Twin Flame – Let us talk about it, shall we

This IS aTopic that have waken up many contraversies.





Arrogant dismissiveness


Self Blame

Putting Your Self Down

Putting Your Self Up Above Others


Demonic Attacks








Opening of Heart Chakra


Finding Your Authentic Self


Knowing Your Self

Increasing Capacity to Receive and Give Love

Aligning with the Christos Self

And So On…

The Shadows Wake Up.

And the Distortions get openings into

Your Field too.

I used to think

In my Yogic “previous life” that Twin Flame concept is for those who are afraid to Face God Alone …

Until I was Awakened

With a Loving Kick in the Bottoms

And I saw the Lie


I had live in

Loosing My Self in the Process

Believing I AM

In the Spiritual Path

That Kick was painful…

I AM thankful for it.


The Truth Does sett you Free

And All the Grace And Miracles started pouring into my Path

People who are Loving

Prior Dreams Visions Explained

Accepting My Self

I Opening my Heart

And Mind and BEing willing to Learn More

I Experienced Love

That I bever Imagined

I would Have Opportunity

To Experience

Or to BE Able

To Experience

It IS a Journey

Which Will

Reveal IT Self

In Divine Timing

The Teachings I am led to use as tools to Assist me in This Time

Clearly Also Show

The Spiritual Science

In Twin Flame Concept.

The God Source Stepping Down

Dividing IT self

Into Two in the

First Step

Feminine Sound

Resulting into

The Masculine


Wich brings the



“Down Here”

Where WE Are

You & I


Collecting pieces

Of Ourselves

To Become Whole


Why Joining Together


Because of the Collective


Twin Flames

Create Together

An Energy Field which will Lift Up Many Others

Into Ascension

And Heal

Also The Earth

So, there are Forces which will

try to distract it

Through Our Shadows

Individual Shadow Self

And Collective Shadows

We Are Together

Not Only with Our Twin Flame

But Our Soul Group

In Many Levels

You Choices have An Effect

to Others

The Collective

There Are Twin Flame Couples

Joined Together At This Very Moment

Creating Scalar Waves for The Collective

And For the Earth

This Time Matrix

And For their Own Ascension

Nobody Knows Who They Are

And That IS Fine

That IS how They Are

Supposed to Work

Under the Guidance of

Higher Christed Beings

And We Do Know This

Your Work with You Shadow Self

and Joining with You Twin Flame

Will have Effect on

Others BEing increasingly

Join Togethers

As Well

And Then

We Will Start

The Journey

Making Our Way

Back Home


I wish You All

A Progressive


On Your Journey

What Ever Way You

Choose to Travel

Only Way IN

IS the Only Way OUT


So Find Your Twin Flame

Within Your Self


BE the Masculine Protector and Igniter for Your Self

Way Shower

You wish to have in Your Life

BE the Feminine Life Giver, Creative Force

Nurturer and Healer

For Yourself, You wish to have in Your Life

Know Thy Self

Then The Miraculous

Path Will Open To You

I dare to Promise You That

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