Collection of Poems from Listen. Silence Speaks – Language of Silence DOUBLE EDGED ⚔ It is Proof We are in the Prison Planet. We don’t know who is meeting Us Out There And Within When we Reach, Seek, Expand and Start our Journeys to Higher Parts of Our Selves. To Kristed Self. Being suspicious and … Continue reading DOUBLED EDGED SWORD ⚔


Please feel FREE to sing it on Your own melody🎶 The way YOU want to Express this Powerful and Comforting Words I AM a Child of the Original ONE, I AM a Ray of the Original Sun, I AM Wholeness, I AM Love. I AM the Truth that spans the sands of time, I AM … Continue reading I AM PRAYER

Come Walk With Me 27.-29.7.-22 On the Mountain Trails & Retreat Come Walk With Me – ON THE MOUNTAIN TRAIL & RETREAT Take a Break - Unwind - Breathe The Breath Of Life ON THIS PATH I REFLECTED ON: Feeling of Being Insignificant and MagnificentLabelling ourselves and othersMIRRORS AROUND USUNITY vs ONENESSHEALING THE EMOTIONAL BODYSOVEREIGNITY – AT-ONE-MENTThe Other Half - You are Whole in your … Continue reading Come Walk With Me 27.-29.7.-22 On the Mountain Trails & Retreat