We are Candles – Rumi

Awakened Heart is like a Lantern.

Keep it sheltered from the turbulent Winds of Desire.

We are Candles

Lit by the Great One Flame.

The Breath of Life will not extinguish us

But on the contrary servers our Flame to blast


Here in the Temple of One Love

There is No Flickering or Smoke.

We are Natural

In Our purpose.

We are simply to Bring the Warmth and Lights of Love to Life.

We Dance

Yet we are Stillness.

We are in Flame

But we do not Burn.

That must be safeguarded.

In Truth it can never be extinguished.

It is the Light that never goes Out!

Even with such enduring Power

Our Recognition & Respect of This Flame

Is essential to Human development.

When the Flame is recognized for its Worth

It ceases to Flicker and Smoke

Becoming Very


In the Stillness

The Light can Fulfil its Destiny.

To Shine Brightly

As to Reveal Every Path.

Absolutely Clear and without

Wavering in the Fluctuations of

Fear and Attachments.

When we stop seeing Life as it is

Showing us in every moment

Engaging us as it is.

We become careless

With the Lights of the Hearts.

Our Huffing and Buffing

In the Force on something that doesn’t

Need to be Forced

Cause the Heart to Flicker and Waver.

This can make our Way Seem uncertain

And Doubts can crawl upon us.

As the Light is compromised

Into purpose.

We forget to Trust

In What Is!

Because we get

Caught up in

Attachments and Fear.

Rather Than Letting Life

To Move us

We try to Move Life.

There is a Way Forward

On Your Life Path.

That needs to be seen

By You now!

It would be helpful for You

To have that Clarity and Certainty.

Don’t Doubt!

What you are feeling

Deep in the Passionate

Love of Hearts Light.

It is True.

It is Real.

You are being led into it by the

Progress of Light Itself!

You must Trust in This!

Even at times if it seems that

You have been led away

From Your Vision.

You do not have to Create or

Control the Terrain

Nor to determine the Map

For the Journey.

You simply need to take each Steps that

Presents Itself

To you

In Each Moment…


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