Looking for You Within Myself and I

Please Listen

Or not

I don’t do the Minding anymore…

The Way In

Is the only way Out

Long and Winding Road

To the Mountain Top



Searching for You

Within I and

My Self

I came here as a Female

Having my Soul

In My Hand

From the beginning

Longing to Connect

To Commit

Met Males apparently committing

Yet not…

Keeping Options available…

Kept Sacrificing


The needs

And Being My Self

Since that was the program

Wasn’t it?

Until The Heart was



For The Light to pour


All Inn

My Inner Male

Was the One I met outside

“He” wasn’t committed

Fully to My Inner Female

Flirting with Options

Desperately wanting to

Be Accepted

To Be Seen

Feel the Kick and the Click


Feel To Be Loved

Even though “He” was


Who was not Committed?

To My Inner Female

Not listening to Her

Not acknowledging Her

Not seeing Her

But using Force

To Fit Her In to

My Inner Male’s


In the Duality Game


To Myself

Sacrifice is not needed

It is the False Program

Keeping the I in the Prison of Me


Me listens to Her

Respects Her Experiences

Supports Her

Encourage Her in the World

She feels she doesn’t fit in to

Protects Her

Provides for Her

As She is So Willingly

Providing for Me

Carrying the Keys

Of the Secrets in

Her Hand

And Her Heart

As an Offering

I Woke Up

And I was already Me

The Song lyrics go

In a “Dream”

I saw Her

I walked towards Her

Took both of Her Hands

Into mine

Firm and Warm Hands

Looked into Her Eyes

They looked Tired


Yet Innocent

Like a child

“I Will Make You Very Happy”

“Really, You Will?”

Her Eyes were Blue like a Heaven

And Filled with Moisture

I believe they were

💧 of Heavenly Nectar

She smiled

With trembling lips

“Yes, I Really Will”

I pointed at the Door

It was Open

Behind It

Silvery White Light

We are now walking

Towards the Threshold


As One?


But United

Hand In Hand

Or maybe we already crossed the Threshold…

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