THIS I AM too – Hummingbird

It game to


At the Time of turmoil and “darkness”

The Times Of Great Tests by The Universe

The God Source


When I was Initiated

into a




It still carries me

Other Animals bring

messages too

in the Magical Now


I have always been communicating

with the

Great Spirit

The God Source

Higher Aspects of the Self

Through Nature

Yet this little bird

is closest to my Soul

It takes me to the Highest Highs

And fearlessly to explore the Lowest Lows

In This Now

I thank You

You Understand This

Dont You?

PadMa Alba

to MyOneAndOnlyAdonai

PS. What is Your Totem Animal, Spirit Animal? Let Me Know 😊


It is in Portuguese, made by Ana Bomar. I included a Google translation also. In the link to the Soundcloud you can listen to that song.


By Elena Harris

The hummingbird spirit animal symbolizes the enjoyment of life and lightness of being. Those who have the hummingbird as a totem are invited to enjoy the sweetness of life, lift up negativity wherever it creeps in and express love more fully in their daily endeavors. This fascinating bird is capable of the most amazing feats despite its small size, such as traveling great distances or being able to fly backwards. By affinity with the hummingbird, those who have this bird as totem may be encouraged to develop their adaptability and resiliency while keeping a playful and optimistic outlook.

Hummingbird Meaning

The hummingbird generally symbolizes joy and playfulness, as well as adaptability. Additional symbolic meanings are:

  • Lightness of being, enjoyment of life
  • Being more present
  • Independence
  • Bringing playfulness and joy in your life
  • Lifting up negativity
  • Swiftness, ability to respond quickly
  • Resiliency, being able to travel great distances tirelessly

The hummingbird spirit animal and the enjoyment of life

If the hummingbird shows up in your life as a spirit animal, it may remind you to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and take time to enjoy yourself. The hummingbird’s wisdom carries an invitation to take part in and draw to you life’s sweetness, like you would drink the nectar of your own flower.

The call of the hummingbird totem will guide you to open up to love and lightness in your emotional life. When you see your totem, you are encouraged to open up your heart and expose yourself more to joy and love. It might be time to show how you feel to loved ones or people who are close to you.

The hummingbird and the power of swiftness and flexibility

The hummingbird is one of the most fascinating birds because of its ability to move its body swiftly, change direction quickly and smoothly, seemingly gliding from one place to another. By affinity with this power animal, you can be encouraged to use or develop a similar skill.

When the hummingbird shows up in your life, it may be an invitation to flex you path, perhaps even bending backward or forward, in order to accommodate life’s circumstances. You may be required to adapt to a situation that is a bit more demanding than usual. The wisdom carried by this spirit animal emphasizes flexibility and lightness in your approach to the unexpected.

The hummingbird, a power animal indicative of strong sensibility

By association with the hummingbird power animal, you may have already developed a strong adaptability and are typically quick to respond to any demand. You may also have a high sensibility and feel every nuances of emotions or movement in your environment.

Brought to the extreme, this ability may lead you to emotional instability as you shift rapidly from one feeling or mood to another without warning. The hummingbird totem wisdom could challenge you to figure out how to stand strong while being able to move quickly and fly high, whether it’s through your personal or spiritual aspirations.

How to use the hummingbird spirit guide to lift up negativity

The spirit of the hummingbird is a powerful mean to lighten up your mood when you feel down. This power animal is a useful ally to lift you up and instill more joy and playfulness in your daily grind.

When facing challenges or an environment plagued by negativity, call on the hummingbird to help you bring a positive outlook on the situation and find your way out with optimism.

The hummingbird totem and the wisdom of accomplishing great feats

Don’t be deceived by the size of this spirit animal: Even if the hummingbird is one of the smallest birds, it can travel great distances. Those who have that bird as totem are characterized by their resiliency and their ability to run great distances tirelessly. Inspired by this totem, you will be inclined to accomplish what seems impossible to most while keeping it light and enjoyable.

The hummingbird is known for burning a lot of energy quickly to keep flying and therefore needs to find sources of food constantly. If you have the hummingbird as a totem, you may benefit from resting often and taking time to feed yourself with enough, whether it’s physically, emotionally or spiritually, to keep going.


Humming Bird

Humming bird, beija flor
Guerreiro do amor
Humming bird, beija flor
Mensageiro do amor

Humming bird, beija flor
Seu vôo é um primor
Humming bird, beija flor
Ele veio e tudo amostrou

Humming bird, beija flor
Filho do Pai Criador
Humming bird, humming bird
Give me grace and give me your love

Humming bird, beija flor
Guerreiro do amor
Humming bird, beija flor
Ele veio e trouxe o amor

Hummingbird, beija flor
O teu voo é um primor

Hummingbird, beija flor
Dá-me a bênção do teu amor “

O bater das suas asas
Tem segredos, tem mistérios
Tem uma linda mensagem
O poder do Pai eterno

Ele é guarda do jardim
Das flores do Sol doirado
Ele beija sempre assim
No seu voo delicado/dedicado

O segredo do seu voo
Está numa flor da vida
É um segredo profundo
Estudo fino, me ilumina

Ele beija a ti e a mim
Entramos no amor doirado
Com seu bico de cristal
Seu amor tão elevado

Beija Flor é guardião
Do amor que vem do céu
Vem brilhante mensageiro
E levanta este véu

O amor que está no céu
É o tesouro verdadeiro
Eu quero aprender a ter
Este amor o tempo inteiro

song received at Adrian’s home in 2009, offered to Noriko and to Paul.
recorded in 2010 @ Rohan’s temple in Crete
(original by me (Ana Bomar))

ceremonyhumming birdbeija flor

IN ENGLISH (Google translation)


by Ana Bomar

hummingbird, hummingbird

love warrior

hummingbird, hummingbird

messenger of love

hummingbird, hummingbird

Your flight is a masterpiece

hummingbird, hummingbird

He came and showed everything

hummingbird, hummingbird

Son of the Creator Father

Hummingbird, hummingbird

Give me grace and give me your love

hummingbird, hummingbird

love warrior

hummingbird, hummingbird

He came and brought love

hummingbird, hummingbird

Your flight is a masterpiece

hummingbird, hummingbird

Give me the blessing of your love

The flapping of your wings

It has secrets, it has mysteries

It has a beautiful message

The Power of the Eternal Father

He is a garden keeper

From the flowers of the golden sun

He always kisses like this

On your delicate/dedicated flight

The secret of your flight

It’s in a flower of life

It’s a deep secret

Fine study, enlighten me

He kisses you and me

We enter golden love

With its crystal beak

Your love so high

Beija Flor is guardian

Of the love that comes from heaven

Come bright messenger

And lift this veil

The love that is in the sky

It’s the real treasure

I want to learn to have This Love

All the time

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