The Path of Kryst vs Anti-Kryst – Intruder Races and Ascension

⚠ WARNING – Cognitive Dissonance

It is no wonder it is said that the Spiritual Path is like walking on a Razor blade. It is a very thin line. When being activated, a whole new Universe opened up for me. It is a scary picture, yet it is liberating. Who to Trust? I say almost No-one except your own Heart, Soul and Spirit guided by pure Love aligned to God Source.

Remember, we live in a Prison Planet and in a Matrix Intruded by Fallen Angels who DO KNOW about many so-called Spiritual Techniques, since they originally were in God Source alignment before they broke out from it. They can appear to us as Spiritual Beings with Light; but this Light is False! It is not all Gold that Glimmers. Not all Light is from God.

We humans are in the Core Innocent, Childlike creatures, which is our strength. But let us not be foolishly naïve. There is a war going on and you are the target. These entities have no consideration of your wellbeing! Remember that and keep the Pure Love/Light and Light/Love within your Heart. And let us walk though this Dark Space, the Valley of the Dead Ones, with that Light of Heart Illuminating Our Path.

This lecture from Ashayana Deane will Explode you mind in a Good Way! Wanting the Truth? Then we must be ready to investigate and “put on trial” everything we believe. Absolutely everything!

This is possible going to wake up resistance in the Mind/Body/Spirit Complex of many of us. It is going to explain about many known Spiritual Entities in a whole new light.

It is presenting the history in a light of revelations which can Expand the Mind and, in this way, one will get more room in one’s individual life and see things from a new perspective and walk accordingly.

I do appreciate the teachings of Ashayana Deane because in the Keylontic Science and Freedom Teachings of the MCEO, Emerald Covenant truly satisfy my Quest and Seeking. The EC is a Guardian Race from the Future, about 6000 years and so on linear time system. Time is in fact instantaneous; we perceive it as linear because of the 3D limitations.

These teachings resonate with me, because they rip apart almost everything I have believed until now. This is agreeable in that way, that when the so-called Aquarian Age (check the article earlier where it is based on) arrives we are going to function in whole new ways not known to us before. We kind of have to Ascend “Naked” without any Imprints in our Energetic bodies, in a state of Innocence with a very light Heart, “light as a Feather” as in weight.

I believe we got to be fearless and trustful on God Source Organic Path of Spiritual Evolution and Let Go anything that is limiting us and blocking to go through true Spiritual Evolution. And Strengthen the Heart!

I am ready for that. Are you?

Some notes about this lecture:

– These teachings are given to assist human beings to Ascend during this Star Gate opening period. Why Star Gates? Some Ascend by leaving the physical body as through physical death and are able to avoid the “Tunnel-loop back to incarnation” and continue their Ascend. But some are able to Ascend with their physical bodies and for this they use Star Gates.

– We do remember the saying, this is bigger than you could ever imagine and if you would know the Truth what is going on you will not be able to sleep at night, right?

– Interesting point: Ashayana says NAMES are based on the Tonal Resonance of the one name is assigned for.


Video in the link.


Illuminati Race Hibernation Programs have been going on millions of years.

Some of the Fallen ones were given opportunity to get back to Krystos-alignment if they so desired, and to be peaceful and return to the Law of One.

They were given a privilege to get their Template combined with certain elements of the Human Template. In this way they can eventually evolve 12 Strand DNA pattern and get finally the Krystos-imprint back.

The Fallen Races in Phantom Matrix couldn’t not get their Krystos Template imprints back anymore after their imprints were on reversal spin. The Fall was final.

We were doing this Bio-genesis program for them to regenerate their Templates to help them back.

(NOTE: These races abandoned the Krystos-Alignment when they rebelled against God Source and Higher Beings in Council Aligned to God Source. They wanted to be gods themselves, resulting on losing the Krystos-imprint and end up being the Fallen Race returning to Source only through the Path of Fall. They are finite beings living on energy from others.)

Unfortunately, these beings who entered the Bio-genesis programs rebelled again and joined again the Fallen Anti-Kryst Races.

Some of these beings didn’t personally choice this Fallen Path but were Tricked into defect by those who they were trying to escape from.

Some of them made a statement against the Illuminati Anti-Kryst forces in this planet to join the Emerald Covenant Re-genesis program for reversal of the Template. So, the Illuminati Races don’t Forgive and they don’t Forget.

Not that they want them back, but they want to use them and abuse them, and once they are done get rid of them. How? Walking them through the Gates they are not prepared to walk through so that they end up being pulverized back to Space Dust.

So they are more vulnerable than the Indigo or Human Races.

There is a standing Vendetta against them from the Fallen Angelic Races.

So here we are, in a Third Seeding of Angelic Humans, attempt to win back the Planet from the Fallen ones. This Seeding started 798 000 BC.

Anunnaki was rating the planet because of the Gold, they used elemental gold to affect their atmosphere to get back something that resembles Immortality, which they had lost.

Mostly in Africa and those countries.

They are basically two types of Anunnaki:

– The Anu-Elohim, which are the Jehovian, they are the Bi-pedal Dolphin people.

(Note: Vusamazulu Credo Mutawa’s book In Dada, my children where I remember this was describer too)

– Anu-Seraphim Anunnaki Race line, which are those who are combined with Fallen Seraphinian and Draconian-Reptilian races. As the Nibiruans ones. One of these Races are Aquatic-Ape- form. It is here the false evolutionary history of us, the Darwinian theory is based on.

These are the family lines of Enki and Enlil, and Marduke from Nibiru. This is where the Sumerian stories came from.

The Anunnaki entered this planet in Egypt and simultaneously in South America like Yucatan. Enki group and Enlil in different places.

They fought because Enki group was complaining that they have to do the hard work and Enlil group was running the administration.

So they needed Slave Race.

A primary Race called the Lokcus Slave Race was created. This is not Emerald Covenants work.

Thoth-Enki and Enoch’s Anunnaki Collective entered the Emerald Covenant as to join the Bio-Re-genesis program for Redemption.

Some of Locus-Neanderthal entered the Re-genesis Program. Some with different soul strands. Enoch in fact had Ascended ones but came down as Avatar through the Anunnaki Matrix in order to do his job, to help them, but he hanged up with them.

Thoth was more evolved than other Anunnaki and start thinking maybe they were running their system wrongly and wanted to join the Emerald Covenant. He had his templates almost cleared into 12 DNA Strand level.

So they evolved their Templates in such form that they could be plugged in to Krystos template and Anti-Kryst Template in order to function as a Host between these two. They had double Strand.

Hybomean Anunnaki was a Race line created in Seeding 2 and they had some Human DNA from that time.

Human Strand has progressively more frequency so it could bring back the Anti-Kryst reverse coding.

Back to Bible storied.

E-Luhli Levi were the first ones who were capable of natural procreation with Humans. Other couldn’t carry Human DNA and couldn’t be combined. Not even in Laboratory experiments.

This created Chaos.

Because some who would not be nice could rape Human women and have biological bodies which the Anunnaki souls could use to incarnate into. That’s what they did.

Many races entered under the Custodian of the Thoth.

Homo Sapiens was not yet there.

There was something called Hibiru Earth Type Cloister Human Race, which is not the same than Hebrew and had picked up the DNA strand 4. Hebrew Race is highly coded with Krystos-Template when it is running in the Right order. A Hebrew is a person who has both Hibiru and Melchizedek DNA codes. This Crail Line was created already in Seeding 2.

Jehovian Anunnaki race was originally from Sirius A Bipedal Dolphin people, the original Anu-Elohim, thinking they are above others. They are very arrogant, patriarchal arrogance through their whole Matrix.

There are some Anunnaki Elohim, and Nephilim half Fallen Andromedean and half Anunnaki, who had some Human code template from seeding 2.

This Nephilim race, the Giants which is also mentioned in the Bible, wanted to enter but couldn’t not be combined with the El-Luhli-Levi, the Leviathans coding, because they in their arrogance had skipped some states of evolution believing that having some of the Human original coding would be enough.

These are the ones forming the Archangel Michael Collective.

So, the Founders were aware that the Anunnaki cannot fully trusted and that they were proved to be right in that, since the Anunnaki did indeed pull a Con on the Founders, when pretending to want to “Be Better” just to get access to the Human Krystos Coding.

The Founders decided to take the Risks anyway, since they knew some of the Anunnaki race souls wanted to get back to God Source Krystos Path.

It was a calculative risk which should have been calculated better.

The Fallen Necromiton- Andromedean are forming the Archangel Michael collective. They are very cruel and rude and some of them managed to get into Human body forms.

They came in with Spaceships, and took them up to Sirius A, Orion etc to upgrade their bodies. These became the Nephites.

They wanted higher codes to be able to create biological bodies to have more nasty beings incarnated in them.

Enoch was originally assigned to help these ones to change their Path.

Michael Matrix was the primary group of these ones; however, they were two groups, one of them is called Micheleue (?) group who stayed in the Emerald Covenant Path Krystos Path.

Archangel Michael collective is also called the Baal, it’s also another word for the Devil.

Lucifer, Baal, Devil and Satan are not a same person. Each of them is different Collectives.

Thoth-Enki family line became the Lucifer group. Anunnaki-Draconian had the Collective called Satenian group (Satan). And this is the Baal, this Archangel Michael collective.

Alfa-Omega Order Melchizedek, the Centaury constellation in Andromeda Star system, it is there they reside in.

E-Luhli Nephi group came from there also and some of the stayed in the Emerald Covenant line.

What these Nephi Entities did when they rated the next levels, they tracked the soul attempting to take over suitable bodies and literally pounds them of the foetuses and forcefully removed the soul that was assigned to it and took over the body of the foetus. They possessed they baby-body patterns.

This Nephi group was connected to Enoch group, the Jehovian Anunnaki group and E-Luhli-Judah was connected to Thoth group. They together became the Melchizedek Human Hybrid group. These were the Atlantean-Egyptian Human family line. Egyptian is a smaller family line of the Atlantean root race. They were E-Luhli Judah plus Melchizedek Cloister Human Under Thoth, to get the 5th strand codes.

Second group was the Atlantean-Egyptian Human family line E-Luhli Nephi plus Cloister Human and became the Modazhim Annu-Melchizedek under Enoch, they became the Illuminati. They were called the “Sons of the Belal” as story tells, of Nohassa Atlantis.

From Atlantis came many King lines, Anti-Krystos King lines, like Atlas, Sumerian, Egyptian and Chinese family lines. They infiltrated this way the races here.

These Annu-Melchizedek Human races were progressively raided by Draconian, Reptilian and competing Jehovian, Pleiadean and Niburian Anunnaki Fallen Angelic collectives since Lemurian-Atlantean times, which resulted in numerous competing Illuminati Races progressively infiltrating the Human 12-strand Tribes culminating in Trans-positioning the Race Identity literally the whole Human 12-Tribes races.

(NOTE: See the Trans-movement going on in the 3D world, it’s all a Mirror!)

This is how they progressively state by state Intruded our World. That’s why the Illuminati groups go out of they way to hide the Atlantean Records, because if they were remembered THEN WE KNOW. We would know the Whole GAME.

Right now, we are a punch of people who think they came from the Apes, not sure about it. We all think we are Human, half of us don’t even know if we have a SOUL.

We are very primed to be used and manipulated, but therefore the FOUNDERS are determined to do what ever it takes, they are bringing this information back and that’s why I do my work. Even if we have to make ourselves Unpopular, we still will do it! (Note: me too!)

I hope you can feel the Truth! Once you know the Truth there is no turning back. There is no ever again to go back to be Light – Love and Clueless!

It is sad…

It is like you would like to have a funeral to your Light-Love and Clueless self!

When I started to see the big picture, I felt I lost part of my innocence. I realized that the Quest for Wisdom and Knowledge has a burden that goes along with it. I couldn’t not anymore walk down the streets in Light-Love and Clueless state.

Not to believe anymore that everybody loves everybody else or that others are like me, who wouldn’t hurt an ant.

It was a big wakeup call!

And we are All moving into this.

This is the good part of this. There will be more and more people who don’t want to be in denial anymore.

I wanted to be in denial. I spent about 6 months crying frequently! (Note: me too!)

Not wanting to be the Speaker. Not wanting talk about it and to know the Truth. Knowing that once you realize the Truth there is no going back. You can’t pretend you don’t! Or then you just con yourself. You have a choice; you can con yourself and find something to numb it out so that you don’t feel yourself anymore.

Don’t do that.

Deal with it. Face it and realize there is a higher level above that, even though it now looks very bad, there is a Truth and a Power, and the Light in a Divine Right Order and it can fix ANYTHING!

Once we go to that space, we realize that all this depressive stuff; we can each one of us make a difference in healing this.

We don’t need to feel miserable. When we learn to run the 12-D frequencies.

There is a big Dramas going on now. There is huge influx Illuminati beings from higher level making contracts, which means a lot of people who has been doing nasty stuff already in the world, they realize they have to do their atonement thing and they will start getting guidance from their own higher part to start assisting the Emerald Covenant Races in every little or big way they can. They start assisting instead of resisting. A huge amount of them will resist and are puppets for the Fallen Angelic Forces. Punch of people are stuck between the two paths and don’t know which one to follow and want to get out.

It helps to understand what the Paths are.

There is the Path of Aramathana which is the Path of the Divine 12 Blueprint of this Time Matrix on this Planet.

There is also a Path called Aramathea that is the Path to Phantom Matrix and there is a whole collective that is going to be taken to that path of evolution. There is one good thing in it, that at least it has a potentiality to Evolve Out of it. But it takes very, very long time in Phantom Matrix under the Dominion Creator gods of the Anunnaki legions. This is where you have the Ruby order which was supposed to work together with the Emerald Covenant Guardian group in this time period, but defected it.

This Aramathea Path has very important self-important Ascended Masters telling you what the Only way is to get through and that you got to do this that and the other in order to make it. They seem to be good willed but they love to belittle you. I can name a few.

They are Ascending to the Phantom Matrix with these Masters. But the souls they are taking with them are not Human souls, not the Indigo Souls, but they are the souls that are still twisted from the Anunnaki Matrixes. They know they cannot let them loose because they would do the same thing all over again because they are not mature and developed enough, without causing harm to others.

Then they are those who still want to do the wrong things, because they get the Rush from it.

Then there are those that end up in this Path out of ignorance.

There is another path going to Phantom Matrix, to Phantom Earth. That is the Path of Hell, Hades path. Difficult to ever get back to right path.

In this Time Matrix there will be people who are going to have opportunities to make big jumps to literally get out of this Density and straight into the Liquid Light State. Or they might want to stay and spend some time in Gaia in Density 3 (Dimensions 7-9) or in Tara in Density 2 (Dimension 4-7) or any other Star systems they want to. They will have now opportunity for Full Ascension.

Majority of the people, if they manage to run at least little bit of the 12-D frequency and rise their frequency to minimum 4,5 DNA strands activated, there is the Bridge Zone probability. This whole Earth is progressively going to evolve into that level, the same level than the Inner Earth. The Inner Earth portals are going to start open, when we learn that we haven’t been alone at all!

There is a time about 2000 years cycle the Earth needs (NOTE: remember time is fluid, flexible and can change), which is also for Humans to Ascend individually until the Earth can make its own Ascension, for people who cannot get through.

And for people who wants to get out of the Earth Drama completely can at least to get out from Density 1 (dimension 1-3).

Founders are just showing you the Big Picture, you have the Free Choice. The others who chose the other Paths they don’t.

Those in the Phantom path cannot get to this Ascension because of their reversed codes. But they will be able to make it to the Bridge Zone. And that is a good thing.

At the means time there is going to happen polarization between countries, between New Age movements, UFO movements, churches, between the Governments.

It is sad, but it isn’t. To understand how Avatars understand and how the Source thinks. If they are able to come to the Inner Earth, the fallen ones or will they be a Threat for the civilizations there. They are very young in their spiritual remembering.

I hope Archangel Michael collective would leave me and other people alone. We are not saying their path is bad, but it isn’t good at least. Because they are taken the phantom path, and some of them are going to end up in the worse one, which is not good at all (NOTE: the Space dust path.)

But there is a good thing in all of this time period. It is allowing something to happened, which has not been allowed for 250 billion years here. Where peaceful people can live peacefully

Sometimes the to be able to live peacefully you must create so much war that you cannot stand it anymore.

But at this moment the Phantom Matrix has so much energy in it that it could pull our Matrix in it and that has to be stopped.

There is a Divine Justice in this. Not an Angry God, Wrathful God not a Punishment. Simple saying that this group of people has to learn their lessons before they can join the Right Path. They cannot be showing themselves in this way and take advantage of good people anymore. Because they are soon no nice people left, because when enough people can reach the Frequencies of Love, who can hold the Frequencies of Impartial Kryst-Consciousness, will remain in this side of the Matrix and not end up in Phantom Matrix.

Its only those with real issues to work out, will end up there.

They have been given their opportunities, the ademptions contract which we have ask them to do for ions, we have asked them to come back.

Its not a mean Path. We are not saying, you are Bad Guys. We are saying Come Back Home.

Even Archangel Michael Collective has been doing what they do for billions of years, you don’t have to keep doing that! Beam higher, try being nice! You might even like it.

That is the Attitude of the Founders, even though they get back hatred.

Hatred is a symptom of a disease. IF we understand it we will not take it personally but will be able to do our work, bring in the Divine Blue Imprint, piece by piece, that is the Humans were created for.

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