ANGER and other things

There are Lot Of Reasons to feel Anger at this time of our lives here.

Unimaginable things happening. Unbelievable revelations of Truth, day after day.

There is an Urge in us Humans to do something to change this Tide which appears to be a Fall…🤸🏼‍♀️💫

What does it mean, the Fall?

The Fall of EVERYTHING we called Morality, in the Common Sense.

The Fall from the Natural Laws of this Planet and the Universe.

The Fall from Truth!

The Wicked Actions have become the New Normal. And many of Humans don’t even recognize it.

Loosing contact with the Christos, Krysted Self

Ending Up not Ascending to Our True Form, but into a Limited Form, without Memory or Knowing.

Remember, there IS something Special about Humans with a Soul, and more… We are Connected to the God Source, the Original Point of Start. When there is no start or end in fact… But to express in words something, which cannot be talked about. Just Experienced.

So, we have the Substance of the Creator within Us.

We too are creating, but luckily under some Safeguarding system. Think about it, if everyone could Create what they want. Or Fear…; what a Chaos it would BE.

There is a Natural Order in this Universe. When you “plug” Yourself into IT, Your Choice-making in Free Will Universe will BE easy.

Some beings Step Outside of that Order, and want to control the Outcome. According to their own Agen’da. Gaining from it, even just a Sense of being in Charge, Controlling.

Experiencing that It only works in limited time, until Natural Order takes over, turning it to Right Position. Taking the time it needs…

And it wakes up Anger.

But it is a trap. Anger weakens Your Auric Field and Opens a Door fro more negativity enter.

So, it IS important to know One Self. To be busy finding the weak points.

AND We Know It IS working. In Humility And In Love.

We are Trigged.

It IS also an act of Love, in a Way… Because We learn, get Wiser and Stronger.

And All Attempts to make us Humans to Fall turns back to the perpetrator in 3 fold, at least. Like A Boomerang.

IT IS All taken care of the System of the Universal Krystic Order.

Meanwhile we do what we can to prevent the Damage and not get Hurt. Or Protect Others. And The Planet, because We Can.

Energetically also.

Mainly by Strengthening Our Auric Field, the Energetic Bodies, the Way You see to Do It Best.

I use Keylontic Science much. The teachings and techniques are natural for me. I use other techniques selectively. Mainly increase the Love

It will Create Protective Field Around, and Within You. And Affect Others and The Earth.

You Are Your Own Saviour.

Transcript from Ashayana Deane Krystal River Activations, Peru 2007

Where to use your energy


It all comes down to
That we have a
Little problem on this planet

Its caused by the
Hibernation Zone People
They are very twisted
In mind and spirit

Hating them is not
Going to help
Is only giving
Them an anchor

So try to release
Any anger
Anger is a natural
When you see
What has been
Done down here

Behind ANGER there are other Emotions in Hiding

Its like The Matrix Movie
Its not a Science Fiction

It makes you
“Arrrggghhhh” angry!

But you don’t know where to point it to.

If you point it at these guys
You involve yourself into battle
With them.

They are hiding behind the rocks
That you cant see
They can shot at you in the ways
That you don’t know yet!
Try not to
Engage with them.

You have now
Capability to learn your
Own Light Body Structure

You are learning
About the Planetary Light Body Structure.

You can say
What I am focused on
Is to get out here and getting
My original
Healed and back.

And helping other
That still can do that too.

What ever you guys
Want to do
Its up to you
But leave me alone!

They are really
Trying to engage you
In stupid
Waste of energy.

You get you mind in lower Frequencies.

Little Mental

Just little Intellectual
Shooting Matches

They can say
Bad things about you

You have two choices
1. Defend yourself
2. “That’s your problems”
I am not going to even engage in it!

Don’t waste your energy!

Little Dramas
Suck energy from you

You need all you
Energy for RashaLea Body Activation.

Little things in life do matter.

Everything you do
Everything you think
Everything you feel

There is no middle way in this
It either serves the Kryst
Its opposite!

Whenever you think of something
Or about to do something
As if it is service
To the Kryst
And the Kryst of my self
And try to feel the answer.

Don’t listen to the
Yes and No answers
If you use words
You get involved with the
Hibernation zone
And they love
To talk to you in words.

And if They can
Channel right through your mouth
They will be glad to do it

But what you need to do
Is to see
Is there a feeling
Behind every
Word stream
There is a feeling

That goes
To the direct
It is like million words
of understanding
In one field.

Direct cognition is where
You look for your answers.

Ask if this emotion
Or action serves the Kryst!

Just get the feel!

You can really become self-directing
When you realize you have
That directive force within you.

We bring all these things
In so that you can see the
Personal connections
To your spiritual

Because it is very personal
What you are letting you mind
To do
Not to do!

But it is very big
All the Star-fire maps
And huge Gate systems!

You learn the techniques and
Play with them

They will grow with you
Then you find
That your Adviser Person
Takes you to the
Other places
To show you things
You are curious about.

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