Dear Sisters and Brothers

• What does INNER EARTH mean to You?

• What does it have to do with “Ascension”; they seem to be contradictory ideas, no? One goes UPWARDS the other DOWNWARDS, yes?

• Have you experiences of The INNER EARTH?

• Who lives there and What else is there, what you think?

• Do we NEED TO KNOW about it OR can we ASCEND without knowing about it?

Do you feel agitated, impatient, tired, ready to move on?

Physical pains: cracking of bones, problems with teeth, hair loss…

Can you imagine, we are ASCENDING and turning into “ugly creatures” according to our limited standards. 🙂

That would be a bummer, when we were thinking to look like Angels; you know, white or golden hair flowing in the air, moist deep eyes and shining face. Probably Wings?

Ooooh, which one is it going to be, you think? Do you know?

What about the 144 (000) chosen ones, who are they? What does it mean? Is there another Way to Look at that number? Do you know? Learn and teach me, please. I want to Teach and Learn.

Since we are freeing ourselves from ALL Programming imposed to us, either consciously or unconsciously, many of us not been aware of it at all, we must be ready to let go A LOT. To fight the Cognitive Dissonance and BE Aligned with TRUST. Trust to what?

How shall we call GOD SOURCE then when we Pray or Meditate?

By now we know ALL religions and spiritual teachings here were based on The Ancient Original Teachings but are mutated and twisted by the Intruders. By whom, you may ask. At least by the A..Nu…na.ki for sure. They are many others still here fighting over DOMINION of this Planet Of OURS.

These mutated teachings offer enough of the true teachings, so that you get interested, but not enough to SET YOU FREE and that is what the Teachings are Originally supposed to do.

Many creatures of not so good races and with not so Good Intentions playing around this still.

Or this Earth… It is a Matter of Perception. And Dimension…

Please, don’t believe if someone says, “Them nasty bad Guys are all gone, we are already saved, God has won”. It is a lie – kind of – to make you to put your guards down. I do understand that thinking like that will Create New Images in Your Hologram and Manifest. I still would like to Remind You; Be Awake and Aware – Pure like a Dove, Smart like a Snake. The ones in the Fall would like to take with them as many of us they can…

The Guardian Founders Races are Helping this Planet. They KNOW how to Help us. Let us accept that help; it is not a weakness to admit to someone, who has 48 DNA strands activated, that I need HELP. Or is it? But we must let go the Old Images of Masters, The Old Guard probably…

We are in a limited space here in this Matrix, where the Natural Currents are mutated. The one that should be Magnetic is running Electric and vice versa.

We, The HUMans are putting much effort to Rise our Frequencies. Since this is limited SPACE Higher Frequencies have difficulty to establish here fully without causing disharmony, chaos, and harm. WE must rise (again that upwards movement, who said it is UP?) our Frequencies to meet those Frequencies. In this way we help the Planet get rid of the Twisted Coding and Back to NATURAL Frequencies.

I am preparing a next article and want to give a Short TEASE here before I finish the article. I am getting and collecting the Puzzles, at the same time trying to fight the Procrastination and DO THE WORK. And I will.

Once I Start, the FLAME Ignites Itself. Ones I climb up the horse, the galloping starts.

I wish YOU a Great Weekend.




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