(Excerpt from the lecture by Ashayana Deane, Dance for Love 3 / part 1, 2002)

Gods Field is like a Sea

There is a Law of One.

The Free Will.

But it is limited to the framework of Gods Field.

You cannot do whatever you want!

That’s not Freedom.

But you can do what you want

According to the Natural Creation Structures.

There is a Good Intension in the Creation.

So, anything that is done without it

Is Anti-Creation

Are felt in the Collective Field of God.

It is always looking for Balance.

God feels everything

It knows how is to be the Ant

Carrying a piece of bread,

Far larger than its own body.

God knows also how is to be the

Piece of bread

Carried by the ant…

Nobody is Insignificant

What You think, feel, say & do effects the

Unified Field of God.

And others in it!

This paints a picture in front of you

Which reflects the Living Gridwork,

Where every single person, every living being

To the levels of atoms and further

Is feeling as God

To feel everything that is put into the Field

By the Individualized Consciousnesses.

We are living in 15-Dimensional Universe

One of them

In the vast Cosmos

Internally and Externally connected to it

It is a Wonderful Structure

Which can be understood with the help of

Mathematical Codes. Remember Tesla?

God Base The Primary Field

Broke down to


Harmonic Universes



Living Beings

From Energy Fields

To the Physical structures

They are All Shields.

In a One Big …

We are never separated from GOD

… But we are maybe not able to be pure reflections of God.

We were made Gods Image!

Earth is valuable Place in the Big Whole

It is said to be the Universal Star Gate 3

With several connections to other

Star Gates

There are Beings, who originally where

Part of the Gods Gridwork

But rebelled and separated from it

Wanting to be Gods themselves.

They compete over who can Decide over

 the Creational Structures. They are at War.

And Earth is important part of that dispute

They are planning a Big War.

The technologies that exist

Are beyond our imagination

The Intelligence of this Beings is great

They have knowledge of the Original

Creation Codes

Which they now use to create

Artificial Structures

To their own liking and according to their plans.

The Earth is under attack and

The Grids (Lay lines) are out of

Their Natural Frequency

And this effect all living beings here.

They feed on the living energy

Specially the Energy of the Human Beings with

Original Krysted Codes.

This effects our Consciousness

No wonder we don’t remember

Who we are!

Were we are going!

There is a Blockage build

To stop the Frequencies reaching us

We are not helpless or victims

But nobody outside is going to come

And save us

Unless we do our part.

We have help

But under the Law of Free Will

In The Law Of One Universe

It is up to us!

To Bring Down the

12 Dimensional Krysted Frequency

Which will heal the Earth and us.

There are Angelic Humans

And Powerful Indigos

Here to help us

…They weren’t aware of that…

Learn and understand

How the universe works

How our bodies work

Learn to use the Bio-spiritual techniques

Our Memory of All

Is stored within the Biological Body

We need to heal this distorters

in our bodies first

When each of us heals our selves

We add a piece of Healing

To Other Human Beings

To the World

To the Planet

To the Galaxy

To the Universe

To the Cosmos

Contributing to the Balance of

The Primary Field of God

Breathing the Pulsating

Breath of Life


And Out

It is a privilege

To get to know the

The Secrets!

Secrets about

Realignment with the Krystos

The True Return of Christ.

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