Emerald Covenant Freedom Teachings

Christos Founders Emerald Order Melchizedek Cloister Personal Spiritual Mastery Course Reinstating Personal Divinity All materials are translated from the ancient MCEO “Cloister·Dora·Teura Plates", or CDT-Plates and the original MCEO Azurite-Maharaji Eieyani Maharata Texts of Inner Earth. Cloister·Dora·Teura Plates" were manufactured in 246 OOO BC. The CDT·Plates are real, physical objects that have been kept in … Continue reading Emerald Covenant Freedom Teachings

You are 144 Chosen One

144 - TRUTH IS ALWAYS SOMETHING ELSE So, Hear this. And don’t mind Focussing; it is through a POINT, like an Eye of a Needle, that we find our way OUT to Freedom and Expansion. 144 The Creation was “fired up” into manifestation as VOID – SOUND – LIGHT All Reality Is Taking Place in … Continue reading You are 144 Chosen One