Angelic Humans do not know Death – Shadow Body Healing

Science has been teaching us and that some religions taught us pieces of before where we are in a hostile Universe that we are in a limited Universe – where we have to fight and compete for a limited amount of energy. Right now Our Shadow Body Hold 2/3 of our Energy And our Consciousness … Continue reading Angelic Humans do not know Death – Shadow Body Healing

THIS I AM too – Hummingbird

It game to me At the Time of turmoil and "darkness" The Times Of Great Tests by The Universe The God Source Self When I was Initiated into a Fast Speedy Awakening It still carries me Other Animals bring messages too in the Magical Now continually I have always been communicating with the Great Spirit … Continue reading THIS I AM too – Hummingbird


To Live Every Moment All In Believing I AM Being that I See there IS a Gap To Reach To Expand Deeper Deeper Deeper Every Moment IS Sacred Encapsulating the Miraculous Which is Natural When Living ALL IN Letting Go All That Binds Me to Dabbling Life People Places Attachments That is Nothing… Preparing for … Continue reading ALL IN or NOTHING


Messages On the Go When the Veil Is Lifting And the Reality Reveals Itself Every Moment One Step At the Time You See The Truth It is Painful At First Then You Feel How Your Heart Responds With More Love Intimacy to Your Self And Your Truth Make A Choice At that Very Moment Not … Continue reading NON-COMPROMISING SELF


Keep Your Eyes In the Here And Now Pointed towards the Next Step With Your Mind With Your Heart There is no need To Return to the Past To live through Over and over again That What assumingly, appearently caused Your wounds All That Is with you now In the present moment When You were … Continue reading HOPE, COURAGE AND OPTIMISM – Serendipity

Agua Mi Hermosa – Beautiful Water Permission to Pray

I Flow with You In the Sacred Womb of the Cosmos, Safe On My Way Home, with You I AM Water, the Earth IS Water Mostly The Water Molecules in Me connect to the Water Molecules of the Earth And Further All the Love I can Gather, I release Onto You We Are Healed in … Continue reading Agua Mi Hermosa – Beautiful Water Permission to Pray


Starting from the Winter Solstice we are truly celebrating the Return of the Light, the Christos Light. STARTING 21.12. AND ENDING 2.1. It is 12 DAYS OF CELEBRATION The 13th will be The Alignment and Transition Day, in my note Each day represents the 12 Dimensions and 12 DNA Strands. Coding for Each Day for … Continue reading 12 DAYS OF CHRISTOS AWAKENING CELEBRATION


INNER & OUTER FOCUS Part of the process of Spiritual Integration of our Higher Selves or Expansion of our Consciousness involves ―re-programming the way we think. Our thoughts create our reality and the life experience we have internally and externally. The Attitudes, when embodied and lived, will help to change our thought patterns. Living with … Continue reading IDEATIONS AND INTENTIONS FOR YOUR MEDITATION


Teachings about Polarity and how to deal with it. 21:21 min - With ASMR CAMPFIRE SOUNDS for You to relax when following the video. Series of LEARNING / TEACHING & TEACHING / LEARNING WHAT IS YOUR QUESTION? Negativity? Positivity? Polarity? Manifestation? Balance? When Choosing to Push Away Something You are Guaranteed To Walk Into … Continue reading WHAT IS YOUR QUESTION?

I AM ONE WITH GOD – Held Gently All the Time

AM-PM I AM Grids Sing or read out loud these Powerful Words. Feel FREE to sing it on your own Melody 🎶 in the way YOU want to express the Words HERE & NOW Short Clip Here - Relaxing Sounds of Fire for preparation I AM WHOLE NOW. I AM THE LIVING EXPRESSION OF … Continue reading I AM ONE WITH GOD – Held Gently All the Time

Are You Your Pet? Founders Races and animal connections FOR ASMR MEDITATION and education You and your cat can be same soul. It is possible for us to incarnate partially to an animal biological body, if that can hold enough frequency. Especially Indigos. Something to ponder about. Higher Beings, such as Avatars and Rishi Beings can choose to partially integrate into an animal … Continue reading Are You Your Pet? Founders Races and animal connections

Come Walk With Me 29.11.22 – Last Walk … for now This is the last walk for now. I am moving and travelling, focusing on other projects. On this walk I climb up on the mountain, having a view above the Clouds a Bird View, the View from The Room With The View. The Higher State of Mind. 💫 I talk about the Ascension, Sovereignty, … Continue reading Come Walk With Me 29.11.22 – Last Walk … for now

Stairway To Heaven

LEARNING / TEACHING & TEACHING / LEARNING ALL THE CLIPS HERE. Clips separately on my profile page STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Start from the number 1. 1. watch out who you follow. Instead being a Follower BE what Your Path IS 2. All Is Connected - Expanding to One Burst Point, which is Perpetual reading Stairway To Heaven

Quantum Jumping – We are Connected

*Two Entities can be connected through Quantum Entanglement even when "existing" thousands of Light Years "apart from each other". What one experiences the other one experiences as well. ... *When experiencing a "Bad" moment in Consciousness, like "negative" emotions, thoughts, take physically Step Aside, knowing you have moved to another reality and choose consciously other … Continue reading Quantum Jumping – We are Connected

Where We came from?

Where We came from? (Human Origins) Ashayana Deane *Source: Amenti Workshop, 1998 The MCEO Freedom Teachings, Guardian Materials. Turaneusiam Race My Comment: Turaneusiam Race Was created By combining All the gene codes From the Universes And Dimensions To create a New Species A Super Beings God Race The Plan was To create a Being That … Continue reading Where We came from?

BE the one to fly higher than anyone else for the Truth

About the One who dared to fly higher than anyone else for the Truth. BE Lost On a painted sky Where the clouds are hung For the poet's eye You may find him If you may find him There On a distant shore By the wings of dreams Through an open door You may know … Continue reading BE the one to fly higher than anyone else for the Truth


LEARNING / TEACHING & TEACHING / LEARNING Are You A Wanderer? I want to share with you the podcast about The Law of One, which is a good to study to understand this time of Spiritual Awakening and Ascension. It is a lot of material, so use your intuition which book the study. However it … Continue reading The LAW OF ONE