You are 144 Chosen One



Hear this. And don’t mind Focussing; it is through a POINT, like an Eye of a Needle, that we find our way OUT to Freedom and Expansion.


The Creation was “fired up” into manifestation as


All Reality Is Taking Place in ONE FIELD


The best way to talk about GOD and CREATION is with Mathematical Codes.

BUT, before you stop reading, because you really don’t like this word mathematics (you know, school and it was boring etc.) hear me out.

THEY ARE MATHEMATICAL CODES WHICH ARE CONSCIOUS. They are ALIVE. More Conscious than you and me at the moment.

Including being filled with LOVE, the building material of the Creation.

You can Hear the Codes. And See the Symbols as beautiful forms.

Just to remind You:

There are 15 Dimensions in this Time Matrix.

From 12th downwards is the Individuation levels, where The Kryst Self is in the 12th.

We have 12 Strand DNA build in our biology. Each Strand equals to each Dimension.

The Original TRINITY in Creational Process forms Keylons, crystalized SOUND/LIGHT Particles, also called FIRELETTERS.

Each DNA strand has 12 FIRELETTERS; the Standing Scalar Waves , the Manifestation.

DNA activation = FIRELETTERS Activation.


12 x 12 = 144!

BUT, according to “mainstream” science there are Cherries that have more chromosomes than Humans. And Tree Frogs… There goes the “Top of the Chain” position. But is very Convenient for “SOME” that we believe this programming.

There is a distortion in our DNA, our Chromosomes.

Our DNA / Chromosomes are not only turned off, but they are mutated.

This is how it can be explained:

Receptivity for frequencies for Dimensions 12, 11, 10 and 9 are totally shut up in us.

8 remaining ones are cut in half, of those 4 remaining Codes are functioning only partially. No wonder we are struggling to RISE ABOVE THE FALLEN FREQUENCIES and MANIFEST.

What ever you are trying to manifest in that mutated state will be 1/3 aligned with what you want, 2/3 will be what you don’t want. The “what you don’t want” influence comes through your Shadow Body.

So, why this story about 144 000 “chosen people”?

Does it sound like a plan of the Unifying CREATOR GOD.

No! People are competing now who is included and who is left out…

That sounds like a nice An..uN.aki philosophy, which it is.

Like everything else at the moment. To keep us as prisoners in this Time Matrix and “hopefully for them” end up in Phantom artificial Matrix as Food for them, who cannot feed from within, from the Source, like WE DO.

Why do we forget Who We Are, Where We Came From and Why Are We Here?

You Avatar Self send D-12 frequency to anchor into the FOETUS, your Vehicle during Your Earthly Journey. They are anchored into the first 8 Cells which are in the Tailbone.


Planetary Merkaba is reversed too, so anybody who ENTERS the Biological body will be downgraded to fit the Frequencies available.

Oh, you are always so negative, dear sister Padma.



When we know that TRUTH WILL SET US FREE.

AND that there is HELP for us available. When we know our True Potential and KNOW that we CAN and WILL TURN THIS ALL AROUND with the Help from Some Good Friends. Find out about the techniques. Learn about your Metaphysical Structure and the Mechanics. And Use Them.

Yes, Truth Will Set Us free.

It will and it is doing it; when we stop fighting against it and stop choosing only the one that sounds convenient or is a Feel-Good-Truth.

I feel very GOOD after facing the Illusions which peals of the layers of Falsehood in me and reveals the DIAMOND within.
And finally, I will be able to KISS THE FACE OF GOD.

Almost there… I will not let you know when I arrive there, because I will not be here to tell the Story.

I Wish so much we could Arrive There together…

Despite of Everything Going On, we are to remain in the STATE OF GRACE. There is no judgement in that state. It doesn’t go through FORGIVENESS, because once you ask / give forgiveness you are not in GRACE; you are in the Field of Judgement.

It is for our Protection.

We Thank You.

Ashayana Deane Dance for Life.

Downloads from the Guardian Founder Races.

Keylontic Science, MCEO Freedom Teachings

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