Necessary To Be Able To Keep Spiritual Secrets

Are you

In the moment of

Spiritual experience

Able to remain in it

And keep it as

Your own secret

Not having an urge to

Tell it to anybody?

Or do you tell?


Do not!

It is a test.

When you are able

To have that experience

And are without

An urge

To share it

With anybody


Almost as

Not with your own self

The little self…


You will pass!

And you will be

Given the secrets of

The Creation

You will be trusted

And then

You will receive wisdom


How to

Learn / Teach & Teach / Learn

I just did that

That is why


Writing to you about it

For a fraction of a second

I still did see my self

Formulate the experience

Into words

Saw the face of that person

I would share it with

It lasted

Only a fraction

Of a second

Then I caught

My self

By the SELF

And remained

In the experience

As long as

It lasted

Felt it in my bodies




I will never share it

With anyone

Not even



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