This sounds serious, and it is. I will continue create the Good Chemicals by Laughter, Dance, Sing, Loving, CONNECTING WITH THE NATURE, at the same time when I am going to Let My Self Dive Deep into the Illusion to clear it out for me.

This will also contribute to the collective through the invisible side.

You know we are in the Creation of Breath Of God, Breathing Out – The Manifestation, Breathing In – Going Back Home To the Creator.
We experience those cycle in our personal lives too, I do at least. Maybe you too have noticed it.

There are many issues going on in the world which demands speedy personal clearing up to do. You know that we are dealing with the Fallen Races fighting to each other for the dominance of the Earth and this Time Matrix.

There are “avatars” in place from those Fallen Races, they are high dimensional but present the Dark, the Fallen Path. NOT ASCENSION To God Source, but to a Phantom Heaven of False Creator Gods. How to discern that? One of the reasons I am doing this Personal Deep Dive.

There are flashes of Nuclear Thread thrown at people from the Mind Control programming. If is goes so far, then We need to know how to join our Fields and PREVENT IT. WE CAN DOT IT. TOGETHER.

It is up to all of us to work to prevent that.

Increasing our vibrational level, the oscillation of the Energetic Field. How ever you do it. This additional to the any 3D work you are assigned to do. There must be balance, which is different for each of us.

These ILLUSIONS we live in are very REALISTIC.

For example, the ZODIAC, which is said, and which I can agree with, a kind of synthetic Clock affecting the Timeline Organic Clock. For example, you have difficulty to manifest the things You know you should do according to your Life Contract.

This also affect the Gender Twin meetings schedule; it is messed up. This is because this Joining is the Most Powerful tools to REVERSE the Fall Agenda on this Planet Earth. Planet has been on Guarantee because of the Hold by the Fallen Races and their continuous Attacks. To preserve the Dark Work spreading to others connected to the Earth by the Nature of God Source Creation.

The Guardian Founder Races are at work, and we all must contribute to that. Actively. Wishful thinking is not enough. We cannot be Clueless and Ascend at the same time.

The Planets are living being, but their Frequencies are also Hijacked.
The C;I;A etc are the Leading NEW AGE Paradigm Creators and are under the Influence of the Fallen Races.

How would we know what teachings to follow?

We need to know that!

It is tricky because they know the Scriptures and the IMAGES we have of Masters, Spiritual Teachers, Angels etc and The Fallen Races are easily Shape Shift into any form to trick us believing it is from GOD.

Sounds scary, but I do have to speak this out. It is basically Positive.

Some of you are managing to avoid the TRAPS by level of Spiritual Evolution. Like the Indigos, Blue Ray souls etc. present here.

I personally feel, as I said earlier, a great need to clear out some of the Miasmas in me, from the genetic line of my body, from other timeline manifestations of my Over Soul, from the Distorted Earth Grids etc. etc. etc.

So, to Breath In cycle has come to me now. The Urge to Break Free needs follow up and action from my side with FOCUS. To clear out any ILLUSIONARY beliefs I have left on my field, so that I can do the work I have a contract for in Soul, Over Soul and Avatar level etc.
To know where to place my foot next.

It is about the Collective Situation and my personal spiritual work for my Ascension and the Service I can do for others. To be the Love I am to Be, every moment, every breath I take and every step I make.

I am going for a DEEP DIVE and will not be able to be so active here with you. I will come now and then to see what is happening, maybe share something if it feels appropriate and fitting.


With All My Love which is The Light in Action Padma Alba


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