Just for a moment…

I need to share this with You hoping You could share this Experience with me.

When I read the VOYAGERS-II

I am filled with the Sweet pain of remembering,

a rare mixture of Joy and Sorrow.

I follow the words written on the pages and I can see the words; I see pictures, forms and movement. Like a Movie.

In that Movie I can follow without any difficulty; How the Organic Evolution have had to FIGHT to manage to Follow Up the Right Steps to bring about the beautiful Creation of the Original God Source.

How the different Races were appearing, multiplying, going through the transformation, changing forms to manage to pull through the Ultimate and Unavoidable Creational Flow.

When following the words transformed into images

I feel I can’t Breathe.

I feel a Clump in my throat

My Heart is squeezed into franticly shivering Being, as if IT is reliving those circumstances.

When following the continuous Fight to protect that, which is The God Source Creation, against the Powers who only exist to Stop the Evolutionary Advancement.

For their own Un-Godly reasons.

My eyes are tearing up and I keep on repeating silently

“I remember,

I know how it WAS.

And how it IS.”

I could feel every twist and turn in my body,

in my emotions and in my Soul.

Whether it was “me” who was participating

in one shape or form

is irrelevant.

Or was it part of Me

that is US,

the Gender Twins

in the Over Soul level,

who remembers,

and I can feel it.

All I know is that I KNOW that part of me IS connected to those Beings who Fight for the Organic Evolution to burst through, no matter what.

From the Etheric Substance into more physicality; some of them still residing within the Minerals, and the Plant and Animal Kingdom.

Further on into Fantastic Beings of pre-human forms, highly more Advanced that we can remember, that we were,

taking into account the present state

which we are in now, as Being Human.

They Carried with them the 12-Strand DNA, like they were holding a Diamond within, never letting go…

Purposefully dividing themselves, half, and half, into Two Genders, before Materializing into more Physicality.

I could feel the Joy in that Movement because the Beings Knew they were carrying the Flame of the Creation with them.

And that is a Wonderful Feeling, which I can relate to.

I hope I could share this Experience with You

and double the Immense Emotions within me.

Give me a Tiny Sign,

that You do feel it too.

My Intentions in LIFE sharpens though this experience; any doubt that remains in the corners of what is

“I” get dusted away.

I want to be Part of That Movement.


From This Moment Onwards.

Nothing Else Matters.

The Movement Goes On

and Nothing Can Stop It.


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