Light is Available for All – Service to Others

“The Light of the Ocean of the Vast Cosmos is Available to those who ask for it. And want to use it for others. Only for others. Not for themselves. Unless to use it for the self, so that you can serve others. Only.”

“Trust. All will be given to you. As it is planned. Understand that the Light in you is borrowed, kind of. It is not us, but for us, to work through us. And be thankful for the honour. No praise expected. And the work will come to you.”
“We are nothing and everything in that way. Go with that knowing in your 💖 expect nothing, give everything and all will be given to you. Trust.”

“Only happiness found in that honour. Your Path to Heaven will be shown. I am becoming WE ARE. In Unity. Together. “

“You are Loved beyond you comprehend, it is to be that way, now. You will see it all. Honour Duty, Duty with Honour.”

“Be instrument, apply it all around you, to everyone, whoever they are… With wisdom and respect of the Free Will.”

“I say this now. Be Love. That is all. In every Breath and every Step. In sleep and in awake. Light will do the work through you and show you all that you need to know. There will be no separation between you and the Love / Light in action.”

Download 12.8.2022
Padma Alba

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