POSTURES OF LOVE – About Shadow and Love as Spiritual Path


Have you created

A knot in your childhood.

It will hold you on to it

Until you bring it to

Your consciousness.

And let it go.

When you Start walking

Your individual Path of Seeking Spiritual Answers,

You might experience opposition

From the “Loved Ones”.

“What are you doing? Are you leaving me now?”

It has nothing to do with Love.

It has to do with



Unrecognized feelings and needs

Hiding in the Shadows.

For ages men has been programmed

To see women as objects.


The woman is supposed to look like this, behave like this and secure the man by fulfilling different needs and wants.

Also to be a Status Symbol.

Especially if they were many of them…

And Vice Versa…

We need to realize

We are all Perfect.

So are you.

The Standard of Perfection

Is not stated here.

We are Perfect

In Every Moment

We are Lovable

Here and Now

As we Are.

Not One Day in the Future.

Stop beating up on your self.

Love Your Self.

It is not Selfish or Egoistic.

It is taking responsibility of Your Self.

You cannot give to Others

What you don’t have in your self.

Self Hate is real; rejecting your True Self.

It is the Shadow


Shadow is a Chemical part

Of our DNA.

Irresponsible people are

Looking from others

What they are not able

To find within themselves.

That is how the Energy Vampires are born

And most of us still

In certain grade Are

Exactly that.

It has nothing to do with Love.

To Love is to give up Trying To Achive it

And in that way Letting Opportunity

for It to Enter Your Life.

This Unloved Adults

Trying to get energy from each other

Will have very “interesting” conversations.

It is the Shadows talking

Unsatisfied Needs and Wants.

When in a Heated Conversation

Like that

You can stop and ask

“How old are you just now?

Because I am Four just now.”

What you feel towards Yourself

You will feel towards others too.

Are you overly demanding towards yourself?


Having a unmet needs and wants buried in a Shadow side?

That is how you treat others too.

And keep on wondering why on Earth

Can’t I find that Perfect Partner.

It has a lot to do with your Emotions.

In Dimension 2.

We all have personal imprints

Which is not US.

Attitudes becomes part of

The spiritual body subconscious parts

And a starts to grow a Monster within you.

We All Need Healing.

To get aligned with the

Divine Blueprint

And resemble Ourselves

Into Our Original Form.

That is a True Spiritual Growth.

First step of Healing

Can be a wave of emotions.

Emotions that used to be Locked In in the Shadow.

Can you look at your worst enemy without Hate?

With hate you remain in Victim Victimiser Duality.

You keep on holding the other end of that Rope.

It is the Human Condition

On this Planet Now.

By Design too…

There is Anger.

Not unhealthy one, judging and pointing out finger

“You are bad, you are evil…”

Anger IS OK.

Healthy Anger


This situation

Is no Good

For any of us.

It becomes the Fuel.

I Am Going To Heal That Now!

They are Patterns.

Not only from your Childhood

But also, from other Time Vectors.

If you wish to be an embodied Avatar.

You cannot do it without Love.

It must be in the physical level

To transmute the chemicals.

Human Body was Designed

To experience Full Love





Love The Source

And Yourself Within It

Love that Connection

We still have some of that

Left in us.


There are beings

Who has lost that connection.

They cannot feel those

Vibrations of Love.

Lovelessness becomes

They Nature

Missing the Coding

Of Love

Also those

Who have Victimized us

In our Personal Path.

They don’t feel remorse.

They cannot.

They are Stuck.

Victims become Always


And They Do Know They Have Lost.

Ending up as Space Dust.

They Do!

It Is Sad…

That is not the Way to Go. Learn!

Source will

Never Let

The Natural Creation

To be Destroyed.


There is Differences

In Frequencies

But not in Worth…

Try to be the Carrier of that Love

We have been Here

In this situation


We have done it too… Being a Victimizer.

I am the Manifester

Of My Hologram

We are in a Tribal Shield.


That is why we can

See Each other.

They are Symbols

As well as Real People.

They are carrying a part of your Coding.

That part you couldn’t hold in your own


If you get Agitated

Keep Choosing Love

And Any negative,

Or that what seems to be negative,

You have chosen

To experience.

In order

To learn.

What is the Lesson here…


And Move Forward.


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