Come Walk With Me – Meditative Moment in the Nature Together

The Walk 6.8.2022

  • Shorter Video 15 min 23 sec.
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Come Walk With Me

Take a Break – Unwind – Breathe The Breath Of Life

I wish to share with you these Simple Moments of Reflections over the Path of Life, as authentic as possible, in these Walk in the Nature.


  • Pathless Path Authenticity – Honesty – Transparency
  • To Break Free – Letting Go UNITY Judging
  • Discerning Seeing the Shadow Self in the Mirror – Great!
  • Dance of Duality Lightworkers – Who are they? What is to Work for Light?

Let’s Go…

When I am starting each of these Walks, I tune in to the COLLECTIVE, through Inner work and through the connections I have in the world, social media and friends. I tune into the HIGHER STATE OF MIND d and LISTEN.

What you give your Attention to IS EXPANDING

Somebody said, you are blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful place. It is my choice, yes. I am thankful for it.

After a Training and Learning period in life, I was Initiated and Activated. Finally, everything IS making sense and the puzzles of Life fall into places. The Picture is Starting to be Pretty Beautiful.

Together, united we bring the New World into manifestation. With the Help of The Benign Beings and Guardians.

The Walk in the Nature is a great way to Meditate and Let Go. And to Integrate it ALL.

What ever you experience in the World is about You. Everything.

It is important to release any build-up energies, blockages and tensions during these times of Acceleration of Oscillations. So that We Can FLOW and connect with the Source.

Also to be in the company of animals.

You will experience Unconditional Forgiveness & Love. And they are Great Mirrors!

We are here also to heal the Planet. Together. Nothing else really matters…for me…

So, join me into this Simple Shared Moments, to take a Breathing Break.

I call it to Breathe The Breath Of Life. Breath of the God Source.

So, let’s take a Walk… Together

Music: Peder Helland “TOGETHER” (licenced)

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*I started this new channel after I lost my other channel, it was deleted… This channel I want to use only for inspiration and these daily reflections.

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