Explores and Truth seekers look for answers, to make their Consciousness Whole Again.

I do take a look at them, so that I know where the Collective Consciousness is “feeling its existence”.

And as an extra flavour to this Meal as Food for Thought I remind us; All teachings here in our “history” is based on An..u.na..ki twisted teachings of the Original Creation Teachings. Absolutely All. You can find some Truth in them when opening your Quantum Eyes, as f.ex Bible has some of it kept there, just to keep you locked in it and in their LOOP; it is said only 20 % of it is true, maybe even less.

Yes, truly the Eleventh Hour to LET GO…

In this video you can study about the Amorites and origins of races etc. I attach here also my comment to that, as additional flavour.

AMOREA, THE CENTER PILLAR OF CREATION. According to Keylontic Science from the CDT plates (where ancient Origin of everything is recorded) and downloaded by the Speaker 1 Ashayana Deane, Amorea is the Center Point of Creation, the 13th Pillar of the Reuche, centrally connected to Human body in Azur-A point in the Thymus gland, where abides the Kristos Seed Atom. It is also the Flame of Amorea which increases, depending of the “amount” received and hold in the Field, the “Living Beings” Eternal Life. And much more… Maybe related to this?

AMOREA, LUOMISEN KESKUSPILARI. CDT-levyiltä ladatussa Keylontic Sciencessä kaiutin 1 Ashayana Deanen kirjoittamassa CDT-levyissä Amorea on luomisen keskipiste, Reuchen 13. pilari, joka on yhdistetty keskitetysti ihmiskehoon Azur-A-pisteessä Thymus, jossa asuu Kristoksen siemenatomi. Se on myös Amorean liekki, joka kasvaa kentällä vastaanotetun ja pidetyn “määrän” mukaan, “elävien olentojen” ikuinen elämä. Ja paljon muuta… Ehkä liittyy tähän?

AMOREA, SKAPELSENS SENTRUM SØYLE. I følge Keylontic Science fra CDT-platene (hvor eldgamle opprinnelse til alt er registrert) og lastet ned av Speaker 1 Ashayana Deane, er Amorea Center Point of Creation, den 13. søylen i Reuche, sentralt forbundet med menneskekroppen i Azur-A punkt i Thymus-kjertelen, der Kristos frøatom befinner seg. Det er også Flammen av Amorea som øker, avhengig av “mengde” som mottas og holdes i feltet, “Levende vesener” Det evige liv. Og mye mer… Kanskje relatert til dette?

AMOREA, EL PILAR CENTRAL DE LA CREACIÓN. En Keylontic Science descargado de las placas CDT donde se registra el origen antiguo de todo, por el Orador 1 Ashayana Deane, Amorea es el Punto Central de la Creación, el 13º Pilar de Reuche, conectado centralmente con el cuerpo humano en Azur-Un punto en el Glándula Timo, donde reside el Átomo Simiente de Kristos. Es también la Llama de Amorea la que aumenta, dependiendo de la “cantidad” recibida y retenida en el Campo, la Vida Eterna de los “Seres Vivientes”. Y mucho más… ¿Quizás relacionado con esto?

The EirA-Kristalla, Female – Magnetic – Sound, “first” Step down from the VOID, together with ManA – Kristos, starts the Dance of Creation; from where the ManU Force – Electric – Masculine will Start Manifesting… EirA – EROS? …. No wonder we are so Amour Fixated, no?

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