KRYSTAL RIVER 10 – Forgiveness and potentiality to Slide to Ascension


Part 10 -The Aurora Spanners conference Peru 2007

The Journey Part 1 & 2


According to MESSAGES from the Guardians, the physical beings from the Future and Higher Frequency translated by Ashayana Deane MCEO Freedom Teachings.


VIDEO including Krystal River Voyage to the Ascension Earth Receiving Station (Journey)


New version Krystal River Prayer

Forgive them

For They don’t know what they are doing

Some of them Do!

And we forgive them anyway.

If they do what they do,

Serving the Anti-Krystic forces,

It shows Illness of

Mind & Spirit

You wouldn’t judge an Alzheimer’s patient.

Who do maybe terrible things

Because they are not in control of their

Body and Mind.

Who are the ones holding

Custody of the Whole Picture.

It is us.

The Krysted Beings.

We are fortunate, we have a Gift.

The Forgiveness of Love

Is The Gift we want to bring through.

We can always change our Plans

If there is a danger

To our Krystic Life.

They thought that

We will not know about this.

But we do know!

Their Great Dream,

The Fall Agenda is in process.

Yet we don’t keep hostility

And show spiritual Maturity.

We will turn around the

Black Hole Agenda.

It will also benefit evolutionarily

Some Fallen Ones.

The Ascension Gates

Will open again.

Not All of Them.

But Enough of Them.

And we are helped

By other Krystic Beings.

Especially those

From the Earther.

If you experience hostility

It is not personal.

It is just that you

Are standing on their way.

We are an obstacle to

Anti-Krystic Agenda.

These teachings are not about

Lots of promises

Or learning to accept Death and Do It Well.

No, there is still Potentiality

To Slide through the Ascension


There is the Natural

Breath of God

Inhale back to Source and

Resting, if you will

And then

Exhale into Manifestation

Cycle again.

Krystic Beings here

And other places

Are Many, Many more

Than the Fallen Angels

Acting out here.

A Massive Amount of

Good Beings. Huge amount.

Remember this!

It looks like we are outnumbered.

We Are Not!

It just looks like that

Because we are middle of it here.

And may lose the sight

Of the Big Picture.

“The View from the Room With The View”


“The Silent Strength of Eternal Grace”

“Expressed NOW and In this place”

“Loving comfort, peaceful Solace” (in face of)

Disharmony, suffering, spiritual challenge ass condition

May be or is in present experience.

The Silent Strength of Eternal Grace. Expressed NOW and in this place.

Perpetual Renewal, by the means or way of Eternal Living Light.

A Stoic, Noble Stance I will hold appropriate or in perfect Bearing.

In context of the Circumstance around me.

The Power of my Burning Passion, to be enacted or brought forth through

Spiritual Love, Reverence, Loving Respect.

The unknown or uncertain circumstance, will be met.

Calm Bravery, Self-Reflective Clarity.

Great Patience & Tolerance.

Absolute, Unshakeable Conviction.

Affirmation or Statement

The Will to

Being in a fully

Kristed Existence.

Ashayana Deane Art – Layers of Dimensions

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