Looking for You Within Myself and I

Please Listen Or not I don’t do the Minding anymore... The Way In Is the only way Out Long and Winding Road To the Mountain Top Now Here Searching for You Within I and My Self I came here as a Female Having my Soul In My Hand From the beginning Longing to Connect To … Continue reading Looking for You Within Myself and I

Twin Flame – Let us talk about it, shall we

This IS aTopic that have waken up many contraversies. In ALL. Ridicule Rejection Irritation Arrogant dismissiveness Depression Self Blame Putting Your Self Down Putting Your Self Up Above Others Defensiveness Demonic Attacks Manipulations Illusions Hopefulness Longing Devotion Distortions And Opening of Heart Chakra Love Finding Your Authentic Self Honesty Knowing Your Self Increasing Capacity to … Continue reading Twin Flame – Let us talk about it, shall we

THIS I AM too – Hummingbird

It game to me At the Time of turmoil and "darkness" The Times Of Great Tests by The Universe The God Source Self When I was Initiated into a Fast Speedy Awakening It still carries me Other Animals bring messages too in the Magical Now continually I have always been communicating with the Great Spirit … Continue reading THIS I AM too – Hummingbird

Waking Up

FOOD FOR HEART "I am continuing to Provoke, to Stimulate To Go Deeper into the Human Heart Through Music The Language of The Soul To Transend the Heart" Freya Ridings - Waking Up I love you with open eyes I need you not to understand And trying is the only way I told you I … Continue reading Waking Up

It is Our Duty To Be Able To See

FRIDAY HEART GYMNASTICS - Getting Ready already - It is Our Duty To Be Able To See Feel The Beauty Despite... Yes, I do Know It is Almost Too Sweet But it is a short video To Feel the resistance discover the basic similarity in All Original Humans We ARE LOVED Every single Moment More … Continue reading It is Our Duty To Be Able To See


I LOVE YOU ~~~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXI6OlPUIMY ...and GOD Said: The POWER of LOVE, Words of Power Beloved ones come into this moment with me the moment where life is fully alive in you the moment where you are breathing me and in you the moment where the truth of love is revealed perfectly as the only … Continue reading SAY THE WORDS…

Come Walk With Me 27.-29.7.-22 On the Mountain Trails & Retreat

https://youtu.be/WLwLWoLidDU Come Walk With Me – ON THE MOUNTAIN TRAIL & RETREAT Take a Break - Unwind - Breathe The Breath Of Life ON THIS PATH I REFLECTED ON: Feeling of Being Insignificant and MagnificentLabelling ourselves and othersMIRRORS AROUND USUNITY vs ONENESSHEALING THE EMOTIONAL BODYSOVEREIGNITY – AT-ONE-MENTThe Other Half - You are Whole in your … Continue reading Come Walk With Me 27.-29.7.-22 On the Mountain Trails & Retreat

When Loved Unconditionaly

We are healing ourselves, the distortions, to become fully what we are. In that process there comes a time, when you realize that you have been Loved all the way, through thick and thin, by those who know you from the Soul level. They have loved you Unconditionally. Even though you have lashed on them … Continue reading When Loved Unconditionaly