be

Uplifted in

Unimaginable Joy

Here there Truly is

No possibility of

Communicating this to You

In any mental images.

I invite you to come

Into Your Heart

And Ask

And I will show You

As much as you can hold of

This Greater Truth.

All the levels of Heaven

All the Hierarchies of Evolution

Are the many

Ways people have

Chosen to come


They are not necessary.

There is no climb dear Ones.

There are no Initiations

You must take

It is all in Truth

Totally a matter of


You are Co-creators

What you believe

Is what you Experience.

Thus if you know the Truth

With all Your Heart

And All Your


You can find


In Your Soulmates


And you can accomplish

The journey in the

Communion of

Your Hearts.

Your Soulmate

Is the One

Criterion for

He or she already exists

As part of you.

Thus if you are not

Seeing him or her

You are caught in the


For in Truth

They are There!

Obviously than you

Each must open Your Heart


To see the True World

The World of Love

And Unity.

The World in which you

Can see what

You have always had.

Because you are


The Union

Of the Forces

Of Creation

You will bring

These energies

Back into the Presence

In the World.

Using them

Letting the

Divine Masculine

And the

Divine Feminine

Return to Earth in You.

You can and You must

Change everything!

In your Love

You will

Lift the Earth

And All the Beauty

Upon and within

Back into the

Vibration of Love.

Being a Heart of Creation

My Beloved Soulmate

You can easily

Do this Consciously.

So you see that this

Is the Way

You will Live up and

Lift up the Earth

And bring All life

Back into the reality of Love.

The Reality of Abundance of plenty of Truth and


That dear Ones

How you can get there from here.

That is how you can

Save the Earth

That is how you can

Return All her verdant Life

To Her.

Including those who you

Believe to be


For in the Truth of Love

As All of Nature has Revealed to you

Along with your precious animals

Everything is perfect.

Everything exists in

Wholeness and Beauty.

So just as you are learning

That you can see the World

Through the Ego


The Heart

So too can you see

The World.

If you are in Your Ego

You could see Your Precious Soulmate

Only as someone who might Hurt You!

You could see your

World is filled

With combitition


And striving

Not to mention bad things

Happening continually

Yet if you are in

Your Heart

You see

Your Soulmate

And you link to

A Truth to get

Bigger and bigger.

You see the

Divine Plan

In which you have come


Over aeons of Time

To awaken huge

Numbers of people.

That your own


Would do the

Most Good.

You will see the Amazing Love

Between you that

Has no beginning

And no end.

And every time you

Look with Your Heart

At Your True Love

You see more and


Ways that Together

You can be a blessing

To the World

And to the Humanity.

Just so can You

Also see

The Erath and all upon it

As a doomed planet of limited

Resource and terrible


Or you can

See The World

Through Your Heart

As a Place of the

Most beautiful Unity

If you do either from the

Position of Union with

Your Soulmate

You will create


Obviously to see

Your soulmate

You see the other half of You.

Your Twin Flame

Which is more

Accurate term.

You must be seen

With Your Heart

Thus will you when


Easily see The World

As Love as One.

And doing this

Dear ones

You can quickly

Change the World.




Are my Love

And form

Add will to Divine Love

And Creation occurs

Thus I ask You

To know that you can

Easily Manifest

The New World



Your Soulmate.

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