Move Forward In Love

Kryon Late Night Series

Timing – this is the TIME

Old Souls

It is time to do the Things that will Help others.

It is about Timing for You on this Earth this Time.

There are so many Good Things for You.

New Creation Cycle

Opportunities for Change

You are in the SHIFT

You are the Heroes in the making.

Let us Cross The Bridge


Take My Hand


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greetings dear ones i am Kryon of magnetic service

the subject of this month

and even partially of last month is about timing

the timing we talk about now right now is more personal

than an overview this particular channel i want to talk about something

that is really part of your every day life and existence

now we have spoken many times about the energy of not just expectations but of

affirmations of thinking positive and negative and what happens when you do

we are going to talk about the timing of synchronicity

so in order to make this channel more complete there must be a review

in this a channel about drilling down to talk about something specific in

timing for you we have to also talk more about the energy

and that energy that we want to talk about mostly is that energy of that which brings to

you what you create now you can call that energy whatever

you want to but the way it works is very profound

it’s almost too profound because there will be those who say kryon what you have just told me doesn’t

exist if you would interview most humans on

the planet they would tell you that you are born and if you’re lucky you exist

if you’re lucky you won’t have accidents that may terminate your life or you if you’re lucky

and that if you’re not lucky it’ll be the opposite and so it seems to be at some level you

are a victim of chance and most would say that’s correct i mean

why wouldn’t it be you can’t control the future you may not be able to control the

future dear ones but you can control the present and we have told you that that which

some call the law of attraction is you putting energy in front of you

somehow so that when you arrive at that place where you put that energy

you get synchronicity so let’s back up and talk a little more about that

there is something around this planet around the consciousness that is not even esoteric it’s physical

it is called the field it is a multi-dimensionality

where consciousness which is energy resides this is being studied

and validated at so many levels that someday it’ll have a name more than just

the field and those who expect these good things to happen

actually put it in the field and when they do so it helps to arrange

their lives so that as they walk forward they will have the correct things happen

let me put it this way any road that you might go to and you

don’t know what it is may have potholes and rocks and smooth areas so there are those who say you’re

blindfolded and you may trip on the rocks or step in the potholes and it’s called chance and luck

then i come along and tell you that if you were to project

that you would only be in smooth areas that there is some kind

of energy that leads you into the smooth areas and that is synchronicity

that is what you call it some just call it luck we call it synchronicity i’m going to go further

i call it created synchronicity now the synchronicity doesn’t always

have to be positive now i have talked to you about this before and i’m going to do it again

because you cannot hear this too many times if you are always negative

if you are invested in how this planet has victimized you

and you’ll never get ahead you are going to create your own synchronicity and you’re going to step in every pothole

that exists are you getting this you create that which is your reality as

you walk you’re not necessarily creating your future you’re creating your present

but you have put in front of you your future an energy of synchronicity

and you’ve given a positive twist a thought and these are the affirmations that we

talk about crying is this positive thinking is this just something you hope for when it

comes to synchronicity it’s not hoping dear ones we have

given you instructions that said it’s almost like ordering on a menu

that if you expect these things every day on a daily basis

they occur now there would be those who are so linear listening to this and you’re going to

say this well that’s absurd because if i have a problem and i just don’t know the

solution how can i put in front of me the solution crayon

so let me oh linear one give you the answer to that here is your projection here is your

affirmation as i walk forward i will always step into that which will

give me solutions to my problems how about that one in other words you don’t have to put in

front of you absolutely everything that you’re wanting or look for or expect

but that which perhaps is even greater dear spirit let me always walk in the light

dear spirit put me in the best places i can be

now the circle of 12 we’re going to enhance this just a little more

but there are things that you can give yourself in these affirmations that that people don’t even think of

what kind of control do you think you have let me ask a question

have you ever had an experience where you were about to do something something you’d planned

perhaps something you’d look forward to perhaps something you expected and you were stopped

tonight in the circle of 12 i’ll tell you why if you are asking to create

synchronicity and there’s something in front of you that’s inappropriate intuition may stop you if you’re tuned

into it this i’ll tell you what gets in the way dear ones what’s in the

in the way is where you set your mind to something no matter what and you get all kinds of esoteric signs

and signals and intuition perhaps you should wait perhaps you should wait and you move forward and you step in a

pothole i think some of you have had this experience as well

we are talking about one of the greatest tools in the new energy and it’s being enhanced

some of you who are learning how this works have had these things happen more than

one time some of you are expecting things starting to learn

how this feels and using it every day of your life

waking up in the morning and saying no matter what happens to me this day

i will project the things that will solve them being in the right place at the right

time meeting the right people and staying tuned up

being attuned to the synchronicity that i need to see

there are those also starting to understand that those you meet along the way

may very well have something for you even though it doesn’t seem like it

those perhaps you will meet and you would just simply say hello and dismiss them and move on may have some kind of a package for you

that’ll change your life so that means that you have to perhaps

examine situations differently the spirit brings to you because you

asked for them you simply didn’t recognize them more than synchronicity now we’re

talking about gifts that you have actually projected and asked for that sometimes you miss

timing timing it’s a beautiful thought is it not

that perhaps you as a human being have control

over your life i want you to think with me for just a moment maybe even project your life

there you sit some of you perhaps this is for some of you it’s new

and you’d like perhaps a little more idea about what i’m talking about so let’s go through it

it’s so it’s so important that you understand that this is doable more than doable

this is something that you can use now every day practical esoteric information

that works dear spirit

i’m uncertain about my future dear spirit i may have this or that

dear god whatever however you want to say it

you say let me project in front of me what i need for me not for others but for me

and in the process let me find that what i do will then be for others

dear spirit let me walk into my solutions dear spirit bring me the right scenarios

and the right people and the right relationships that i need to have

to move forward in love the best one we told you about

many times dear spirit show me what i need to know

and if you have the courage to say that also have the courage to dismiss what

you expect [Music] what if you were expecting a and you got

b and b was far more valuable than a but you were so stuck on a you went down

the a path and you missed b these are things that you have to get

used to dismissing the expectation and being okay with

something better you never know what spirit is going to give you

especially when you’re so open so open to love and more beauty than you even

expected you’re magnificent god loves you so much so willing to take

your hand and leading you right into the synchronicity that you deserve

timing more than luck you do not live in a chance world if you

choose to use the tool for a smooth path

i would not tell you these things if they were not true and so many have experienced this exact

same thing so many of you blessed is a human being who understands

the power they really have over everyday life and occurrences

relax in this dear ones

are you aware that right now if you’re hearing these words

the timing is perfect if you’re hearing the words and you feel something

that says i’d like to hear some more that’s perfect

that’s the energy that is being presented i want to show you and tell you about

the timing even of you listening to this right now my voice is not just my voice it carries

with it something else invitation compassion

recognition love there’s an energy that’s being

transmitted into the field right now that stays and stays and stays

so that no matter when a human being listens to this channeling

they’ll feel it this is the multi-dimensional aspect of

timing sometimes being at the right place at the right time you’ll think is unique in

the universe there was no other time that this would have occurred that’s not necessarily true we’ll tell you about

that as well in this series of four channelings

next week we’re going to talk about something else that’s that’s timing that you might be

interested in and i would love you to know more about it and that will also be available

eventually for everyone and here is the question we’re going to cover next week

and that is this what’s happening on earth why is there a difference does history really repeat itself

but right now today i want to tell you about the timing of where you are

in your world this linear world you’re in where you have a date

and you have a time of day and you are born in these times which we

are calling the shift now if you’re new to this term or

any of these things that i’m speaking of we’ve taught about it so many times

study if you wish to the precession of the equinox study if you wish to see it in a more

summarized form the calendar of the mayans they created

what they call creation calendars each one 5120

years long approximately and that corresponded to this precession

of the equinox which is a an earth wobble which has a 26 000 year

cycle the calendars within that cycle many cycles is what the maya

detected from their observatories in watching the stars but their prediction

in 2012 they would have to take that calendar off the wall it was the end of that long long count that they had

and put up a new calendar now they weren’t the only ones many indigenous

predicted the shift a change of consciousness that is potential because

human beings can do whatever they want to in free choice but this one this one

was a bit different because it talked about the potential change of humanity

in other words a conscious shift of all consciousness

on the world subtle but it would result

in eventually having a higher consciousness worldwide

you’re already on that target we’ll talk a little more about that next week

but the questions about this precession of the equinoxes is about the timing of it and the energy

shift at the crux of it it occurred in 2012 december 21

and there would be those who say well that’s when it started actually that’s not when it started it started 18 years before that

and it lasts 18 years after that

so what i’m saying is you are right in the middle and then there’s some left over

and this particular 36-year window has energy within it

which is different from any that has ever been on the planet look around you

you find odd things happening in your news and the answer is yes

unsupported by the consciousness of the planet things are happening

and we’ve told you more about that this shift that we have told you many times about

is the increase of light on the planet it’s a metaphoric

it doesn’t mean illumination it means a higher consciousness and in that

the consciousness that has always been here which has been a darker conscious a

consciousness of war that consciousness is starting to diminish

now you might say well wait a minute wait a minute even as you give this channel war is happening how could you

say that i will tell you this what is the response to it that’s what i want you to look at the

darkness of low consciousness is still here on the earth and it will flail and

it will will yell and scream and do anything it can to keep

the light from being here have you seen any of that have you seen something that looks like

1943 to you at this point moment in time and the answer is yes and you see what i’m

saying old energy on this planet whether it’s in governments or leadership or

individuals it doesn’t matter it’s going to kick and scream when it sees light starting to come and

change the ratio of light and dark because all manner of things will occur

corruption will be seen things that are inappropriate will be then seen and

dealt with things that have always been there will start to change biases that have

always been there bigotry always been there will start to be called out and have to change

darkness dark energy which has always been at the forefront and proud of it and showing will have to go into hiding

all metaphors dear ones to tell you light is winning and you can see it in

the reaction of humanity there’s a 36-year window that says

attributes right here in this precession of the equinoxes ending approximately

20 30. and in that 36-year window you’ve

already made strides you’re making them now but there is more opportunity

before now and the end of this window that allows greater change inventions to

happen this is the time for inventions dear ones this is the time for cleanup

dear ones this is the time to establish what you want

not just individuals but in countries in planetary-wide

what you want and it also includes a greater more profound awareness

of your partnership your partnership with gaia and what you have done with the planet

what you can do for remediation on the planet and what you can do to sustain that partnership with integrity

that’s just one of many things your relationship to each other

and what you think is appropriate and hasn’t been in the past with humanity or society or cultures

is also being questioned the church itself the big church is also

being questioned and that is also something that we have spoken of even

back in 2013 these things are starting to move and

you get to see them they move slowly dear ones don’t look at what happened

this week or last week and decide that’s what humanity does

take a broader brush to this and take a look at 20 years ago even 25 and then take a look at today

take a look at the reactions today of what is going on the planet and the reactions 30 or 40 years ago

you’ll find that it’s very very different this is what we speak

we encourage you to move on the things that right now

intuitively you’re processing you have projects individually so many

of you that you’ve thought of so long that perhaps you will do

or maybe you’ve even tried them in the past

and these projects didn’t work perhaps if you tried them now it’s time

timing that’s what we’re talking about timing the energy is different today

than it was even two years ago the energy may be now correct and ripe

with promise for the things you’re thinking about perhaps the healing center the book you want to write

or the things that you wanted to do in your personal life that needed doing

this is the time there’s no better time than this especially for the old soul

listening to this right now who’s aware of what i just said and it’s

tweaked their interest because i’m talking right to them

it’s time to do some of these things that you know you have that will help others

either one at a time or in groups that will help others there’s never been a better time

for you to talk to many through that which you call your social media

and you might say well they’re not going to be interested in what i have to say oh you might be surprised wise one

there’s interest for everyone if you found a key that helped you there will be others

that need to help to need help that that want to know what you’ve done

this all this channel is about the timing of you

on earth at this moment there’s so much here dear ones

so much here for you these things dear ones

come about in cycles but the one i want to talk about right

now is that which is you

what is the cycle that we have given you over and over for 32 years

to look forward to we called it the precession of the

equinoxes the ancients actually identified it

as a time of change the mayans called it a new

creation cycle other indigenous had many other names

but they all said the same things would change opportunities for change would be there

they watched the stars they saw the energy that it might create

they actually channel the messages and they were accurate and it was it’s it’s so true you are in the shift at the

moment and we have taught that for all of these years

more years than not we told you it was coming and now it’s here

what is the timing of this in reference to you

and your soul last week we discussed something in the

circle of twelve and we had you standing ready to come

here and we called it the wind of birth we also then described you in that area

as heroes in the making but the question remains did you

actually plan on being here at this moment

is there some kind of akashic timing that would help you to be here

the answer is this it’s more profound than you think

now let’s go back we have given you a lot of information

about you as an old soul and if you have been reflective in this

and have studied any of those messages for yourself you might recall that old souls are

those who have been in this school of earth many many

your akashic record would read that you have had lots and lots of lifetimes especially

on a planet where through centuries the lifespan was very short

so you might imagine if you’ve been here since the beginning how many thousands of lives you’ve lived

but you don’t have to have been here from the beginning to be an old soul you just have to have an experience on

the planet which is lengthy perhaps even several hundred years to have been here over and over

and what happens each time is that this akashic record of yours collects wisdom

it collects that the been there kind of energy where you awaken the next

lifetime often in the same culture and you have a more comfortable lifetime

because of it because you know a little more of what to expect

many times you can see things coming you can make adjustments because of it or you’ll have that deja vu experience

been here done that i’m not going to do that before and make adjustments so what i am saying to you

is that the timing often of things that happen to you on this planet your

planning is wiser than those who are not old souls

where are you going with this kryon i’m telling you that the more lifetimes you’ve had on this planet

the more you are aware of the planet of what is here

of how to work with it of the potentials you have what we call slogged

through old energy for centuries there’s very little light

on this planet dear ones there are light pockets and we’ve talked about that but suddenly

it’s different this is the shift it’s the one that the ancients talked about

it’s the one that we talk about where the actual quantum field that is

around you is being rewritten rejuvenated renewed where the planet is moving into new

areas where the magnetic grid has shifted to allow for higher consciousness energy

to be here and old souls are the key the more old souls who are on the planet

at this time the better chance you have of pulling yourselves up by the bootstraps

and sending light to the earth now take that premise for a moment we

need you old soul let’s say that you have started a

lifetime and maybe it was only 30 or 40 years ago

and that lifetime came to a quick end and you only made it to perhaps

25 26 years old and then you passed

there would be those around you you would say how could that be they were on a

a a trip that was enlightened we could tell that they were very wise how could

how could their lives be shortened so much when they had so much to do

now get ready what if that was in the plan your plan

so that you could have one more short lifetime and come back and grow up so you’d be an adult for the shift

and the reason is because we need you at a certain age

and that certain age will mean so that you can teach others better so you’d be seen by society in a

certain age group and do a better job with what you are here for i just gave

you something to really think about reasoning

behind early death where we need the old soul

or you see it as a need for you to terminate the current lifetime come back fresh young

filled with the energy that you need to save this planet and send it light that you would not have had had you not passed

did you get that timing here’s the statement today about timing

you are here on purpose now you planned it at the age you are doing what you’re

doing this has all been in what we would call the plan that you

said here and the plan isn’t for your life the plan

was for your lives on the other side of the veil you have the mind of god you can see the wisdom

you can even understand and weigh the grief of others when you passed early against what you might do when you

return the lights that you might carry that you didn’t carry or had a hard time carrying when

you were here in the last lifetime that terminated early you would pick up completely with the

wisdom and make a far grander impact right now on this planet during this shift

than you could otherwise let me tell you something to think about and ponder

many of you have done that many of you so that you would arrive at the right

time at the right place in the right culture to be here right now

to send compassion and light to this planet so that it will do things that never would have done in the old energy and

you’re seeing some of them the reactions perhaps to the dark energy

that shows its head right now shows itself right now what’s the world’s reaction to what’s

going on right this moment have you ever seen anything like that before

and the answer is no do you think that the darker energies are surprised

the answer is yes but they will struggle and fight and push against the light

for a very long time your light will win and we have told you this you’ve already

seen a piece of this happen we’ve also told you two steps forward one step back

but here it is so you can see what happens when the darkness starts to push against

something it never expected a time when the earth would not be dark

a time when light would start to occur and wisdom compassion and kindness

would start to be part of a love agenda i’ll call it that this planet

is bound for is awakening to timing

you are not here by accident and if you think you are i want you to give it a second thought

you’re here by design and you’re not here to suffer you’re here to be healthy and that is

why i ask for this program to exist and continue existing so that you will be able to hear so many

human beings that are invested in you and your health to helping you

to healing you so many different methods so many different ways because there are so many of you who have different methods in

different ways and different minds you’re not here by accident you

planned this so old soul if you are in my hearing range right now

i’ll tell you this go do what you do

but understand that you have an entourage behind you who wants to lift you up

and take you to a place where your light will shine and show don’t let things get to you

to beat you up emotionally or spiritually because you see some darkness or don’t understand

something you’re here to thwart it to change it to convert it to light

it’s not an easy job that’s why they call it the light worker that’s why you’re here

but if i ask you to get going on it in all love

understand you are dearly loved each one of you here on purpose

for the salvation of the consciousness of this planet

there are so many layers when it comes to that which you call timing

the irony of that is that when you get to the other side of the veil

time is not what it is for you time is in a circle for us

and the circle becomes smaller and smaller until it becomes a dot you might say

and though it still exists in some way all time is in the now

so whereas you see it as a long straight train track and the train is you

you see a past and you see a present and you see a future but let me ask you something

if that train that you see that used to be in the past and is traveling right now

and is going to the future if you see that in your mind as a straight track

would you be aware that there is no now because that train of yours is always

moving from the past to the future it never stops so therefore you have to redefine the

now the now is similar to us always in motion

moving from one state to another if you take that train that is a

straight track and you move it into a circle and you make it smaller and smaller then the train simply goes around the same circle

that is as an explanation of how we see you and how time works

on this side of the veil there is really no time we

we see what you think is the past and because it is in your akash

you’re using it and therefore it is in the now are you going to use that for the future

the answer is yes and more things that you are learning every moment in the now therefore that future is also part of

the now on that train that’s in a little circle i show you these things even if you

don’t understand them to set up a premise of a question

and the premise of the question is that you are far more powerful than you think

and the question is about reincarnation now we have talked about

reincarnation many many times and even the timing of it

now this is a little more specific where it starts to ask a question

and here it would be dear cryo is it possible

that we plan our future incarnations past just who we’re going to be our parents

that we actually plan on perhaps where we’re going to be or what might even be

what we’re going to do or perhaps what will happen now you get into some very

interesting esoteric questions you have free choice

this also goes into that which we would talk about contracts

plans every single one who would teach you

who has been around and has the wisdom of the karmic akashic

and other energies regarding past and future lives will tell you something

this contract you feel you have or this plan you feel you have has come right from the past

it’s you before you got here planning your life so that particular question is already

answered in some way but how specific can it be

now regarding those contracts and plans almost everyone will agree

who teaches the akashic records that these contracts or plans are simply

the beginning that when you get to the planet and you start on these things that you

intrinsically feel you’re supposed to do and that you begin with because of the energy on the planet and

your free choice you can change them anytime i’ve even said they’re written in

invisible ink so you may feel you’re supposed to do something but what if something better

because of the energy comes along does that mean you have to stick with the old plan of the old energy or can

you move that contract doing something completely different and feel good about it the answer is yes

that is always always your choice so planning and contracts and all these

linear things you think you do always has the ability to change them

but that doesn’t answer the question dear crying how specific

is it can we plan the future

let’s talk about it this is something that the ancients have

done for a very long time i want you to examine this and tell me how you feel

about it is it real or not there are certain belief systems on the planet in fact one that is the original

one and it measures its leaders and counts

on a reincarnation in order to have the wisdom continue for

its teaching and what i mean by that is that the leaders perhaps

of this particular belief system know who they’re going to be in the next

life they know their gender where they will be

and then the puzzle is to find them so they can continue on teaching

so they fully recognize this idea of a school of earth

but more than that they see the wisdom of a shaman who is then continuing on

and they look for them in the next life and in this life that particular leader

or shaman will say look here in this city at this time for this gender at this age and that

will be me i’m coming back and i will give you signs that i am me

how about that so not only do you have a plan you can tell people what you’re going to

do and where to look this is not old news

take let’s take a look at the at the record of how that’s worked but this particular belief system takes

that individual when they’re very young six to ten years old finds them as they’re supposed to

and then they’ll train them there has to be an intelligence there because they will send them overseas so

they will learn multiple language they’ll come back they’ll send them to high educational schools so that they

will be wise and educated and every time that has happened those

individuals have taken on that task and been very good at it like they simply

were remembering what are the odds that if this was random that you would have somebody who

could do that and that’s what i want to show you it works

other belief systems that are similar to that have chosen the rim poches in the same

way they go to the village and they look for the children who are reincarnate rimpushas

those are leaders and they train them and they teach them in the same way

this is a system of planned reincarnation and it works

so let’s go back to the question how specific does it get

and the answer is as specific as you want dear one old soul listen to me

we have now new tools of working with the soul in this new energy that mimics

even what the shamans were able to do so long ago

i would like to tell you that your intuition right now as you live here may very well come alive with what you

may do next and what happens to you this time when you go to the other side of the veil

well then temper what you do the next time it’s starting to be a lot clearer for

many who say i’m going to come back and i want to be in this culture or that culture i want to do this and that

and that goes into the field into that akashic planning it’s almost like you are again

giving a menu to what you will do next time the gender you will be

where you will be and what you might accomplish and it could even be continuing what you’re

doing now there have been so many cases

where those creatives have done this especially those in music

where they will come back into the planet and continue where they were and someone will look at their work and

their compositions and say that looks a lot like an old master you have the same phrases you’re working the same way

and they may wink at you and say well that’s how i feel too

great artists will come back and continue being great artists some will paint in the same way they painted

before this has always been the case some energies especially those of

creative ones and love compassion carry on to the next sometimes shamans will come back as

shamans it’s more than that can you as you sit there today

understand and think about the continuation after you’re gone

what a concept there are those who will roll their eyes and say well cry now you’ve gone a

little too far and i will tell you just look at what has already been accomplished and what

has already been done for hundreds of years in those places that do them and believe

in them that is also your gift now in the circle of 12 tonight

i’m going to go further much further and i’m going to ask a question

can you see the future of your own incarnation next time

and what you might do and what your what your task might be not the one you plan

can you actually see yourself doing it

you are representing a cycle that has happened so many times

before and in order to show you this we have to get very esoteric and i hope

you’re ready for that today these are things you may not believe

but we’re going to go to a place of core truth called your soul

there’s a bridge we cross every circle of 12 that represents a bridge from the known

to the unknown or four dimensions to all dimensions it’s a tough bridge to cross for many

you cross it and you still have your four-dimensional perception so anything else that occurs you don’t understand it

so get multi-dimensional with me right now as we cross this bridge yet

again in the circle of 12 one more time into that which is an area

that is beautiful beyond understanding

where many things happen that would never happen in this particular dimensionality of four that

you that you live in so let’s go there now let’s cross the bridge together take my

hand crossing the bridge

[Music] is a remarkable experience if you really

cognize what it means you step into that perfect part of

yourself a part of yourself that there are those who said you never could do that and

you’re doing it now come with me and do this and and understand

the reality of so much of it is here it truly can be a real experience to you

even though what i’m going to present will seem to be exceptionally esoteric exceptionally

there’s a door i want you to go through that will not lead to the theater but it leads to a place that you’ve been before

you go into this room and there’s a person you have met before

a person that means that this time as we did before we let you

see your perception of what an entity ought to

look like it’s a person you will humanize it even though it’s an energy

it needs to be a person with a personality and you’re going to meet this person one

person not a theater he was about to show you something spectacular

absolutely spectacular [Music]

this is a an entity if you want to call it that

that perhaps we’ve met and perhaps we’ve not met it just depends upon what you call him

or her this is a combination of

a star master and a time master

now there is a combination of similarities to those two

they belong together you’ve always heard of space and time

but this day this star master who you’ve met before is going to take you back in time and

show you the stars and the stars he’s going to show you or she is going to show you depending upon

who you’ve met today is not yourself you are not going to see the earth

in any of these but instead you’re going to see the cycle of the

earth represented in other times and other places

in your own galaxy premise is it possible

that what you are going through right now on this planet others have gone through

before or perhaps you have gone through before if you believe that your soul was on

other planets and if so and if that’s true and if you see it today

that means that at some level you remember it and many are

that’s part of an awakening dear ones a very very subtle remembrance of

something on this planet that’s happening where you are saying it’s about time i

expected this here it comes [Music] meet the star master who is also a time

master [Music] and this star master is going to take

you somewhere far far away in this galaxy

a series of planets [Music] which today you call orion

and he’s going to show you something that there was life there much like yours [Music]

but this is not the real time we’re in the past dear ones [Music]

and in this constellation which you will call orion the constellation in the sky you call

orion is not what we’re talking about it’s the star it’s the the planets around the star and there’s more than

one just like with your particular solar system it’s very

similar all over the galaxy there is the sun there are planets

we take you to one in particular and on that planet which has no name at

the moment we’ll call it within

the influence of orion you will see a system a cycle

where many are going through what you’re going through right now and if you took a look at their history

you would have seen that there were wars between wars and there are not now i want you to take a look closely

because the star master is showing you something and he’s speeding up the time to show you this planet went into what

we would call ascension status that only means that light and dark changed so

much that there was much more light than dark and consciousness and they grew up and they started to understand the

physics that the same physics that the that the creator has

the kind of physics that allow you to travel anywhere you want to with your consciousness instead of your body

and what they did with that is they went someplace else and planted the seed that they had

i want to take you to where they planted it or where the influence is

where they planted it i’d like to take you to where the octorians live

dear ones there’s there’s been so many who say that the actuarians and

and the syrians and so many others all had something in common and i will tell you what they did there

was a little bit of dna in all of them that were the same and someday in the far far future when

you meet them they’ll show it to you and they will smile and show you yours

and they’ll say this is the part that we all have

and those you call the octorians they had a history that was very similar and if you take a look at them and what

happened on there the time masters is manipulating all these things so you can take a look and see up close and all

and your mouth starts to open up wide when you see that they went through the same thing low consciousness to high

[Music] and even though the seeds were planted at the same biology they had to go through the things

in order to grow up and they did you’ll see where they went

as well as carrying the seeds of orion and where they went

and they had the influence on where they went to a place that’s very close to you very

close called the seven sisters the pleiadians

if you want to take a look at them we have told you they had several

habitable planets and it was a mess and there was horror there they even had

mass genocide they came from the darkest place and they made it

tens of thousands tens of thousands before you ever had life on your earth

they were in the process of the ascension planet that they became i told you this would be unbelievable i

told you this would be esoteric we’re talking about timing today timing

and when the pleiadians reached that point of the ones who preceded them and the

ones who preceded them they also sent their consciousness

somewhere else and we call it earth you are in the process of a cycle that

has happened repeatedly in this galaxy it’s a cycle of awakening to the creative source which created all of you

i told you this would be hard for you to understand or believe perhaps when we started talking about it

you rolled your eyes and you said well enough of that

your dna is stuffed from the stars

you were not here by accident never created here by accident there was an influence that got you here

dear ones and kept you here [Music] for you to go through this cycle

if you chose to now when it came time you did

and that is the cycle you’re in now that’s the timing of this planet beautiful it is

and we have said this before your history will not be what you are going into anymore it’s not going to

repeat itself you’re going into uncharted territory that no one has seen on this planet but it has been seen by

your ancestors on the other stars so there is a remembrance of what to do next and what happens

blessed are the human beings who see that light at the end of this tunnel that you are going through right now

which would seem so dark but it has the seeds of magnificence

your future is bright that’s what we see just as we saw it

on all the ancestors stay and let that star master give you

the details to show it to you over and over so you believe it ask the question is there really

something like this is it really true or is it not true ask spirit if it’s true

and see if you get a resonance that indeed not only is it true

but you might have been there to see it i am crying in love with all of you


stay and revel in your history

and the beauty of where you’re going

and so it is


This is the part we all have in Common.

We went from the Low Consciousness to High Consciousness

You are not here by Accident. You were not created by Accident.

Your Situation is Seen by the Ancestors from the Stars.

Your Future is BRIGHT

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