Length 17 min

Reflections & Meditations in the Nature with Music

Happy to Be back for the Walk & Talk after a short necessary Pause 😊

In this Video

  • Shadow Dancers – Artificial Veil
  • Shadows becomes Your alias
  • See “Both Sides of the Coin”
  • Mirrors – “As it is Above, so it is Below – As it is Below, so it is Above
  • Free from Victim – Victimizer Polarity; it is for Your Initiation.
  • Time is an Illusion
  • Discern and Stay in the Middle of the “Vortex”Discern and Stay in the Middle of the “Vortex”

Hope you enjoy the Walk.

Let me know your Reflections too and if you have questions, contact me, I will be happy to communicate with you.

Padma Alba

Breathe The Breath Of Life

Music: Peder Helland – Quiet Road

Time is Simultaneous

In order to understand the dynamics involved in time shifts, it is helpful to realize that the structure and illusion of linear time is created through the pulsation rate of particles and their relationship to that of other particles.  Through the processes of planetary evolution which entails the pulling in of frequency patterns of its respective Dimensions into it’s Morphogenetic Field, the illusion of the passage of time is created.  In actuality time is not linear, but simultaneous.

Time exists as a Unified Field of particles pulsating at various rhythms and spinning on various angles of rotation, through which the illusions of manifest space and linear time appear to individuated identities, as we bring segments of the Unified Field of particle substance into view by moving our consciousness through portions of the Unified Field.  Time does not move consciousness moves itself through the Unified Field of the Time Matrix.

When we enter Time Acceleration Cycles then accelerations come into our grids very fast preparing us to make time leaps.  This corresponds with faster Flash Line Rhythms which give the effect of speeding up time, which means the radiation units our matter base is made up of, oscillate at faster rhythms.  What would have once taken 2 years for us to accomplish in our lives may take 2 weeks to accomplish.

We are bringing into our bodies amplified Base Pulse Rhythms of a new Time Line in which we are beginning to co-resonate with.  To do this we need to release many miasms in order to anchor this new Time Line, which can bring up many issues in our lives to deal with.  As challenging as these experiences can be they offer opportunities to heal our Hologram and if seen in this light are much easier to move through.

We live within the limitless field of the Cosmic Consciousness of God-Source and God resides always within us and around us, for we and all manifestation are composed of the Divine Substance, the living, intelligent units of the Consciousness of God.   Time is also the intelligent Units of the God Consciousness.  Time is a spiral of the Consciousness of God itself which moves from the Core of Creation expanding out into the Manifest Worlds, then spiraling back into Source bringing with it knowledge through experience.  Source learns through the experiences we embody on our journeys through space and time.

It is within and through the Radial Body Structure that we experience our 3 Dimensional Manifest Reality and our Time Clock within the Hologram.

The Horizontal Harmonic Shield is also known as the Shield Clock.  It is known as the Shield Clock as it is the shield/disc upon which the Life Force Currents spiral into and out of, expanding our Radial Bodies and Morphogenetic Fields giving us the perceptual experience of time passing.


We have learned how to heal the Shadow Dancers and their cording.  How did they cord?  They cord through Arcs of energy that are coming through unnatural bent vortex alignments that were coming through the shields.  This was done through the misaligned 23.5 tilt of the planets vertical axis which has been used as a Harness Field in order to siphon energy off of not only our planet but our personal anatomy as well. 



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