Downloading 30.8.2022

The messages, guidance from the Higher Parts of You and Your Guardians “Come In” in the very experience of the NOW. Any delay can have the Original Message diluted or twisted.

It is a Security Clearance Issue.


And what does it mean?

I will make an attempt to bring this in the world of words for You. I do not like words in fact, they are so limited and can be twisted. But I do LOVE the words also when they Flow through me and I feel they have nothing and everything to do with me.

Just as starter I let you know what is happening in the NOW here. I am tempted to just lay down on the couch and Fly into the Other World by joining my Twin in a Blissful Dance of Joy. But I decide not to. That can wait until I have delivered this message as my Duty of Honour as Service to Other, which is the reason I am here too. And I need him here to support me to formulate the Idea in Words, which he is Mastering Beautifully when in the Flow. We have all Eternity for us to Dance Together.

Another thing I want to mention to you, which you can find great value in, is that at some point I got a LOUD notification about a message arriving to my phone. I sensed I shouldn’t open it; it was to distract me from the message. I will mention during this download, when it arrived, because it can have significance in what I was writing about in that NOW. I restrained my self and exercised self discipline, again. I DID however “peeped in” to check if my sense was correct, and by seeing who the sender was I knew it would distract me and probably cause me the loose the Silver Cord connection to deliver this message. It did “haunt” me after it arrived, but it gave me an opportunity to strengthen my WILL POWER and remain FOCUSED.

So, this was the Prelude for this hopefully Hopeful and Empowering message. Here we go…

Dive with me, since I am quite sure You will feel Shifted and Refreshed after You have finished reading this, which is what I wish for You wholeheartedly.


Anything arriving to your personality as an Idea through your consciousness is then and there openly published “Out There” in the WEB of CONSCIOUSNESSES.

The Fallen Ones will “read the news” in the Cosmic Web, Universal New Broadcasting. They will attempt to twist it immediately.

And so what, you might think. “I am not afraid of anybody” you might proclaim.

Yes, that in itself is a Good Thing, Your Fearlessness. But we must be “Smart as Snakes” yet Pure as Doves. You have heard this somewhere, no? Yes?

So let us be Smart and stop being Clueless. Yes, childlike Innocence is our Primary State in Kryst Self and the underlying strength in our Existence.

But it is misused by The Fallen Ones! We are all the Misused Children. Sounds familiar?

We have seen the Dramatic Games Played out in front of our own Eyes here. Those some of us call “On the White Side” do not proclaim their plans openly either but hide them behind codes. We must then learn to decode them. Immediately, when we have done the decoding, that information is “Out There” in the Open and in the World of Words of Everything Published. And that is it. We know it and “they” know it too!

The Game of Duality.

“But I am not in the Duality anymore” you might protest. Yes, you are maybe not, but the Ones you are doing service for ARE probably. Otherwise, they would not have any use of your Service.

And that is as far as I understand ALL OF US still, if you are in the physical body. Since we are in the biological bodies and on this Planet, which are both damaged with twisted codes so the True High Frequencies cannot fully get Downloaded. Believed it not, I recommend You consider it…

We are on our way to turn this around and situation is getting better from moment to moment. Hence the Work of Service. Mine is through these Words.

It all depends on us.

When I am writing this the ideas Drop Down very fast. I must be disciplined to catch them and put them down on a paper manually. It is a struggle still because I can see all kinds of “hands with dirty fingers” trying to mix into it and distract my work.

“They” are there immediately with some delay, which I got to use quickly, to pull the Idea Down before “they” get into it, whoever it is there and in that now, depending on the issue. They will attempt to cover the Idea into Wrap of Fog and Forgetfulness.

You see now what Procrastination all is about!

It is training to know when to be Spontaneous and respond immediately and when to restrain yourself and use discipline to say a Tender No!

Some Twin Flames are for this forced to communicate only through Feelings and Emotions, and possible if they are capable to do it, through Codes, when you must agree a common system to decode by. Twins can use Mental Images effectively.

“They”, the Fallen Ones, cannot see human constructed mental images according to my experience and understanding. They cannot create anything original, only to twist what is already created by True Godly Beings. They don’t have ability to visualize.

You remember when we were kids, we loved to play the games of Secret Language speaking in codes. Mine was “Bird Languages”. I learned the system quickly. My best friend cried to her father, complaining that she cannot understand what I am saying 😊It was all fun.

Yet I think it was Guardians giving us the training early on.

Why this Hide and Seek game in this Dance with the Breath of Life, when we “Know” it was not supposed to be this way.

Because “they” will do anything to put stick on your wheels. Anything in their power, which shouldn’t be underestimated either.

This is the Real Battle Now

Remember HUMans were created to REVERSE THE DISTORTIONS created “long time ago” by the Fallen Ones.

“they” cut themselves away from Alignment with God Source and the Krysted Path, misusing the Free Will principle, until it snapped. They end up being separated from the Source and can only sustain their existence by “eating” the Life Energy of other Living Beings especially the Krysted HUMans. Since WE have the coded Frequencies to Open up the Star Gates which “they” would like to “get” and make through manipulation, also genetic. This because they are not able to use them as they are since they have separated themselves from the Origin. But We can. So, they attempt to do gene manipulation to shift our codes as far as possible to fit them and in this way they can “incarnate” into HUMan bodies, which still has enough Krysted coding left to Manipulate the Star Gates for they own devious plans and agendas.

Oooh, it is such a long story and here it starts spreading in all directions, yet important places and I so much want you to get what I am supposed to deliver for You. Which is Everything.

The Main Point with this message is about Communication. Here is an example.

I was given by the Guardians a list of Countries to travel to physically to do the Grid Healing with my Other, The Twin.

It was just written in a piece of paper by hand. I do have a mental image of it by now. That list got lost during the struggles of 3D life, in my Transition from the Old World into the New World.

Someone, who in my understanding is in contact “with the other side” meaning the Fallen Ones got hold of it. So, in this way “they” have the list too.

This person does know the use of energies and frequencies too and conduct spiritual courses and healing etc.

Remember, the Fallen Ones are conducting the most of the “spiritual teachings” at this time of this Planet under Quarantine. The Great Awakening has arrived and was expected by all, also the Fallen Ones too. “They” want to utilize this time of Opening for “taking over” the Star Gates and turn them to black holes or destroy them and the Original “Organic” Krysted Evolutionary Step-Up Stares Back To The God Source.

You remember, they cannot sustain themselves and feed on other Living Beings, especially us.

No “good farmer” would let their cattle run away into freedom without a fight and will build “fences” etc to prevent it. For this HUMans at the moment are under amnesia and have lost their MEMORY of their TRUE ORIGINS.

Ooooh, I told you already. It is a Long Story and easily gets spread out more and more to Connect The Dots.

On the Other Hand, the Innocent Like quality of HUMans is their strength. That is how they are originally and that is the quality that can them Home to the Source.

So, spiritual Armouring IS important.

Back to the point I am attempting to make.

The list of Countries we should travel physically to for Grid Healing, to prevent those attempts by the Fallen Ones I just wrote about above.

I had a chat about this list with a Friend. This person is doing similar work with the Twin. I promised to send that list by email to her too; we are learning from each other.

In that moment I said it out loud I was Overshadowed by a Presence which is Heat and brings immediate Sweat out in my body. I have already learned to recognize this Presence as “The Guardians” I am in touch with. (Side note: per today Guardians are taking contact with many people, who are ready for it. Some are invited to Inner Earth; only some because we are still “spreading spiritual viruses” and it is important to keep the Inner Earth “Healthy” for our own Ascension too).

I got a sense of an images of STOP delivered there and then. I told this to this person too and I believe it was integrated. It is about the Security Clearance!

Since that particular list is now lost in the wrong hands, I believe that the list is also changed.

It was valid then and there for me to learn from how these things are done.

Now I understand more how to do this work for the Original Trinity.

We must be SMART on our Journey through this “Dangerous Grounds” we have arrived to by our own choice.

HERE ARRIVED THE MESSAGE TO MY PHONE, what I told you about in the beginning. And yes, it would have managed to throw me out of balance and maybe even dilute this message. So it was about this being Smart, which they were trying to stop me to talk about. AND the message was connected to the person who got hold of the list of countries and who is connected to “them”. This shows me I have some more work to do to clear out the Miasmas connected to this, and I will do it, so thank you, you are welcome.

You remember me talking about this Retreat of mine and Pause in the social media, that I do it to clear out some genetic Miasmas from a blood family. It was served to me in a Silver Plate; here you are, you asked for it. Not in a nasty way but deep going Miasmas. It was tough, I almost succumbed I feel, but I didn’t. The Twin was helping me. I was covered by the Good Krysted Energies to take me in and through. Now I am exhausted but So Happy. It is the Sweet Pain of the Truth, you know. You cry, but at the same time you are thankful for Seeing The Truth.


Which I want to Deliver as quickly as possible.

There are many teaching out there…

Big part of these teachings is from the A..Nu..Na..Ki Guys. They are here to disrupt the Star Gate opening. That is why this planet is Under Spiritual Quarantine. Since it is connected to Other Planets and Constellations in the Universe. We are All One, and “they know it”. So, blowing up or destroying One they will cause a Butterfly Effect, and Much more will Fall. Where we Go One, We Go All is a Spiritual Slogan. Also, the Fallen ones use it against us.

By the way, maybe some of You thinks why we need Star Gates. Don’t we have the system in Our Chakras and Silver Cord to GET OUT? Within.

Yes, we do, they are in fact same thing. And no, we cannot Ascend without them for that, according to my understanding and Experience. The Grids are damaged, some Star Gates are taken over already by the Fallen Ones. Our planet is damaged and has twisted codes and is struggling to Ascend and not Go into the Fall and Food for The Fallen Ones. We are here to help Her, The Planet, to Heal, because Her Transition will be Our liberation too.

You know, it is only in the Duality of 3D, where we can see “Internal” and “External” things. But already in the 4D you see they are the same. In 5D as One. And we are United there.

So, the Star Gates are Crucial for us now. Especially the Vortex created by the Founders Races in the Inner Earth, which will lead to the Star Gate 3 which is Our Sun and Onwards to Sirius B, Andromeda and so on. Some of you are Indigos etc and can use their way. But they too are trapped here but KNOW how to get themselves loose and help other too.

The Sun was damaged, and the Sun Flares happening are in fact caused by the Fallen Ones. They wanted to destroy it, but the Founders Races are doing counter attempts and managing to dilute the damages. So, we are safe. For now.

Sounds like a Science Fiction? It is! The Stories we have been told mirror the real happenings. It is in fact Science Fact. Science and Spirituality Beautifully Joined. Believe it or not, I recommend you consider the though. See if it is Cognitive Dissonance stopping you or what… We all experience it in different stages. It is also an attempt to stop You.


That is our weakness too, when used by the Fallen Ones.

“They” used that sense of Oneness through bringing popular teachers to “preach their gospel”. Or make them famous and seemingly popular to attract more people.

That is where our Inner Sense of Oneness is misused and become a weakness. Our longing Home is misused.

We have the sense of Oneness and through that we are gathered like Sheeps to bring to the Slaughter. Literally! The Sheep feels safe in a Flock, in a group with large numbers.

These “popular teachers” probably started with Good Intentions many of them. Either they were “selected before hand by “them” and lifted to the popularity to do the “dirty work”, without knowing it. Immediately at least. They might realize it and have a change to Jump Out. Some of them realizes it too late…

Their own codes will be reversed too much. BUT I believe there is help for them too. God Is Love. However, it will make the Road back Home longer if I have understood it correctly.

The Fallen Ones knows that we have a innate sense of Following the STARS. With this it was meant to Follow the True Heavenly Stars. FAs managed to twist many of the HUMans to believe it is wicked earthly stars we are to worship and follow. Because we are sheep in our longing for Oneness, we check how many followers this teacher has and if it is many, we join the flock. Can you admit that You do it too? I Did also… Not anymore.

So, these “spiritual teachings” by A—KI out there are attempted to make you feel you are in the Spiritual Path when their end goal is to “give you the ascension” but you ascend into a Black Hole.

No, no no no and one more no…

 I am not being negative and making you Hopeless and Depressed. But to Illuminate with these words, even though that word is also twisted by FAs, I will use it here. It is an attempt to Illuminate and bring in the LIGHT into the Dark Corners of Consciousness.

From that a Great Empowerment is born. BY YOU!

You need to do the Birthing.

The Midwives are Ready to assist You. You need to do the Pushing. The Breathing in and out in rhythm and to have Patience to be in the Still Point of Nothingness, in the Void Between the In and Out Breaths. It is the Breath of Life of the True Trinity.

That is why women has it easier in this Spiritual Awakening. They have this birthing in their biology. Because they also have the Special Code hiding in their Mitochondria which is connected to the Earth. And that is the reason why so many women feel to go back to the Nature and Connect with The Earth. They are Called. They can heal the Grids of the Earth if they choose so.

But MEN are the ones Igniting that Spark in the women Mitochondria DNA.

The Boys have to figure out the way to do it. How to ignite that Spark in the Woman. For starter you could bring them Flowers with Strong Intention in Your Heart. No, no it is no lame. Something happens in Woman Biology when this is done. I am confident it would work as a starting point. It has nothing to do with worship. That belongs to A..N…KI teachings. In Krysted teaching we are to worship nobody except the Inner Kryst and through it The God Source.

Try it. At least it can ignite a tiny Spark born in the Female by the Male. Then you know how it feels and you can Expand from there to new acts of Igniting More and More Sparks. This is how we Heal the World. Doesn’t it Sound Sweet. Yes, and i t might be easier than you think. The Creation is Basically Simple.


Because you know you must! When you realize is the matter of Dead or Alive….in a sense.

You Soul and Others are on the Stake here.

What you do or choose not to do on Your Personal Journey has an effect to Others, The Collective. We are connected. United here and above, until We Are One in the Source Level.


If All is Integrated the right way, we will understand not to Follow the Flock and Popularity.

WE want to remain Anonymous. Faceless. Nameless. Until further notice.

In my experience it is the So-called Quiet Teachers, with not many “followers” who delivers the Golden Eggs, helping truly to Move On to Right Direction.

We want to be Anonymous. I work like that too as far as I can. I am learning from the Masters here.

Since we have this Burning Fire in the Heart to Conduct the Great Work, to Participate in this Awakening, we do what we can to reach as many as we can. Each of us on our own way.

Because LEARNING is TEACHING and TEACHING is LEARNING, unless you do none of it, when you would have been of no use for your Self or Others.

~~~ Law Of One ~~~

Yours Forever



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