I want mostly to be inspirational.

What I publish here doesn’t directly sound like inspirational, yet it might as well be that.

If you reflect on what are the forces, we experience hindering the Planet and the Living for attaining Ascension and contact with the Higher realms through the DNA activation, the FLAME might be ignited in you.

The Spiritual Beings here are in fact called The Flame Keepers. It has some depth in the name and what it means…

We have learned that it is good to keep your friends close to you, and your enemies even closer, right? Why is this?

I believe knowledge of what they are up to will sharpen our senses and make us AWAKE in our Awakening state. To become alert and walk our steps accordingly. And predict their actions. It will help us to discern between Manifested Energies and Entities.

It is said that not All that appear as Angels are “Good” or not all ETs are Angels or “Good”, and not all ETs are “bad” etc. The opposing forces have knowledge of spiritual techniques and have they “avatars” and “masters” too in a higher realm. They can operate from the Dimension of 12, but they have themselves used to disconnect 8th and 10th level in order to become “free” from the connection to the Source. So, they are limited in their ability, but not at all without power.

It is said that they have energetic weaponry beyond our imagination.

Mind control is one of their ways to trap innocent humans.

It is also said that not all LIGTH is from the Source of Creation. Not all is Gold that shines.

The Path is thin. But you have capacity and potentiality to expand and rise above it.

If you understand the structures of the Creation, you will be prepared to face what ever is coming and be for assistant to others too if you want.

Downloads about this by Ashayna Deane, gooks Voyagers I and II, and lectures during 1999-2012 and onwards still. The older lectures are GOLD value

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