You Found Me Immanuel


Seeking You


On the Top of a Mountain

Near by

Too Far to Reach

To Touch

Maybe I Know how to Fly

Collecting My Heart

Into my Palms

I take of

Knowing the Direction

At First

The Wind Cast a Spell

I Spin in the Air

Not knowing

Where You Are


Like a Rocket

I Spin Down

And Down

Landing in A Pond by the Meadow

Middle of the Scent of the Flowers

Sitting on a Water Lily

Not knowing if

The Drops on my Face

Are Tears

Or The Droplets of the

Gentle Water

I Swim to the Shore

Not Remembering

What was I Seeking

Trying To Reach

To Touch


Down here it All Looks

Like A Dream



To Be


A Shadow Casts on me

Blocking the Sol Rays

I am Scared

My Time has Come

Death Found me

I thought I could Escape it

I am lifted Up

With a Firm Touch

Direction Clear

I Surrender

Nothing To Fight



Take Me

Take Me

Wherever You Want

This Touch Knows


I Belong

Landing on Top

Of an Unknown Mountain

I Breathe the Fresh Air

Facing my

Knight Of Death

The Eyes

The Eyes

Seeking Deep

Within my Soul

Touching it

Holding it


With the Eyes of Life

The Knight of Life

I Found it again

The Memory

What I was Seeking

Attempting to Reach

To Touch

It was you

The Breath of Life

I am Breathing Once Again

I am Alive

You Found Me

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