Still relevant or maybe NOW relevant.

TIMESTAMP 53:22 – 57

and then some more…

Ashayana Deane

Krystal Rive 8 Peru 2007



Where to use your energy?

By the way

Photographs can be

Used as windows.

Let say

Ill-trained Shamans

And those kind of people

Who play with those things

They can access

Your Field through

Your photos

And mess with you!

That’s why

Many Native Cultures

Don’t want

You to take pictures

Because they say its

Soul Stealing!

Unless you

Know how to protect yourself!

– Time Stamp 01:01:00



It all comes down to

That we have a

Little problem on this planet

Its caused by the

Hibernation Zone People

They are very twisted

In mind and spirit

Hating them is not

Going to help

Is only giving

Them an anchor

So try to release

Any anger

Anger is a natural


When you see

What has been

Done down here

Its like The Matrix Movie


Its not a Science Fiction

It makes you

“Arrrggghhhh” angry!

But you don’t know where to point it to.

If you point it at these guys

You involve yourself into battle

With them.

They are hiding behind the rocks

That you can’t see


They can shot at you in the ways

That you don’t know yet!


Try not to

Engage with them.

You have now

Capability to learn your

Own Light Body Structure


You are learning

About the Planetary Light Body Structure.

You can say

What I am focused on

Is to get out here and getting

My original


Healed and back.

And helping other


That still can do that too.


What ever you guys

Want to do

Its up to you

But (tell them) “leave me alone”!

They are really

Trying to engage you

In stupid

Waste of energy.

You get you mind in lower Frequencies.

Little Mental




Just little Intellectual

Shooting Matches

They can say

Bad things about you

You have two choices

1. Defend yourself

2. “That’s your problem”

I am not going to even engage in it!

Don’t waste your energy!

Little Dramas

Suck energy from you.

You need all you

Energy for Rasha-AMora Body Activation.

Little things in life do matter.

Everything you do

Everything you think

Everything you feel

There is no middle way in this

It either serves the Kryst


Its opposite!

Whenever you think of something

Or about to do something

Ask, if it is service

To the Kryst

And the Kryst of my Self

And try to feel the answer.

Don’t listen to the

Yes and No answers

If you use words

You get involved with the

Hibernation zone

And they love

To talk to you in words.

And if They can

Channel right through your mouth

They will be glad to do it.

But what you need to do

Is to see

Is there a feeling


Behind every

Word stream

There is a feeling


That goes

To the direct


It is like million words

of understanding

In one field.

Direct cognition is where

You look for your answers.

Ask if this emotion

Or action serves the Kryst!

Just get the feel!


You can really become self-directing

When you realize you have

That directive force within you.

We bring all these things In

So that you can see the

Personal connections

To your spiritual


Because it is very personal

What you are letting you mind

To do


Not to do!

But it is very big

All the Starfire maps

And huge gate systems!

You learn the techniques and

Play with them

They will grow with you

Then you find

That your Advicer Person

Takes you to the

Other places

To show you things

You are curious about.


There has been

3 Seedings on this Planet

3rd one is Now because of the

Fallen Ones wiped out

The 2nd one.

The 2nd One was done

Because the

1st one was wiped out

(5,5 mil years ago in linear time)

The hibernation Zones

Are relatively new.

They are the products of the

9562 BC drama,

Atlantean and all that

(see 12 Tribes Series)

TIMESTAMP 01:04:47


It’s a perversation

Of a natural chamber of

Asture Passage.

It polarizes it

And twists it!

But we focus on the

Positive Ones

There is a

Spanner Loop

That links

Machu Pichu (Peru)

Into Aurora 2 Platform

And complete the Asture Passage!

And opens the gate 7 network

Crystal Heart Code

Connected to Navaho Passage

From seeding 2

Will clear out the

Caduceus passage

And leet us pass the Hibernation Zones.

There are Figure 8

Eternity Symbol

Passage Systems

One is between

Earth and the


You need to activate the

Krystal Heart


Which will transmute the Caduceous

In your small personal body

And in the larger

Planetary body

We, The people,

hold The host for the Earth.

The Caduceus is not cleared out Yet

in the Fallen Part of

The Planet

Because it would just explode it

And Earth will look like a Star.


We do it slowly…

TIMESTAMP 01:11:35

Our Bodies know how to Travel

Since we have simultaneous incarnation

In the Earther already

And we will progressively have

More open link to those incarnations

So we will not explode

Because of the

Frequency changes

But have somebody else up there too

Which allow us a Natural Passage.

And they can procress us

Through the reversal mutation in our Bio-genesis.

Until our

Bodies can

Receive the full activation code.

And span

And go home

TIMESTAMP 01:12:57

Through the Moon

Even though

The moon is an

Artificial body

Made by Fallen Races

But is has in its core

From the Earth Seeding One

And Access crystal

Which will allow

Us to activate the passage

With the Navaho Code

And travel

Through the passage

To New Earth

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